Saw this five years ago. Foreshadowing of current government?

Saw this five years ago. Foreshadowing of current government?

all it needs on the bottom is "I'm trying to protect you"

I had a girlfriend like that. Where is my mensline...

Same, and funnily enough, about five years ago — but we're blokes and strong and shit... right?

Mensline is a general support hotline for men, not for men worried that they're becoming abusive.

I'm going to upvote your comment because without context, it's a legitimate thought one could reach.

I certainly don't feel that I'm "making light" of the subject of Domestic Violence nor do I feel I'm taking a "cheap shot" at the Liberal Government. I actually abhor DV, given that I've both lived through it while growing up and have experienced it second hand at the hands of a previous girlfriends father. (She was actually the reason I took the photo, no less).

Having recently come across the photo again, I now see the disturbing parallel between DV and what our current government is imposing on its citizens.

At the very least, the linked photo should provoke intelligent thought on the matter of travel restrictions, citizen surveillance, the right for anyone to wear their religious clothing and the welfare "basics card".

It's for your own good. Why can't you see that?

Yeah, toughen the fuck up mate!

My Ex abused the crap out of me, when she hit me it was like a mozzy bite........ Physically

Your a privileged white male sort out your own damn problems you lair...... /s

Mostly I remember... fingernails... they are fucking sharp. Oh, and abusive phone calls / threats. Such good memories, amirite?

Reported abusers. Men are abused just as much but if you report it you are not a man

I saw a sign on the way out of Geelong from visiting my boyfriend's family that said something along the lines of "The City of Geelong Really Hates Violence Against Women". Every time I see crap like that I always picture an asterisk and tiny text saying that beating the crap out of men is of course perfectly acceptable.

I had a bit of a rant to my bf about it in the car.

As my mum always said "violence against women isn't wrong. Violence against anyone is wrong".

Yeah. Ive still got a scar from my Dad's ex. It's about ~11 years old now, faint, but still there. My Ex was good at psychologically ruining my life.

Honest to God, thought I was on /sub/circlejerkaustralia.

Yeah, good