Samuel Jackson on Star Wars day.

Samuel Jackson on Star Wars day.

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A fine addition.

Something something cloud city

Just got me wondering, does Samuel have a collection of light sabres, or just his from the movie?

He got to keep his saber (which he demanded be a different color) because he’s Samuel mother fucking Jackson.

His purple lightsaber is still my favorite

Bad mutha-fucka

His is the light sabre that has bad motherfucker on it.

I so badly wanna see him as an old order 66 survivor. All morally and emotionally broken from the events in ROTS. Having a cough from he shock while being thrown out the windu (he grunts during this so he’s alive during the fall) and maybe a lost limb from the high fall (which we know Jedi can survive). Maybe obi wan can run across him during a kenobi stand-alone or even another character could find him in a cantina in a show before or during the original trilogy time. (Rebels would’ve been a good time).

I was wondering the same. I think he got to keep the prop from the films but I could be wrong.


Love that he asked Lucas to make his purple

George Lucas is a cool nerd, red was originally just Vaders saber and each person had a unique color but then Sith kinda went all out on the red saber theme. I always liked the KOTOR series for giving you the option to design your own personal saber.

In the name of the galactic republic, you are under arrest, chancellor

If you look in the gold. You can see B M F. It’s there.

Today's supposed to be a happy day, you bastard!


I'm not sure if you're joking but he has claimed in interviews that his saber was in fact engraved with the phrase.

Upvoted from a guy whose currently playing through kotor2 with a double bladed purple saber.

How about one last hurrah with kenobi. In which they learn of their own failures as well as the order and he then sacrifices himself for kenobi to get back to sandyland.

IIRC he requested a purple lightsaber so he could find himself in the huge battle on Geonosis.

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No its not, theres an interview where he talks about how he was looking at the scene with Lucas talking about how stoked his kids would be to see him in Star Wars, then realizing they wouldn’t be able to find him in the big battle, so he asked Lucas what they could do and Lucas had the idea for a different color saber and asked hm what color he wanted. And of course he said purple.

I always thought it would be cool if they do a boba fett movie where boba hunts down mace across the galaxy to avenge his father's death.

Ooh and maybe kenobi meets him somehow and windu discovers the existence of Luke and wants to kill him so he doesn’t become another Vader but kenobi walks him out of it.

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Thought you were joking but yep, its there

Is that rumor actually true? That he wouldn't play Windu unless he got a badass purple saber? The rumor I remember has him turning down the role with no purple saber, Lucas telling him purple sabers don't exist, then him saying "motherfucker you want me to play this role? You're giving me a purple motherfucking saber."

Hey I’ll have you know that battle was a masterpiece when I was 10 years old... it still is, but it was then too.

Haha even Sam Jackson is like wtf this scene is a dumb clusterfuck

You watch clone wars at all? There's an arc for that

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Edit: Nice edit, /u/Assflop

Thats actually a good business idea: Make vape pens that resemble lightsabers.

Dual Cyan blades!

He has control of the Fandom and the force! He's too dangerous to be kept alive!

The "bleeding" bullshit is Jedi propoganda. The truth is that the sith "break" their kyber crystals in the same way you would break a horse. Where the Jedi choose their kyber based on what will yield to them initially like a small pup, the Sith take on the kyber who offer them a challenge.

This inevitably creates a strong bond of respect, but the struggle between force-user and kyber inevitably results in the kyber aligning red.

The term "bleeding" came from the red blade that results from the breaking process, but also rumors that sith and jedi alike who have historically tried to "break" kyber have struggled to the point of bleeding from various orifices.

Despite all the propaganda, the sith have never upheld the idea of "light" and "dark" sides of the force. There are simply aspects of the force that require aggressive, passionate effort to achieve (such as breaking a kyber crystal).

After the "light-sided" Jedi committed genocide to obliterate the Sith, it was only a matter of time that they changed history.

I think a cool scene would be him or any other lesser badass character not even pop the lightsaber but just beat a bunch of thugs with the hilt, asserting dominance.

I understood that reference

Each Jedi actor in the prequels (except Hayden and Ewan for obvious reasons) got to select their lightsabre from a box and got to keep it.

Get these damn Gungans off my mother fucking space ship

He is by far my favorite. Normally Jackson is all in your face and aggro but he was so chill ans collected it made him even more badass.

My fanfic is a Tarantino Windu Spinoff showing him surviving the fall in Ep 3.

There's a dark room full of bad guys. You hear a whisper "you thought i was dead?"

Then that dank purp saber lights the room and Jackson shouts "WELL THINK AGAIN MOTHER FUCKER!" And then slashes the ever loving fuck out of everyone in the room

Gotta go white blades

I don't think so, Tim.

Already being made

In a interview he said he didnt care what role he got, he just wanted to be a part of the film but when it came to the arena he wanted a purple light saber to stand out.


It's in the gold half circle shape near the top of the hilt.

Not super clear in this picture. If you zoom in you can make out the "M" and "F" fairly well. And just barely make out the "B" if you know it's there.

Is that a joke? Cause if that's the real reason damn that's hilarious.



(X) Doubt

Found the Sith Lord

Yeah but in that one Boba is just some teenager, tbh that was one of the least interesting arcs for me but maybe I need to watch it again.



If they let you choose and keep your light sabre, it means you're going to die in the movie. All those jedis in Revenge of the Sith - including the younglings - got to pick their light sabres. ;)

They wouldn't have been able to choose because they already had pre-established styles in the OT. Also at some point Anakin had to build/use the "Skywalker" lightsabre.

holy shit i actually see it

“Sending… sending...”

I don't have a source but I think Ewan got to pick his TPM lightsaber. But that one is lost at the end of the movie and then he starts AoTC with the lightsaber that Alec used.

Edit: Found it at 0:24

Was my first reaction too from just the picture.

But they make the lightsaber sound?

/u/Ag250 's comment was a reference to something else entirely. It's a huge spoiler for Infinity War.

I know, I'm really digging this fallen Jedi story line for Mace Windu. All the lore surrounding him says he teeters very close to the edge of the dark side with his fighting style, maybe order 66 is enough to send him over it, but not into the Sith ranks. Just a corrupted jedi out for vengeance.

I’m still thinking about that shit. It’s the rapture, but on screen.

Mace survived two full movies.


Drawn Together was an animated series on Comedy Central made as a parody of MTV's "The Real World", featuring several washed-up cartoon characters that represent certain archetypes spanning the history of animation.

It's very funny.

I have a business idea: Make vape pens that look and sound like lightsabers.

I understood that reference.

you're a monster for even suggesting that that fight shouldn't be shown on screen

bad motivator

I am Groo...

In the Big Lebowski, the scene where John Goodman is smashing that kid's car screaming, "This is what you get when you fuck a stranger in the ass, Larry!" the edited version has him screaming, "This is what you get when you find a stranger in the Alps, Larry!" I have never found anywhere on reddit to work this in so I thought it could go here. Thanks for that.

Part of the glory of being a two-handed species.

Actually his lightsaber in AtoC is basically the same as in TPM, but he loses it again and gets a spare from a random Jedi (because other Jedi carry spares and don’t use them?). Theeeen he lets Anakin use that one and it’s never seen again. Finally in RotS he has the old Ben Kenobi lightsaber.

But how is he holding the camera if that hand is holding the saber?!

Holy moly is Sandra Bullock gorgeous.

To be fair, the Jedi knew they were on a rescue mission and that Anakin and Obi-Wan probably lost their lightsabers, so grabbing a few spares for the trip is excusable.

What the fuck is this


That’s probably my favourite arc actually.

It has my two favourite Jedi Mace Windu and Plo Koon, and I like the bit where R2 tries to kill the bounty hunters. And Ponds’ death was cool.

Follower of the force. The sith embrace all that makes us living beings of the force. The Jedi divorce the soul from the body and therefore divorce the natural compassion, fear, and love a being feels from the essence of life itself.

The Jedi are of this world and manipulate this world, but they pretend to be above us.

Damn, that is one fine mother-f***ing saber.

They got to keep them I'm sure, he just meant they couldn't pick their own personal style because of the whole continuity thing.

"Off my monkey fighting spaceship..." FTFY

What?? Where?

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Heh, “Thrown out the WINDU”. Awesome typo or awesome pun. Made me chuckle either way.

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He got weird ass nails


his other arm was cut off...

I loved it, and I havent even played this Restored content mod everyone raves about.

Actually the Alec Guinness style appears first in episode three, episode 2 Obi-Wan lightsaber is almost exactly the same as his phantom menace one

I understood that reference.

Well, Jackson claimed his lightsaber did have that written on it somewhere.

But do they emit a beam?

Excuse my stupidity, but what was the reason they didn't get to keep theirs for?

Prove he didn't survive that fall!