Her parents were really cruel naming her. It's like a euphemism for golden showers

This has been posted enough times for me to remember the timestamp

They should have named her “Purple”.

If she ever gets into porn, whatever name she chooses won’t be as good as her actual name.

Savage indeed, her parents already picked her pornstar name for her.

Violet is an actual name and would have the same effect.

Amber Rains's senior quote is a time stamp for an episode of The Office. At that time, in that episode Michael says "should have burned this place down when I had the chance."

Annnd sleep

/uses hand to slowly close your eyelids

more like Amber Reigns.

Had we done something like this back in my high school, we would get called to the office with 5 police officers and get suspended for a week because they think it's a threat

Some stay dry and others feel the pain

🎵 Violet Rains, Violet Rains… 🎵

Yup. Works for me.

Especially since they have a pornstar named Amber Rayne

i don’t get it.

She should have burned the high school down when she had the chance. But you can't put that in a yearbook, so she referenced the timestamp of the quote.

I wonder if the editors of the yearbook checked what she referenced

Ha jokes on her, name's already taken! So I heard! Try Amber rains1999

Same gal? I swear this is a trend now.

Oh God, what is chocolate rain then

Or Chocolate.

RIP in peace

I forgot how savage Michael could be

Maybe they agreed with her and kept it because of that.

Can I see a picture if you still have it?

Isn’t golden shower basically a euphemism already?

Oh god it's still twitching

In our yearbook back in 08 the editor hated the teacher in charge of it and wrote “fuck you mr ...” but because there was a background of random letters it was hidden enough for people to only find after they’d been printed