Ryan Reynolds tweeted this in 2016 and is now starring in Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds tweeted this in 2016 and is now starring in Detective Pikachu

I'm looking forward to the edits of the movie with deadpool lines dubbed over it.

I'd rather have the edit of Deadpool where his lines have been replaced by Pikachu's.

"Detective Pikachu, or the normal anime Pikachu?" I hear you ask. Well hypothetical Internet person, the latter for now; but honestly either works.

The fact that they got such a good actor gives me hope that this movie will actually be good.

He is cool but damnit I wanted DeVito

"Pika Pikachu Pi!"

*gets shot in ass*




Alex Hirsch is a lead writer for it, I have faith

Wait...the guy who did Gravity Falls? Hooooly shit. If Nintendo doesn't veto a ton of shit this could be pretty great.

Gimme sum gahbage to plug up the cut.

Apparently in the game this is based on, Detective Pikachu speaks normally in a gruff voice and everyone can understand him. So it'll just be as if Ryan Reynolds is playing a detective in a normal detective movie, except he'll look like a Pikachu.

This is something that I never knew I needed in my life, but I definitely needed in my life!

Though now I want one of those talented and funny people that I've heard exist to make a Deadpool Pikachu comic!

Oh my God...

Nintendo, please, for the love of God, just let this happen. Come what-fucking-may, don't touch it.

Anyone have any idea how the movie works? Is it like a 90's animal movie? Where Pikachu will just say different variations of his name and Ryan Reynolds will voice the thoughts? Like JD in Scrubs, or the perfection of Kevin Spacey in Nine Lives.

I feel we had the same plush talking Pikachu

I admit, the thought of hearing a Reynolds internal monologue discussing the intricacies of a case, only for his character to audibly say, “Pika piii!” in an adorable squeaky voice, and hearing Reynolds’s internal frustration as he’s unable to properly voice his thoughts, would be quite funny.

Unfortunately, that would make for a better short film than a full-length feature, as Pikachu’s squeaks would get old fairly quickly (considering Pikachu is the main character).

But a good actor and a great writer does a good movie make

Have you seen Green Lantern? A good actor does not a good movie make... :(


I liked what I was thinking more.

My roomate was a Froakie kid!

You ever see a Froakie kid?

Hollywood reporters aren't the ones making a movie.

not danny devito

what's the point?

“Hey, you wanna hear a joke? It goes, My wife still misses me....BUT HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER!



You see it’s funny because marriage is terrible.”

In Hirsch We Trust

It's good. The main reason why I think it ended up being so good is that it knew how it was going to end and didn't try to extend it despite how popular it was.

Would this be a deadmau5?

If this isn't made into just an ad for the next Deadpool movie I'll eat healthy

"What do you think Pikachu? What happened here?"

"Pika!" :: Entrails on the outside of the body suggest that the perpetrator is extremely violent, but also meticulous—look how he arranged everything. Hierarchy of the organs. But... wait. Spleen seems to be missing. And a portion of the liver. Left kidney, too. Shit, could be we're looking at the work of cannibals. This is trouble, kid. Big trouble.

"You're silly Pikachu. Let's find a real detective, one who can say more than his name."

Huh. I should watch Gravity Falls.

"Whoops, i seem to have dropped my magnum Oran Berry"

Finally someone posted the video. I had 0 idea what people were referencing.

Seriously!?!?!? Is this a competetion to Ducktective?

I'm pretty sure ryan reynolds is playing pikachu. I'm sorry to ruin your hopes about it

jontron screaming Danny DeVito

Forget an ad, for Deadpool 3 they need to reference the shit out of this

The scene in question.

Actually, a scene pretty much exactly like that DOES happen at the beginning of the game this is based on, since only the protagonist can understand him. Except the "Pika pii!" isn't in the cute Pikachu voice, it's in the gruff detective voice, making it even more hilarious. He's walking down the street reminiscing about the day his trainer died, when a car screeches to a stop in front of him. He starts Pika-ing at the driver in an "I'm walking here!" tone, then waddles off and starts grumbling about how nobody can understand him.

In all fairness, they reported that the Warcraft movie was based off of the World of Warcraft games, instead of the first RTS* Warcraft. They get things wrong all the time; I wouldn't let it sway you. They probably (as in the case for Warcraft) went with what version of the property you see most often. Unless you're venturing back into the gaming department at whatever store you choose to buy in (Target, Walmart, etc.) the first thing you'll more than likely see is the Pokemon TCG, rather than the actual 3DS games - since stores tend to put card games in the front since they don't sell like they used to.

*Edited to RTS from RPG - got the abbreviation incorrect, thank you for those who corrected me

Joke aside, I think it is a very hard character to cast since when you see Pikachu you expect a cute squeaky voice but in a feature length that would get annoying fast.

Can we just appreciate how pikachu is trying to cross his arms despite them being to teeny?

I wish detective pikachu is similar to TED I that it'sR rated with adult humor. Hearing pikachu as Ryan Reynolds cursing would be hilarious

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT okay now I have to see it. Because its gonna be good.

Pikachu suddenly speak

On a related note, the latest Pokémon movie has during the climax. It's quite jarring.

Ryan Reynolds acting was not the problem with that film. One of the few bright spots.

No, it's for a movie called "Detective Pikachu" in which Ryan Reynolds stars as the TIT-ular character.

Uh... hate to break it to you. Ryan Reynolds is PLAYING Pikachu. Who is expected to speak entirely in English since it’s based off a game where that is the case

What's important is that you tried

The movies were shit but Murray was a solid choice

The guy who made Gravity falls is a a writer for a Deadpool/Pokémon movie? It's a a great time to be alive.


I hope he gets transformed in the Deadpool movie into a mouse and gets shocked to return normal.

What doth life?

No, he'd understand completely from the one use of his name with tone, and inflection.

It aired on Disney Channel/Disney XD for two seasons, ending in 2016. Very well loved by a fairly large fanbase, with a lot of hilarious moments and a really dark/mysterious/emotional story full of plot twists and secret codes. Would definitely recommend.

Well it's not a change, they aren't making all Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds, it's one Pikachu in a different universe/continuity than anything in the anime/games. Detective Pikachu is its own thing, and he talks in the game too.


Holy shit lmao

Well they can do both. Ad for Deadpool 2, reference in 3.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that you do not recall correctly.

It’s a Pokémon movie with Ryan Reynolds, directed by the guy who did goosebumps and written by the guy behind gravity falls and the girl behind GOTG I have hope!

Yeah, well... https://imgur.com/gallery/IRZzd

Remindme! 2 weeks


So you're saying we're getting adult humor Veggie Tales next?

I found two of those in a pile of abandoned crap at a swap meet when they were tearing down. Still worked.

But it is Ryan, so that's not bad.

Why? Because he's a detective. It would be really weird to hear a squeaky, cute voice coming from someone you are supposed to take seriously. Think like Meowth: Meowth is a cute little cat, but when he talks he sounds like a hardened Brooklyn criminal.

A brother!

Possible spoilers!

I heard he plays a Pikachu who was once a human. That's not necessarily unheard of. Ash was once turned into a Pikachu, and Bill once accidentally merged with a Porygon(?).

It's not anymore terrible than Meowth speaking in the normal anime.

Yeah. I'm imagining it'll be like Meowth can talk so it's a talking Pikachu with a knack for solving crimes.

Who did this? 😂 😂 😂

No, it's a Pikachu. It's just a Pikachu, that is also a detective. And he can talk.

Pika pika, pika ECH

He’s a (relatively) new blood in Hollywood. GF being his biggest work, but he did write 6 episodes for the Misadventures of Flapjack and also voiced in Rick and Morty. His two upcoming projects are Detective Pikachu and an Animated Spider-Man film

Hollywood Reporter reported Pokemon as originally a trading card game. If that's what Hollywood thinks of Pokemon, I'm gonna guess it's gonna be crap.

The popular fan theory is that Ash was hallucinating because he was about to die

Good think the character already exists in a game, and it's not a cute squeaky voice in the slightest. It's a hardened character, who has seen some shit, and acts pretty smarmy, which is a perfect character for Reynolds to play.

Remember when they got everyone’s favorite actor, Bill Murray, to play Garfield?

Probably this: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/07/ryan-reynolds-is-detective-pikachu/

and this: http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/12/07/ryan-reynolds-to-star-as-detective-pikachu-in-pokemon-movie

Lol damn, that was pretty unsettling

Actually, stores tend to put items that'll actually sell near where people will see them (within arm's reach on a shelf, at the front of a store, etc.). Trust me, I stock stuff at a grocery store for a living. You people buy water like you need it to survive or something.

"it's because... I always want to be with you...."

Nothing revealed so far says that's the plot, and everything revealed indicates the plot is similar to or identical to the game. So no, that's not the case. It's just a Pikachu that learned to talk because that makes being a detective easier.

Nintendo won't do anything if the movie makers protect the integrity of the Pokemon franchise. I hope they do what Disney did not to EA, and that's step in.

It's based on a really cool Japanese game so here's hoping. The Pickachu in that is a bit sassy IMO so Ryan is a good match. The writers have written for Guardians of the Galaxy & Rick & Morty so hopefully the studios don't meddle in the the script too much & they don't make it too G rated.

Still pretty upset it's not Danny DeVito.

The original game had a Danny Devito like voice, hence the calls for Danny Devito. Also it wouldn't be It's Always Sunny Danny, it would be Hercules Danny

Nice one

He's playing a person who gets put into the body of a pikachu, he's not in the role of an actual pikachu.


It’s a human’s mind in the body of a Pikachu, with the human’s voice.

I came in fully expecting some bars from Big Shaq

That’ll be the joke for Deadpool 3

hey look it's Bovine Joni!

Outside of The Peanuts Movie, what was the last theatrically-released G-Rated movie you remember?

Read in Gruncle Stan's voice.

He has tits?

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

No it was a clefairy he got turned into in RBY, he gifts you the eevee in GSC

Oh wow, i didnt even think of this. I wss just thinking itd be Pikachu himself talking. Im hoping now its just his thoughts.

I bear witness to this statement.