Sandy Kane Suing Anthony, Keith, and Compound Media -

Sandy Kane Suing Anthony, Keith, and Compound Media - . .

Has Cumia talked about this? Perhaps Malcolm can offer some pro bono help.

Plaintiff Sandra (sandy) Kane Represented By: Self Represented

Yeah, that won’t be a disaster.

2018 is shaping up to be the best yet.

You know how they are.

Once judge first sees her and says holy shit he did this to you?

Malcolm is licensed in New York....

Note that Anthony, Keith, and Compound Media don't even have representation yet. How does he not have at least one lawyer in the chamber to fire out as needed? He owns a podcasting network, a McMansion, rents out an NYC studio, is constantly in trouble with the law, and doesn't even have a lawyer on standby.

It would be funny Sandy ending up with his house and then neighbors get to see her sun tanning topless under the dinosaur

The man just can't stay out of the court system.

Maybe this explains his rage at lawyers lately.

pro bono? tsssss, i guess that makes Joe Cumia an amateur Edge.

Its been one thing on top of another for him the sub is getting spoiled

I don't need no lawyer. I broke my back on the jobsite and didn't sue no one. Just give me a container of coffee and pack of smokes.

You guys are missing the actual contents of her complaint. It's gold. Better than gold. Fortunately I have abused my PACER court access and uploaded it to Scribd for everyone.

Edit: it was private. I'm a moron. Should be good now.

It would be the funniest fucking shit ever if Malcolm actually made that offer.

Who the hell pulls the chair out from a 60 year old woman?

He has a cadre of lawyers on retainer but they all specialize in biting underage children tranny law.

EVERYONE should check the Twitter link from Rat. Has a different cam view.

Keith is in big trouble. Look at Sandy's reaction, when Keith is trying to lift her up. If you lift up a (topless) woman under the armpits. Where do your hands end up......

Hi Keith, bye Keith

I hate her too but it was extreme shitty of Keith to pull her chair out like he did. That faggot is one of those guys with no impulse control who is always punching people in the arm.

Keith pulled her chair away as she was about to sit down and she landed on the floor and everybody laughed. It was a while ago, but now she has that movie money to pay for a lawyer.

Some clips - . .

Some clips -

. .

Yeah, I’m sure that wont get thrown out immediately. You think some judge wants to mess with the Cumio outlaw biker gang?

He has more court cases than all the black people I know yet he says they are the only ones who commit crimes.

Take a Tylenol and get back to it. Lunch breaks over.

Compound Media doesn’t regularly deal with legal issues. That what having a lawyer on retainer is for; companies that consistently deal with patent claims or plagarism or something similar, issues that can be worked out without needing a lawyer full time. It’s not worth it for a rich asshole who repeatedly gets into issues that need a full-time lawyer to resolve.

Don't get my hopes up

Yeah I was thinking that myself...Keith is a middle-school idiot

Nothing would make me happier than seeing M. enter the court room with a cleaned-up Sandy in a conservative paintsuit.

Does Sandy Kane need any character witnesses? There are about 20k peckahs who I guarantee have nothing better to do.

Followed by puppetmaster G. Hughes. Doing a Live From The Courtroom pop up.

Anthony is going to have to sell his gay cat to pay sandy for her dumb hip

Yeah, that won't matter. A lot of personal injuries don't make it to court until a year or two after it happened.

He won't have a choice when he's Sandy's butler.


She needs to actually show up this time

Twatto suffered emotional damages

Someone needs to ask M. if she has a chance of doing some damage to the Cumia empire.

I broke my hip, mmmm-yan

Can Malcolm practice in NY?

I will buy Beavis ... 20¥ on the $

Only a nouveau rich baba yaga like Ant would name an expensive purebred cat "Beavis"

it certainly was, and i hope she wins the suit, if only so it'll make ant finally realize what a tailcoat riding asshole keith has been all these years.

We deserve it after all the abuse we received in 2017 from the Cumias.

Yes, he's licenced in NY.

Good. Best of luck to her.

If Patrice was alive, he would have said that

I'm just a regular joe but I assume having a lawyer "on standby" would be incredibly expensive, even for Anthony.

She thought Anthony was Cumio, she has no chance of remembering a man introduced to her as Keith The Cop.

didn't she try to take O&A to court multiple times back in the day over trivial shit too?

also, out of everyone in the O&A universe, Sandy is probably the one i hate the absolute most. just a worthless, painfully ugly, completely unentertaining shitheap of a human being. especially that disgusting Marge's-sisters voice of hers.

i mean opie is just as awful but at least he has a set of tits that's nice to look at.

Anthony is probably feeling a misplaced confidence after his past couple days, verbal jousting against OJ's lawyer and take up case himself, along with one of the greatest legal minds Jenkem Joe

She may have been getting treated by doctors and physical therapists during that time and now she has evidence and medical bills to back up the damages she wants from Tony's company. Keith works for the company.

I love the word "evidence" in this setting

Didn't she fail to show up the last time?

why does Keith have no last name?