Ryan Reynolds to Star in Pokemon Movie 'Detective Pikachu'

Ryan Reynolds to Star in Pokemon Movie 'Detective Pikachu'
Ryan Reynolds to Star in Pokemon Movie 'Detective Pikachu'

Not many people could brag of having portrayed Deadpool, Green Lantern and fucking Pikachu in their acting career

Hes no Danny Devito though

What the actual fuck

He joined this film just to brag about having those three on his resume, guaranteed.

I hope his only lines are "pika pee!"

-Says Everyone

I hope this is just a super dark regular detective movie, with an all human cast, except for Pikachu. And I want no one to ever draw attention to the fact he’s a Pokemon or that he’s abnormal in anyway.

There are going to be so many Deadpool/Pikachu parodies on the internet now.

Can you imagine those two banging


Does he really brag about green lantern, though?

I actually have some faith in this film because Alex Hirsch is one of the writers.

I look forward to the inevitable edited dialogue-matchup between Deadpool and Pikachu once first footage is revealed

I've heard he's a Green Lantern fan, so being one of two people to play a live-action Hal Jordan is still pretty good.


Nah, in the original game only released in JP, Pikachu can speak perfectly fluent human language:

Risky click of the day

Reynolds will play the titular Detective Pikachu.

This is awesome.

That'll probably ruin it for US audiences. I'd be put off by a talking pikachu. Can RR dub the US release with just pikachu noises?

It's funny because the director really wanted Devito but the studio told him the only way they'd make the movie is with Reynolds. Sometimes you just have to Pikachu's your battles.


I still don't get why his suit was blue.

I still don't get why his suit was blue.

He's also working on that Spider Man movie with Liev Schreiber & Mahershala Ali.

Pretty good one-two punch for him.

sometimes you've just gotta grit your teeth, and brace for the possibility that you won't get to see some hot reynolds-on-devito action

"I know right? Whose balls did I have to lick to get my own movie? I'm just gonna say it rhymes with Pash Ketchum."

Fuck that's BAD

The concept of Pokemon, which was initially a card-collecting game as well as anime, 

Typed by Cowboy Bebop at his computer.

The concept of Pokemon, which was initially a card-collecting game as well as anime,

Typed at his computer.

That guy from the crappy tv show probably

Yeah, right?  Makes my childhood feel weird.

Yeah right? Makes my childhood feel weird.

I mean.....well I guess this is a spoiler but from what I recall DP starts off as a human being but is transformed or his consciousness ends up in a Pikachu so as long as trailers convey that pretty basic premise it shouldn't be an issue.

Edit: I may be wrong about that. My memory is from when the game came out in Japan and people were talking about it on /sub/pokemon. There might be some flavor text in the game hinting at the origin but details are sparse.

“The role is said to be motion capture in nature”
one of these?

The role is said to be motion capture in nature, sources say.

Is it too late for this to be changed, and Reynolds shoots the entire movie in

I still don't understand how this is a thing. Like why is the Pokémon movie based on a game that's still newish about Pikachu as a detective. Is this some weird thing that will only release wide in Japan or is this legitimately s blockbuster movie? I just can't fathom it.

Imagine if the first Marvel superhero movie was Spider-Pig. This is insane. Though I think Howard the Duck was one of the first Marvel movies.

Hey Gwenpool turned out great why not Deadchu?

Reynolds on Reynolds one might say

No, a justice league one. It only lasted one episode though

Yeh, not that bullshit from the newest Pokemon movie where Pikachu talks to Ash.

this will be the Maltese Falcon of our age.

I don't think the director ever specifically said he wanted Devito, it's just that there was a huge public push for him to get the role.

How can someone with that job simply not know it's a video game first....One of the most popular and best selling of all time....

He said he called it. Respect his word, man.

Who is the other?

A wild Millenial appeared!

HollyWood - I choose you!

HollyWood used Nostalgia! - It was Super Effective.

Hollywood used Merchandise! - It was Super Effective.

The wild Millenial passed out.

Quite the resume. I still cannot believe it is the guy from Van Wilder, but at least Deadpool is nail on the head accurate

It wasn't blue.  http://imgur.com/zGZM4SR

And that's Guy Gardner, not Hal.

It wasn't blue.

And that's Guy Gardner, not Hal.

See for yourself

The audience reacts rather appropriately, I must say.

Deadpool 3 will be a Pokemon cross-over film.

You called an English speaking Pikachu detective played by Ryan Reynolds?

Frank Reynolds >>>>>>>>>>> Ryan Reynolds

If you really think about it, unless they got someone completely unknown any actor to pick up the role would be WTF. It'd be hilarious though if they stuck with the anime and all he says is "pika pika...pikachu!"

Devito was asked if he was going to be in the "Detective Pikachu Movie" and Devito responded with "What's a poke-man" or something like that. The question didn't actually say pokemon, so people took it as a subtle nod that he was actually in it.

There was a crappy Green Lantern TV show?

Deadpool 3 will reference this movie. I can just feel it.

"And let me tell you, he's got a nice pair of shiny Voltorbs on the way to Fuchsia City"


Don't bang your sister Dennis, it's perverted

Helloooooo! Fucking Meowth and Mewtwo could talk from the start. It's been established as possible.

The reason i fell out of love with pokemon is that they decided to stay a show for kids while i grew up. I got into puberty and was horny for Misty. Only one i could identify with then was Brock.

At least Pikachu is evolving.

Even the gal who voices Pikachu alluded that Ash was tripping, in her own adorable way.

He should. He was great as Hal/GL. Everything around him sucked. Wasn't his fault


Wait... What?

Man, I was wanting Danny DeVito, but Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu is something I never knew I wanted.

Mark Strong was a good Sinestro imo

Gotta say, that's the best audience reaction I've heard in a while.

Ash's Pikachu? No, he's a boy. Girl Pikachus have a different shaped tail.

Edit: Googling girl pikachu goes down one hell of a rabbit hole...

Ash's Pikachu? No, he's a boy. Girl Pikachus have .

Edit: Googling girl pikachu goes down one hell of a rabbit hole...

I read this as “What the fuctual fuck” and had a giggle.

Maybe their green screens were the same color and they were too cheap to replace them, so they just changed the costume instead.

Spider Man movie with Liev and Mahershala?

Called this back in 1998. Glad it's finally happening.

Mewtwo can talk to people because of telepathy, right? I don't think he actually speaks.

Meowth is the only one that speaks with his mouth, I think. That one Lucario also spoke with telepathy. Unless this pikachu BS is true

He doesn't. It's based on the 3DS game of the same name and the Pikachu has a gruff voice and can talk with humans.

everyday we stray further from god's light.

Ash got hit by an explosion of attacks and his vision was blurry, of course it was a hallucination brought on by sever brain trauma.

He could play a Machoke tho

Pikachu investigates the murder of Ash Ketchum in the crime serial of the decade

That's the wrong Reynolds!

I hope to hell there's a reference to this in Deadpool 2, even if little


It was just bad writing, bad plot, and bad CGI. The actual acting wasn't at fault.

Ryan Reynolds, Frank Reynolds.

It's almost the same, really.

From an article about actors being considered for the role: Dwayne Johnson, “Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Mark Wahlberg.”


Sweet Justice.

Animated. Could be funny with the team behind it, but I’m not really into animated superhero stuff.

I remember hearing he was going to be Green Lantern and thinking "Really? The low-brow comedy actor (I think I called him the handsome-er Dane Cook at one point) turned rom-com lead is going to play leading man in a super hero movie?"

Now I'm pretty much excited for anything the guy does.

I'm getting a lot of strange pikachu gifs/images from this thread I'm gonna hide in comments all over Reddit now.

Without Batman’s funding, the rest of the Justice League was reduced to making their own costumes. In this venture we learn that Green Lantern is colorblind.

Actually he's going to portray Pikachu, not fuck her.

"When you're slapped, you'll take it and like it," -Pikachu probably.


I'm on Moviepass, and I'd seriously pay full price to see that.

Why are they teamed up with Killer Frost? and Poison ivy?

Yeah that, or they agreed to pay his quote.

Louis C.K. can play Squirtle.

Would there be a power-bottom?


I think this movie has about a 75% chance of being total dogshit.

That being said, I'll be there opening night.


Here's the trailer for the game that this movie will be based on/inspired from. It was only released in Japan a few years ago.

Does he also smoke cigarettes and always look focused?

Waiting is one of my favorite comedies and I loved Van Wilder. Still Waiting and the Rise of Taj are such trash though.

Did anyone else here bang my whuoooor wife?

Too much


I personally hope he ends up writing the next F4 reboot (Directed by J.J. Abrams).


I mean, if you're into that, I guess.

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