Same sex marriage had just become legal in Australia!

Same sex marriage had just become legal in Australia!

EDIT: 'Has', I was far too excited!


Hillary didn’t support this until 2013 progressive my butt

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SAME-sex marriage has been made legal in Australia after politicians voted in a landslide today to pass the historic bill.

Earlier, same-sex marriage opponent Kevin Andrews was slammed on social media for his final speech on same sex marriage just moments before the final vote.

MPs voted down a series of amendments on the same-sex marriage bill this morning but were unable to conclude debate before the beginning of Question Time at 2pm AEDT. Another amendment on legal protections for charities was voted down at about 3.30pm. It's expected a final vote could be held before 6pm. Malcolm Turnbull refused to cancel Question Time today to continue the debate on the remaining amendments.

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