Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud 9 / 2016 World Championship - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion

Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud 9 / 2016 World Championship - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion
Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud 9 / 2016 World Championship - Quarter-Final / Post-Match DiscussionWORLDS 2016

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Samsung Galaxy 3-0 Cloud9

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MATCH 1: vs

Winner: Samsung Galaxy in 27m Match History | MVP Poll | Game Breakdown

Bans G K T D/B Ryze Syndra Kennen 58.5k 20 11 O1 M2 B4 M5 TahmKench Viktor Nidalee 42.9k 6 0 None 20-6-32 vs 6-20-6 Cuvee Ekko 3 8-2-4 TOP 2-5-1 1 Rumble Impact Ambition Olaf 1 3-1-6 JNG 1-2-1 2 RekSai Meteos Crown Cassiopeia 2 4-2-5 MID 3-2-1 2 Orianna Jensen Ruler Jhin 3 5-1-7 ADC 0-6-1 1 Caitlyn Sneaky CoreJJ Karma 2 0-0-10 SUP 0-5-2 3 Alistar Smoothie MATCH 2: vs

Winner: Samsung Galaxy in 38m Match History | MVP Poll | Game Breakdown

Bans G K T D/B TahmKench Viktor Olaf 60.8k 4 2 O1 O2 Nidalee Syndra Ryze 71.9k 11 8 I3 O4 B5 4-11-11 vs 11-4-33 Impact Jayce 3 0-2-1 TOP 3-1-5 1 Kennen Cuvee Meteos RekSai 2 0-3-2 JNG 0-1-7 2 Skarner Ambition Jensen Cassiopeia 2 3-2-1 MID 3-2-6 3 Orianna Crown Sneaky Jhin 1 1-3-3 ADC 5-0-5 2 Caitlyn Ruler Smoothie Nami 3 0-1-4 SUP 0-0-10 1 Karma CoreJJ MATCH 3: vs

Winner: Samsung Galaxy in 39m Match History | MVP Poll

Bans G K T D/B Ryze Syndra Kennen 79.5k 22 11 C1 C2 B3 M4 B5 Viktor Jhin Nidalee 67.9k 11 3 None 22-11-41 vs 11-22-19 Cuvee Poppy 3 5-2-6 TOP 4-4-2 2 Jayce Impact Ambition Olaf 1 4-4-8 JNG 4-4-2 3 Zac Meteos Crown Cassiopeia 2 3-1-7 MID 3-2-3 2 Orianna Jensen Ruler Sivir 2 5-3-7 ADC 0-7-6 1 Caitlyn Sneaky CoreJJ TahmKench 3 5-1-13 SUP 0-5-6 1 Karma Smoothie Key G Gold K Kills T Towers I Infernal O Ocean M Mountain C Cloud E Elder B Baron

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C9 botlane combined for 1/27/22

Wellplayed SSG

The NA Experience

What the actual fuck

Sneaky this series
Sneaky on Caitlyn doe.

Good guy C9, losing as fast as possible so Europeans can go to bed.

You know how I could tell C9 prepared for this?

Well, they were clearly taking Samsung Notes cause they just got blown the fuck up.

hope die


edit : thanks

Legends say Impact is still trying to TP to his team.

Before Worlds: The gap is closing, Korean teams are not as far ahead as they used to be!

After Week 1: All teams have a loss! Anyone can beat anyone!

After Groupstages end: ....

After this series: .... Time to worship our Korean overlords again

Riot with their new "Library" strategy to avoid spending money on soundproof booths.

And i thought doublelift had bad games...

And so the NA Jayce finishes the tournament with an impressive 0% winrate.

When you thought the jpg was gone but it was here all along

Sneaky feeding so much that SSG already have a gold advantage in semis

That's a gap that isn't closing any time soon.

That was really hard to watch and I'm not even a Cloud9 fan.

Like I expected them to get 3-0'd. But not like that. 3-0 doesn't even begin to describe how brutal that was.

Waiting for game 3 to just end already

That is a legit gif. What Pokemon series is that?

Ruler gave C9 all 12 inches

Impact got outclassed so hard this series, wow.

Cuvee MVP.

C9 when C9 goes 0-3 in quarters

It was absolutely disgusting when the crowd was shouting to give away the Ambition gank.

Edit: For anyone curious, here's the clip.

The gap is closing

week 1: "hey guys NA and KR are both 6-3"

quarters: "fuck theyre gonna win everything again arent they"

Reminds me of Fnatic bot lane in last year's semifinals. 5/32.

He only listed relevant teams

And with this series, C9 STILL hasn't lost a best of 5 to any team not named TSM or Samsung.

Good job C9, we're proud of you!

What exactly was Jayce providing that Gnar wouldn't?

Oh well.. at least it was a quick one

I honestly think Stixxay performed the best out of the NA ADCs

Sneaky got caught more times then Daphne from Scooby Doo.

every year

every year

That Poppy vs Jayce solo kill where the fans were shouting USA USA USA into complete silence was absolutely hilarious.

Pokémon Generations, it's been airing on youtube.

The best thing is how quiet they were throughout the series. They'd start off hyped up, then Samsung would crush C9 and they'd all go quiet.

Sneaky in lane

sneaky's butthole

Our name is Cloud 9

Our job is streaming

Make it to MSG?

You must be dreaming

Don't be sad NA, atleast u guys can still cheer for NA import CoreJJ

Start of game 3 when c9 almost gets first turret gold: crowd goes wild, chants USA USA USA

At the same time, top die

Just as an info for those who do not know, one of the 2 abilities Psyduck can have is Cloud Nine, which makes it even better eventhough Psyduck the god is already hilarious just by himself.

Now THIS is something that enrages me. Booing is small change compared to trying to actually change the course of the game

Sneaky being solo killed by Jhin.. /s

Sneaky was awful these past couple of weeks. Probably the worst I've ever seen him


2016-10-14 01:01 UTC

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2016-10-14 01:01 UTC

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Sneaky out of lane

Holy shit Cuvee was so good at fucking up Impact's TPs.

This is even more infuriating to me given how reddit was shitting on Chinese crowd during MSI for being silent and now Chicago crowd, on top of being silent, also booed the opponent and tried to cheat. Yet this is not getting much attention.

Thanks C9 for losing ASAP so EU can sleep.

NA <3 EU

SSG didn't get much applause at the beginning so they made sure c9 would do the clapping for them.

At least Meteos killed the 99 damage meme after just one game.

Tahm had more kills in the last game than C9 bot lane whole series...

C9 tried so many tricks and ganks in game 1. All of them backfired. This was crazy. I admire their effort, better than losing by doing nothing. But it is also impressive how you can fail so many good ideas

It's Season 4 NA Rengar all over again.

Worst thing I've ever made.

Worst thing I've ever made.

LEP would be proud


2016-10-14 00:00 UTC

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2016-10-14 00:00 UTC

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The gap closing is between regions, not a fucking dynasty. Korea>literally fucking everyone. It's not even fair.

This is why when you have other countries play basketball, they don't invite the fucking NBA. Everybody likes a good show, nobody likes a slaughter. Well maybe one but not over and over again Jesus fucking Christ.

Stixxay performed the best out of all members of the NA bot lanes. He was really the only good one, everyone else disappointed pretty bad.

SSG status :

☐ Note 7

☑ S7

All those TPs has no Impact at all.

JPG: Lossy format

Accurate for NA

What exactly was C9's bot lane providing that bots wouldn't?

somehow sneaky got caught more than doublelift

Another year, another "NA LUL" :(

I want to know why NA teams don't consider Tahm Kench to be a viable champion, I don't think a single NA team picked Tahm the entire tournament. Furthermore, while Samsung played incredible macro in the mid game I really want to know why Sneaky and Smoothie threw an early lane lead in every single game this series. Every time I saw CS@10 in the bot lane Sneaky and Smoothie had a pretty sizeable CS lead only for it to close after 10min for no reason that I can think of. The bot lane just did not show up for Cloud 9 today at all. I didn't expect C9 to win this, but I definitely expected the team to show up more prepared for it.

Also, major major props to Cuvee the man showed up and made some amazing plays for his team that really put Cloud 9 in some shit. Has my vote for series MVP.

Sneaky in lane LUL

Made it to quarters,

Failed as a team,

From NA's last hope

to it's freshest meme.

What a great crowd! Not making any sound to help C9 to concentrate! Massive respect

It actually turned out really well that Riot chose to host the quarter finals today at the historic Chicago Library.

After worlds, I feel like I have to invest in Nintendude's meme stock. His stash is dank

i feel like Samsung just wanted to embaress C9 cause Chicago fans were booing.

mad respect to CoreJJ too, 1 death for the series as a support

He played the long con. Go to USA as an "ADC" main join a non-competitive joke team and gather Intelligence on NA teams while seemingly fucking around. Fast forward a year he's clowning on top NA teams at worlds

TY C99

Ruler and Cuvee definitely MVP's, with CoreJJ not that far behind.

C9 was so free this series they are going to be on next week's champ rotations.

Hank Hill should be wearing TL apparel.


Nah, he'll just stick his face in there and see what happens

It's OK, by August next year everyone will have forgotten and will be telling us that TSM is a top 4 team in the world :)

And na died

Dreams die

Doublelift annihilated ruler in lane but threw later, sneaky just got fucked hard except in game 3.

At least NA meme game is on point. God bless nintendudex

Whether it's a nexus or a note 7, Samsung will always find a way to blow it up.

Wow this is actually well made wp

Well C9 was the worst NA team at worlds. They only really got out over the other NA teams because they got a better group draw.

Cuvee made c9 teleports have no Impact