Santa wrapped them

Santa wrapped them

For context, Superman invited Martian Manhunter to stay with his family during Christmas. MM is also at the table, Mr. Kent isn't just going crazy.

And later when he sees Superman trying (and failing) to use X-ray vision to peek at them... Man, what a great episode.

My personal favorite arc in that episode is the Flash one. A villain actually helps fix some toys for some kids at his request, after knocking him out cold. When Flash comes to, he's actually surprised and asks the villain if he's booby trapping the toys somehow.

"It's Christmas, Flash" (while looking disapprovingly).

This is why I love the Kents as parents. They were given a abnormal situation (Clark) and came up with unique and creative ways to give their son a normal and loving home.

Love the look on Jonn's face in that scene. Its "i cant believe this is the strongest man alive" look!

My favorite aspect of the Superman/Batman dynamic is that Batman is a human who was born into a happy family, experienced a terrible tragedy, and does everything in his power to be more than human. Superman is a god who was born into tragedy, experienced love from the Kents, and does everything he can to remain as humble and as human as possible. Clark is more human than Bruce could ever be/would ever want to be.

So you're implying that Superman is Santa? Coz if that's true...

Looks like Luthor was right. We can't have someone that unstable around with such godlike power.

The villain is Ultra-Humanite. Is really funny because the toy is the hottest toy of the season and sold out everywhere in the world. The toy is actually a rapping dancing duck.

The Ultra-Humanite improves the toy when he fixes it and turns into a story telling robot.

his fly speed is consistent with the requirements for santa to actually make the deliveries

If you think about it, Superman as Santa makes a lot of sense

In December, 1943, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler had Santa Claus captured to destroy the U.S.A.'s morale, but U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent Sgt. Nick Fury, Captain America (Steve Rogers), and Bucky (James Barnes)to rescue him.

rofl, that's the most American thing I've ever read

. . . that's really, really well said, random internet person. Like, spot fucking on

I'm going to steal the shit out of that

If you think about it, his parents will go crazy from lead poisoning.

Dear WB. Please see the portrayal of Superman depicted in the animated series and just make a movie with that as your guide. Please. I'm the world's biggest Marvel fan but Superman is still my favourite superhero. I know that times are bleak and edgy "dark" stories are what you want to tell but this is the very reason Superman should be portrayed as a ray of hope. He is the reminder of what we should all aspire to be and the hero we don't deserve, but is there for us anyway. You think people would avoid seeing a movie where Superman is a "big, blue boyscout" but I think you're wrong. Sometimes people need symbols to rally around and show them that perhaps hope and optimism can be stronger than doubt, fear and cynicism. Superman is that symbol. Bring it back.

TL,DR: I love animated Superman and wish current cinematic portrayals were more like him.

I need to tell everyone I know about this. Santa is Superman. Half asleep me is mindblown!!

If there’s even a one percent chance, we gotta kill hi... WHAT..... MOMMY!?!?

It's basically what Batman says in the justice league movie

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I've always liked the part where the Martian Manhunter takes a couple of the cookies the little girl leaves out for Santa so she would think Santa took them.

I think they explained that once in a way like he developed his powers slowly over time. So he may not have been super strong at an early age. Because same thing for his laser eyes thing.... or biting lol. Or just randomly flying away as a baby which would be hilarious.

He's also one of the most powerful mutants in Marvel

Santa is already an existing character in the DC comic universe. He is actually powerful and every Christmas, Darkseid builds bigger and bigger defenses to stop him. However, Santa always gets past these, to deliver a lump of coal to Darkseid. Santa is literally more powerful than Darkseid.

Roof on the house top is, Bent, bent, bent, Smashing through the chimney, It's good Clark Kent.

Rapping, dancing, and farting.

What kind, Oreos? Those are his favorite.

What kind, Oreos? Those are his favorite.


That way he can't peek inside em.

"When they returned home they were congratulated with cheeseburgers and beer."

TAS Supes has been put through buildings and not made that face.

Here's what I don't get about Superman. Every kid goes through a phase where they hit. Like, at least once. His parents should be dead.

Depends on the plot.

In the animated cartoon this is basically exactly how it worked I think. The first episode shows him as a teenager developing the majority of his powers for the first time, he is shocked and impressed when he can leap 10s of feet into the air let alone fly.

This is Justice League, an animated show that ran in the early 2000s. It's divided into two main parts, each two seasons long. The first half is just the main seven heroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl), then the second half, "Justice League Unlimited," expands into utilizing a ton more characters. It's all technically the same show though.

And let me tell you, it is goddamn phenomenal. I re-watched it not terribly long ago and it held up fine. I watched it on US Netflix, and I assume it's still there but I cancelled my subscription so I don't know for sure. Not sure if it exists on other streaming platforms. Definitely worth your time. DC may have terrible movies lately, but their animated shows have been pretty next level for the most part.

Edit: I will also add that it was done very episodically. There is no grand overarching story. The episodes were very much designed so you didn't need any real past information to watch them. There are SOME notices of past episodes, and sometimes stories would last two or three episodes, but for the most part it's a ton of standalone situations. This does ultimately lead to the show ending without really feeling like it has a proper ending, but the content as a whole is still great. They took great care to make sure the stories could be condensed and digested easily in 23 or whatever minutes.

I wish there was a collection of clips with Clark Kent and his parents interacting with him, giving him advice, and reminiscing candidly on their stories and experiences with raising a boy from outer space.


"When they returned home they were congratulated with cheeseburgers and beer."

Root beer.

Bruce Wayne considers himself to always be Batman. In Batman Beyond, a villain tries to convince an elderly Bruce that he's going insane/has dementia by implanting a device that only Bruce can hear. At the end of the episode, Bruce explains he never doubted his sanity because in his mind his name isn't "Bruce", it's "Batman".

Ha! I didn't think about who he would be talking to.

Killing yourself to keep a secret is metal as fuck.

Was this the original Justice League cartoon? I've been watching it lately, and I've found it's surprisingly good. It does a great job of telling comic-book style stories in 2 episode-arcs.

Thought supes was smoking a cig for a second

I love it when the title is the punch line, too.

I agree wholeheartedly. Superman, and all the Justice League for that matter stand for something and inspire hope in their own way. Especially Superman. The only thing I thought was really really spot on for Superman in the DCEU was after the statue of him got destroyed someone spray painted on the ground there "if you seek his monument look around you". Because that's who Superman is, the person that even after he's gone the world still seems like a better place for him even being there.

I personally think that Man of Steel, while a lot of fun and mostly enjoyable to watch, is a bad starting point of a movie universe that will contain Superman. It was trying to be like the Nolan Batman stuff. Trying to be somewhat grounded in our world, where a large chunk of the human population are basically Lex Luthor apologists. But Superman exists in the DC universe where basically everyone sees him as a ray of hope, because in that universe he is a ray of hope. He doesn't let all of Metropolis come toppling down.

Why make me so sad so early in the morning :(

Yep, J'onn didn't have anywhere to go on Christmas, so Clarke took him home. Of course, not expecting a shape-shifting alien guest, the Kents didn't have a present for him, so they give him a sweater intended for Clarke. The sweater was way too big for him, but J'onn replies with "Don't worry, I'll grow into it" and proceeds to do exactly that.

Yup I've always subscribed to the smallville version of events.

Am all ville =smallville

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My personal favorite arc in that episode is the Flash one

One of the things JL did really well was preserve some of the granular differences between the members. Flash's antagonists have a very different feel from the others. I really liked the episode where Flash is showing Orion around, and they bump into Trickster (who is off his meds and high on bad ideas).

Bonus: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Christmas

and in that order!

But Santa Claus also carefully monitors the behavior every Christian child in the world whether they like it or not.

Every year he uses elf labor to manufacture counterfeit toys (instead of buying them) to give to the children he thinks are good, and obtains coal to give to the children he thinks are bad (he probably owns a coal mine). Then he breaks into everyone's houses and eats some of their food.

He doesn't explicitly say what counts as naughty or nice, either. He just keeps a list with two ambiguous categories.

Honestly, I think the Jews were smart to avoid this Santa guy.

Magic is definitely real, I know it's trendy to deny such a thing to seem secular but two summers ago I got pretty heavily into magic. This was before I knew how much even a middle range viable deck was and got tired of dealing with 1/1 black snakes duplicates and mountains of cardboards so I just gave up magic for Hearthstone. Let me assure though it is very real.

"Don't worry, I'll grow into it"

Arguably the best joke of the entire DC Animated Universe.

Except sneaking into houses wouldn't go over well.

Martian Manhunter on the other hand....

Edit: accept/except shame

Santa has unlimited power

The best TLDR of BvS to date.

Yeah, he delivers coal to Darkseid every year.

God what a great show!!! Hope this movie goes ahead!

Also why Bill’s speech at the end of Kill Bill vol 2 is completely ass-backwards, when comparing Batman and Superman...

Okay guys. 99% of these comments are about how a grown up Clark Kent still believes in Santa Claus, and how that is kinda silly or stupid. There's a perfectly good reason:

It's because he knows kids are watching the show.

Superman doesn't believe in Santa, but one of the things about Superman's character, is that he acts as though kids are watching the show. He's breaking the forth wall a bit, but they've done it in such a way that nobody quite catches on. It's a mini joke, but he's basically saying, "By God, Santa will not be ruined for a kid on MY show."

It's also why he's wearing glasses in this scene. Because he is Clark Kent right now. Kids may not 100% understand the difference between needing glasses and using glasses, even if you tell them it's for a disguise. For kids, it's simple, Superman doesn't wear glasses, Clark Kent does; for them, it's a visual cue.

It's why both DC and Marvel have made Santa into an actual entity in their Universes. It's not only because it's fun, but it's so they don't break the magic that is Santa Claus.

EDIT: Added a couple of lines.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals then forced Santa to rebuild his sleigh so that it ran on its own power, not from being pulled by the reindeer. Claus initially used steam until an oil company representative convinced him to switch over to high-octane fuel.

The fuck...

He (J'onn) wore a Christmas sweater in this episode too, right? I feel like he did but I haven't seen that episode in forever.

I think he did. Can't be sure myself as I could never get over the fact that this old farming couple had 2 godlike aliens at their table having Christmas Dinner.

Touching lead doesn't give you poisoning. Touching lead and then continuing with your day without washing your hands, at which point you may touch your face, or contaminate food you eat, so that you ingest the lead, gives you lead poisoning.

Never seen this show. What are the details? Sounds hilarious.

I personally like LexFlash’s “I can at least find out Flash’s secret identity.” Immediately followed by “I have no idea who this is.”

His bag of presents is made out of the same materials as his suit. Case closed.

Yep, it is. This particular screenshot isn't spoiler-y or anything, so I wouldn't worry. More of a holiday break episode


Isn't Santa a real person in DC?

He is in Marvel. One of the most powerful mutants ever.

am all ville

That was my favourite iteration of the man of eel's origin story

What about killing yourself to keep a secret WITH A TORNADO

Here you go.

it's so sad how terrible the writing was. I thoroughly enjoyed the cinematography and the acting wasn't even bad. the script/plot was just shit

A Superman and Santa related post gives me the opportunity to share one of my favorite comic book pages of all time.

And the ending is just icing on the cake.

And the ending is just icing on the cake.

yes thats exactly why it happened. we just like making fun of shit

What are you going to do, sweetie? Burn us with your magic eyes?

That'd be a first.

You always use it for something lame Like, cutting through an iceberg Or, heating up an old woman's porridge. "Is that soup too cold, Madam?" "Zzzzzzzzzzzz"

Caught me again Flash!

Y'all know santa is actually a Marvel character, right?

Tagging relevant people.



Idk man the scene where superman gets possessed mid sentence and the luthor "unmasking" flash scene were both high comedy moments in the show

Where's the fuckin' apple pie!?

Surely Flash as Santa makes even more sense.

God, I miss JLU so much.

They didn’t eat it. Does just touching lead once a year really give you poisoning?

I've never seen the movie, so I'm not gonna chime in.

I just wanted to tell of a theory a friend of mine presented: In the moment Bruce heard him say "Martha", he saw a human side in Superman, instead of the vengeful god he assumed him to be. That is why he stopped.

Justice league and toonami were life in the early 2000s

Deadpool fought him in one of the few comics I've read.

It'd be more neat if the speedsters of the Justice League got together to pull it off and Bruce Wayne funded it.

Trying to be somewhat grounded in our world

I guess that's one way to try to describe that tornado scene where he lets his father die because he was too lazy/stupid to come up with an excuse even though half the town already knows there's something up with him as shown by how lois found him by asking like 3 people.

Merry Chrysler.

It's got its issues but it was a fun watch. Worth the price of the ticket imo.

Not even close

Wait, what? When? How? Why?

Goddamnit I should get back to reading comics.

Or maybe not. I'm not sure I can't deal with stuff like this.

Superman is Red/Blue. However, The Flash is mostly red, but not Arctic dwelling.

I make myself sad every time I see Oreos. :(

I thought Santa didn’t care about religion anymore.

What's Superman's middle name? Boring. Super Boring Man.

Plot twist:

We used to wrap your presents in lead foil AND NOW WE HAVE CANCER! Thanks, Clarke.

That's ok, its mostly pictures anyway

You should read American Alien

I can't read D:

Of course Santa exists in the DC universe. He brings coal to Darkseid every year!

Of course Santa exists in the DC universe.

I can't read pictures D:

that was my first thought as well hahaha