Safeway: Where Dreams Come to Die

Safeway: Where Dreams Come to Die

Guy standing at empty late-night register, looking contemplative.

Frame 1: What happens to a dream deferred?

Frame 2: Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?

Frame 3: Or fester like a sore--

Frame 4: And then run?

Frame 5: (loudspeaker) Clean up in aisle 5

Frame 6: (dude looking disgruntled) Right then. Run it is.

that's good. eventually the character will realize that it's not just safeway, but life itself that strangles dreams in the most painful, agonizing way possible. Perhaps the depressing tedium and horror will prompt him repeatedly try and fail to kill himself in hilarious ways.

CashBack is a wonderful movie. (links NSFW).

CashBack wonderful movie. (links NSFW).

Bagging groceries is similar to bagging lives. I'm handling with care the details of these peoples lives. And in a way ending my own. I spend my days watching other peoples lives roll down a rubber trail and into paper, plastic, or their own shitty bags that don't stand up on their own. Safeway is where my dreams died. Maybe a shitty comic, I don't know. Too drunk to reddit right now. My computer needs a breathalizer.

This reminded me of a movie called "Cashback"

Funny. :)

He could try to freeze himself to death in the ice cooler.