Safari Zone Tickets (NL) were gone in 2min

Safari Zone Tickets (NL) were gone in 2min

Registration opened at 10:00. Website went down at 10:01. Registration was closed at 10:02.

I got my ticket, my girlfriend and friends didn't. I feel horrible that i got one and they didn't. Really mad.

2 Minutes? More like 20 seconds

not 2 min, i filled the form in in about 30 sec and pressed send but the site crashed and i have no ticket...

2 minutes? More like a negative amount of time.

I filled in everything, pressed send, and the website crashed. No ticket for me. Awesome that you got one though, lucky bastard.

After 2 minutes? I think you mean 15 seconds.

I have the exact same problem, also got one but my friends didn't ;( Still grats to getting one tho.

Sell your ticket to someone, take your girlfriend out for a nice dinner.

Will there be a meetup for people without a ticket outside the mall? What is a good place to go? Amstelpark? Vondelpark?


A lot of people will go to Amstelveen regardless if they have or haven't got a ticket. And probably extra spawns will be there, which is good. I can understand that only a limited amount of Pokemon Go packages are available, but everybody who is present should be able to get the medal. I hope that Niantic is wise enough to understand this.

(and next time hire a stadium)

From what I have read on TSR, it was more like 20 seconds. It really is a joke...

webside went down after 1minute. thats a bigjoke... they prolly didnt had more than 100 tickets or so...

but grats on your ticket, your "the chosen one" now xD

I can definitely agree on that, for me Amsterdam is about walking distance away so yeah. You do have a direct connection from Zaandam station, if the spawns are only here.

I know :) but tbf the less we have to travel the better. Lazy weekends