Ryan Reynolds‏ posted this with caption: "Dropped by the X-Mansion. Big fucking surprise. No one's home."

Ryan Reynolds‏ posted this with caption: "Dropped by the X-Mansion. Big fucking surprise. No one's home."

Where does Ryan Reynolds end and Deadpool start?

Honestly though, there has never been a more clear destiny, the moment that the world saw Ryan Reynolds, he saw dead pool.

I felt the same way about Jim Carrey in the Mask and Jean luc Picard as professor x

Edit: Jean not John

Edit Edit: and Tony Stark as Robert downey jr

John luc Picard as Professor x


The budget became even smaller I see.

I wonder how hot it is in that suit.

I can just picture Blake Lively coming home, yelling out, "Honey, I'm home," seeing Ryan walk into the room with the costume, and just saying, "Oh for fucks sake."

That's Ryan Reynolds private reddit account.

There are a bunch of hidden vents in the suit. It's not as uncomfortable as you'd think.

of course we should! can't let him get away with calling such a great man the wrong name!

it's Jean-luc, not john luc.

S-should we tell him?

Lol that duct tape on the costume


Not even lex?

To be fair the movie Deadpool toned down how psychotic comic Deadpool is. Probably because it makes for a more relatable character

It's in Canada

Maybe in this next one he'll have some voices in his head, it's all I want

And Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

I like to think he's waiting to welcome the first person who shows up like he's a big, happy dog.

He needs a spirit animal in his head. Voiced by Hugh Jackman.

This is Royal Roads in Victoria. https://goo.gl/images/zX3zms

Also it's overrun by peacocks.

Barry really fucked up the timeline.

He probably got his leg cut off so he taped it back on

I like to imagine Ryan Reynolds has the Deadpool suit in his home, and will randomly decide when to wear that suit in public

Duct taped left leg. Thigh's matters.


Though we are at the beginning of Deadpool. If you read the early comics, he more smart ass and less crazy. The voices in his head come later.

Ryan Reynolds reminded Reddit when Samurai Jack was starting up again?

Dude has a thing for swords

Don't u mean, "oh for fucks sake, we just had sex in this thing the last 20 times. Can't I have sexy with the people's sexiest man alive atleast once?"

Not even Oliver?

It's the same mansion they use for the Queen estate in Arrow.


I am still holding out hope that we'll see Deadpool host SNL. I can't even imagine how epically fourth wall breaking that would be.

Even at the start the blind lady isn't his roommate. She's his prisoner that he occasionally tortures.

Well, he does! He kept the suit lol

Yes lol

I mean, he does force her to assemble Ikea furniture, and make up cures for blindness, but I suppose you mean slightly more extreme torture.

💎 JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson 💎

Now I'm sad again. I just watched Logan last night. :(

Yes...I forgot.... it's basically his life story...but with more money and robots.

May may maymaymaymay make it so

So, he is Sir Professor Captain Jean Luc Charles Xavier Picard?

I can picture Deadpool going 'oh what the fuck dude look what you did to my suit I don't have Wolverines budget over here! Tape!' hopping about etc

Ryan Reynolds was awarded "sexiest man alive" by People magazine.

Or were you confused by something else?

so....a wolverine?

No, it's Sir Jean-luc Picard. He was knighted.

No shit

The Mask comic book was quite different from the movie.

Wade, Deadpool was raped by Typhoid Mary. She used a holographic image projector to appear to be Siryn of the X-Men. Someone who was kind to Wade, and Wade had a massive crush on.

When they wake the next morning Mary reveals the trick and mercilessly mocks him for thinking anyone could ever love him.

Well we never get to see Tony Stark and cocaine together. But we'll know it's there.

No. THE Wolverine.

Can confirm, went to this school, Peacocks are obnoxious.

Would that work with his healing powers? i don't know much about him past the movies.

Would it completely reattach the leg and get it working normal again?

To be fair it also comes out that she used to be some sort of ex-spy or assassin. It is implied that Wade was hired to kill her, but decided not to. Instead he made her his 'roommate' with the above mentioned torturing, and killing a friend of hers the one time she did escape.

She was friendly with Captain America back in WWII, he recognizes her in that same run.

Aye. Isn't it Casa Loma? I know part of the mansion i Casa Loma at least.

"The very first thing I ever heard about X-Men... I walked in the door, Lauren picked [an X-Men comic book] up from her desk and held it up. And I looked at it, and I said, "What am I doing on the front of a comic book?" And she said, "Exactly."

RDJ made Tony Stark to be more like RDJ.


(this quadrant needs at least 2 Jan Michael Vincents)

With Ryan Reynolds in it, I'd imagine it's about 50 hotnesses.

Cocaine goes great with alcohol.

No, it's Locutus.


I live down the road from this place. Big fucking surprise, didn't know he was here!


In the early Deadpool blind Al is his prisoner and it is kinda evil. The series changes as Deadpool gets better, nicer. Then gets raped. And after that he flips. Goes very dark. Locks Al and Weasel in the box. You get a horrific view into what kind of monster dead pool actually is. Al feels she sort of deserves it as she's not been a great person in the past. And because she views herself as helping Deadpool be the hero he can be, she stays on as his prisoner. Up until he abandons her to go fuck about with Cable

Well, he does! He kept stole the suit lol


When did Oliver live in the luthor mansion?

Eh sort of. It's not like they were like "let's make Deadpool more like Ryan Reynolds so he can play him in a movie". But they have made the comparison in the comics. His character in Blade Trinity definitely showed he could be a mouthy action star but I think you're over exaggerating how much the authors of Deadpool think of Ryan Reynolds when writing the comics.

RDJ as Tony Stark?

Yea. In the first comic he threatens to put her back in "the box"

He's Ryan Reynolds and he's letting you know?

Is.... is it not Jean Luc Picard?

To be even more fair the writers of Deadpool comics have been writing the character with Ryan Reynolds in mind for ever a decade now.

The next time they have an X movie, they should just walk by and see a note written in crayon left by Deadpool because they were gone. Just him rambling on....

Completely unrelated to the plot, just a oh yeah Deadpool is technically in this Universe kinda thing to keep the gag running.


I think he meant the real name of the role, Professor X is just a nickname, his name is Charles Xavier.

Tony Stark is an alcoholic

That's fucking dark.

And he does. And then throws Weasel in there too. And then Al describes how Wade psychologically​ broke her.

In the comics he's had appendages cut off, and put them on backwards.

He was born for that role

You a mutant? What's your power?

Oh my god yes. I dont watch SNL but if that happened I absolutely would.

I love Deadpool's performance in Just Friends.

"So this is what it feels like" :(

Surely you are referring to Gene Luke Pickered.

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.

Yes! We need a high jackman wolverine in dead pools head now!

"You cock juggling thunder cunt!"

No, they saw you coming at the door and are right now convincing the children to be silent and to avoid the windows in the hopes you will just go away.

It's the ex's mansion though, so it'd be Scarlet Josomethingsons house...


no it's this


Casa Loma was used in the first X-men, but Ryan Reynolds is outside this, which makes sense as he lives in Vancouver.

Can't tell if you're Fucking with us or....

Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool.

The adaptation was imperfect, but Carrey was perfect for the adaptation.

I don't remember his real name so no don't tell him.

Do we define "Roommate" differently?

Well since he was married to Scarlett Johansen he has at least 1 super power.

Looks to be tin foil. Probably Reynolds wrap.

I'm betting he gets his leg cut off and has to duct tape the pant leg back on to the suit

Bad ass. Smart ass. Great ass.

He doesn't go full-blown whacko in the comics right away, though. My understanding is there are several factors. One of them being the cancer eating away at his brain and the regen healing it.

The others might be spoilers for the next movie (and definitely are for the comic).