Sasha Banks talks about making history tonight at AbuDhabi.

Sasha Banks talks about making history tonight at AbuDhabi.

Considering the last time WWE went to the middle East they just left the women home this was a step forward. Yes, Sasha and Alexa had to cover up to be respectful but they got to wrestle and it clearly meant a lot the ladies. Progress was made a bit.

Also it wasnt the country laws nor the people that asked them to cover up. Arab women wrestlers active in the UAE arent required to dress modestly. The WWE just did it to play it safe likely because of how recent the progressive developments in the UAE are. Considering how well the crowd received Sasha and Alexa, it wasn't even necessary for them to do so. The post on the front page about Sasha's and Alexa's gear, is a toxic cesspool. "Hur dur Arabs. Hur dur Muslims. DAE Middle East 18th Century?" It especially sucks because wrestling is my source of escapism from all that negative shit.

You could tell how excited and proud she was to be doing this match in the days leading up to it as well! Must be such an awesome feeling to do that! It must be kinda mental and really cool for Sasha to be doing so many first time evers in WWE and she's only like 25 as well! Really happy for her and Alexa to be able to have that match! One thing I will always appreciate about Sasha is how passionate she is about wrestling!

I tried to comment as an Arab/Muslim woman giving my own personal experiences and got told I support honor killings. /sub/the_donald is leaking, clearly.

Considering she's being forced to wear a full body suit for that match I don't think that women's equality over there is happening anytime soon

I fucking love Sasha, and I fucking love how much she cares.

don't you know? she hates all of her fans because she doesn't like being stalked /s

Having been to the UAE a few times, I know how big of a deal this is. Not just for woman, but the country as a whole AND the wrestling business. There's a LOT of money to be made there...

Wow, that was unexpectedly moving. How can anyone not like her?!

That’s one thing I love about Sasha is her passion for this business. She really loves it, and wants to make a difference.

Hey, women in that part of the world finally managed to have the right to drivers license in Saudi Arabia. Babysteps.

It's a huge deal - in Arab culture wrestling (and other kinds of martial arts) just isn't seen as a thing women are allowed to do or even be interested in because it's seen as any combination of too vulgar/sexual, too Western, or too violent. I'm Arab-Canadian and I was never even allowed to watch it as a kid, and had to push to be allowed to take karate lessons because my mom thought it was "unfeminine".

I really hope this helps to raise the profile of women's wrestling in the area, and it's such a nice gesture of them to go to the trouble of making them special ring gear for the occasion.

i can add this video to one of the many reason she's one of my fav wrestlers, awesome stuff

If they weren't wearing bodysuits, I doubt the show would go ahead.

Not even close to being true. I lived in the UAE, women walk down the street wearing way skimpier clothing than those bodysuits. Women who compete in the ADCC (grappling and mma) wear far less.

This is 100% on WWE.

For the people spouting racist crap in this and the other threads: they're not being forced to wear bodysuits, it's a gesture of respect since this is already the first women's wrestling match in the country. Having it also be a match where both are wearing what essentially amounts to booty shorts and sports bras would definitely be pushing their luck.

Would be pretty cool if WWE was the spark for women's equality in the middle east.

I agree with you but every movement starts somewhere.

There are a lot of cool people on this sub, but there are also a lot of...ahem...less than pleasant folks. Threads like that are exactly the type of thing to bring them out of the woodwork, too.

There's no reason to be accused of supporting that sort of stuff simply because you're Arab/Muslim. The ignorance of people on the internet fucking astounds me sometimes, even when I know I'm not always immune to being a dumbass myself.

she was allowed to show her face! That's pretty crazy over there!

In the UAE? No, not in the least bit.

No offense, but you guys are pretty clueless. If anything, the reaction to them is going to be 'why are they wearing bodysuits instead of their normal gear? That's weird.'

But hey, I've only lived there for ten years. I'm sure a bunch of sheltered Redditors who have never left their home state know a lot more than I do.

Women in the UAE are allowed to wear whatever they want. However the people are somewhat conservative, I think the WWE are making them wear full body suits to avoid any potential controversy.

the show would not go ahead just to outraging the cultural values of the host country it wouldn't be allowed at this point in time

It would definitely be allowed. I've been to Abu Dhabi combat club events where women wear regular mma gear.

They literally don't allow women show themselves unless they're fully clothed. They don't get any of the opportunities that the men do there.

As someone who has lived in the UAE, this is bull fucking shit.

Women don't have to be 'fully clothed' any more than they do in the rest of the world. There's no limits in terms of job opportunities based on gender.

You guys know literally nothing about the country or the women who live there, all you want to do is virtue signal.

The president of the United States owns a golf course in Dubai. It was built by underpaid workers. Clearly, WWE should boycott America too!

The funny thing is, you'd probably have no problem with the WWE having a show in a conservative Christian country like Poland where domestic abuse is legal and the government refers to non-Christians and gay people as subhumans.

Save that shit for /sub/worldnews

Considering she's being forced to wear a full body suit for that match

Uh, you think the country 'forced' her to dress like that? No, it's probably the WWE being out of touch.

No one would give a shit if she went in her regular gear. You see women dressed far skimpier at literally any beach.


There's literally zero danger involved. You can walk down the street and see chicks wearing a lot less than Sasha.

I feel like it's the kind of place where it's always okay until it's not okay.

I got a little choked up myself. Yes, I'm male but I have nieces and goddaughters. I want the world to be more receptive to them through life.

literally throws rape victims in jail for “extramarital sex”

That's not the norm. It's like saying that police shooting black people in the US is a regular and accepted thing. It's not, and when it happens there's outrage.

The law regarding that is currently being revised.

and not being forced to by the government I’ve got a bridge I’d love to sell to you.

I've lived in the UAE for ten years. Women walking down the street don't cover up as much as what Sasha's wearing. I've attended Abu Dhabi combat club events where women dress in regular mma gear (which is similar to what Sasha wears normally, though with longer shorts).

So this is definitely something that WWE is doing because they're out of touch.

It would not be an outrage in the slightest. You think people don't watch TV here?

shows how backwards and barbaric they are in dealing with women’s rights

Have you ever spoken to a woman from the UAE?

Almost as if that sub is full of intolerant people. Tolerating intolerance is one thing I won't tolerate.

Considering this is forced by WWE and not the country, i would say that they are the ones who got it backwards.

Again, there is no such law, you just made it up.

That girl works in the region, without having to be fully clothed at all, its WWE forcing this custome on them to play it safe.

You keep shielding yourself as a champion of equality while at the same time repeating wrong or outright false things about the region, again, do you know anything at all about it or do you just really wish it to be true so you tell everyone it is?

"backwards stone age land of garbage and abuse" the president of the United States sexually assaulted multiple women and bragged about it on the radio but ok

hen maybe stop publicly beating women who stand too close to a man who isn't their husband!

You guys are clueless about the UAE and the region in general.

If your government is half as clueless as you are, it would explain why your foreign policy has been such an unmitigated disaster.

First we let them wrestle and show their faces, then we let them wrestle and show some arm, then leg, then maybe stop publicly beating women who stand too close to a man who isn't their husband!

You know, you guys and ultra-conservative Muslims have a lot in common. You both like to reduce Muslim women to horrible caricatures and demean them.

The irony is that the UAE is home to the Abu Dhabi Combat club, which hosts one of the most prestigious women's grappling competition in the world.