Ryan reiterates call for Roy Moore to drop out

Ryan reiterates call for Roy Moore to drop out
Ryan reiterates call for Roy Moore to drop out

Ah, the speaker of the house telling a senatorial candidate what to do.

Republican minimum effort strikes again.

This is a photo-op callout from Ryan, nothing more.

They know their majority is more important than the sanctity of children.

The GOP donated $170k to Moore's campaign.

They own this.

$170,000, and recently too - in the last week.

"Moore should drop out."

hands him fat stacks of cash to continue the campaign

he just wants to run for Pres one day. it's what he bases all his decisions off of.

You forget, they're pandering to a shrinking base. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again.

Huh, interesting. Preempting Franken's resignation by continuing to call for Moore's dropping. I mean, at least he's consistent here?

When has the GOP ever faced consequences? Franken feels like another ACORN. Democrats lose, Republicans have a new attack strategy.

Ryan knows the GOP will get killed on this issue now that the dems have cleaned house.

tugs braid

Did he call for the RNC to stop funding Moore?

He can afford to donate 100 dollars to Jones because he just voted to give himself a huge tax cut.

Yeah, but Flake donated $100 to Jones!

Not trying to defend Ryan, but he doesn't control the RNC funding

He has a shitload of influence he's not throwing around right now.

smooths skirt

Dude, no, their safeword is 'money'. Also, he didn't say anything about Farenthold(R) resigning.

Roy Moore should drop out.

(Hand him $170,000 campaign money)

folds arms under breasts

No, you don't understand. A shadow government orchastrating a child sex slave ring in the basement of a pizza shop because an article online said so is a story that makes all the sense in the world.

A grown man preying on young girls to the point where we have records he was banned from the mall and a number of police officers have come forward to reveal they were told to keep an eye on him at public events it an absurd farce that has no logic to it. Fake news.

something something wool-headed

I find it funny that I as a middle class Democrat in a big city have donated more to a respectable Democrat in Alabama than Mr. I Post My Symbolic Check on Twitter Flake.

Preventing abusers and pedophiles from gaining power shouldn't be a partisan issue.

Well yeah, they owned Trump too, and look what that got them...full control of all branches of government. Fucking scumbags.

the sanctity of children.


All of the "think of the children!" pizzagaters seem to have disappeared.

Careful Ryan, that 24-hour rental spine might just deform your back if you don't rip it out quickly enough!

People want to think that there are some moderate Republicans when really they aren't moderate at all. I remember people praising Kasich and saying how they wished the race was between Sanders and Kasich. Kasich is an extremist on a lot of issues and a slight moderate on some others and he literally worked for Lehman Bros and has consistently supported pro corporate legislation. It's fine if someone supported Sanders over Clinton but for someone on the left to say that Kasich was preferable to Clinton is outrageous.

The most liberal Republican in the senate is more conservative than the most conservative Democrat and yet the left loves bashing slightly moderate Democrats while still praising "moderate" Republicans.

Footage of Ryan's statement

Paul Ryan will be running for President for the next 30 years lol. to him it probably looks like pretty good odds of getting through one day.

"As the late, great senator John McCain once said 'I'm deeply disturbed'"

McCain in the back-

"I'm not dead yet!"

That’s because in most western countries, Clinton is the moderate conservative. We have a moderate party, and an extremist right party. It really is alarming.

Rolls the dice

It's empty.

Why did Ryan still endorse/vote for Trump after the Hollywood Access tape?....Or after calling him a racist after disqualifying an American judge?...or after "taking advantage of the prejudices of others" after calling for the Muslim ban?

Yeah, I edited my original post. I was on mobile.

I don't think it is fair to say this, as we don't know what is happening behind closed doors. Ryan could be fighting against it behind closed doors but be overruled.

Even for someone as shitty as Moore I wouldn't expect ever member of the GOP to suddenly quit the party because the RNC gave him money.

Democrats have set a bar. There were no children in the Conyers or Franken scandal, but they are still out.

*That we know of.

No doubt that dark GOP money continued flowing to Moore's campaign.

They want him to win. They can't say it. But they badly want his vote and he will likely sit on the judiciary committee and help pass hundreds of unqualified judges for life.

takes a chance

Although I agree, it's certainly better than stating support for Moore.



Mitch McConnell did call on Moore to drop out...weeks ago. Then the tax bill shitstorm happened, and he changed to, "I'm going to let the people of Alabama decide", because there's a chance he might need that vote.

Do you think it is a coincidence that Ryan is saying this on the same day that Al Franken resigned? Why not yesterday? Or last week? Why today?

He saying this today, because it is an attempt for the Republican party to be perceived as opposing Roy Moore, without committing to actually opposing Roy Moore. The election is in 5 days, it is obvious that Moore isn't going to drop out...meanwhile, Al Franken and John Conyers have both resigned due to far less serious accusations. Paul Ryan knows that saying this isn't going to have any impact on Moore, but it gets him political brownie points.

Not only that, since Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House, there absolutely nothing actionable he can do, to put any "teeth" in this demand. Hell, he didn't even call out the RNC for restarting their funding of his campaign.

On the other hand, if Mitch McConnell makes this statement today, he opens himself up to the question of, "If he doesn't drop out, and you don't think he should be a Senator, what are you going to do about it?" McConnell, unlike Ryan, is actually in a position to take action. He doesn't want to have to answer that question, because he's not going to take any action.

This isn't a "rift" between Ryan and McConnell, it's a Kabuki play starring them.


No matter how much I dislike Ryan, it's important that he's saying this.

He should stop stonewalling for traitors then

That's not a bad thing. Well, it is, but it's normal.

Hillary Clinton based all her decisions to run for president. Senator, Sec of State for only the first term so she could pivot and focus on running after 2012.

I'm not going to criticize someone for working on advancing their career.

...and his name rhymes with "Scootin".

"But I believe his heart is in the right place!"

-/sub/politics...The same people that applauded McCain as a hero for killing the health bill, only to get reminded what a cancer-riddled turd he was a little down the line.

half-baked laughable absurd conspiracy theory about his birth certificate

...which was pushed by the guy who would become president one day. What has happened to this country?

I wish someone would put this on billboards nationwide.

The RNC went to his fucking house to beg him to take the Speaker role. They begged and pleaded for him to run for President.

If the RNC is willing to give Moore money, it's because Ryan either A) doesn't care, or B) told them he supports it.

Not if he wants to win the republican primary

They will never face consequences unless all the productive blue states, the ones with economically productive industries and a strong middle/upper-middle class disappear.

Imagine America without New York, LA, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, etc.

They crap on us constantly yet our industries and our tax dollars prop up their bastard children and meth habits. I'd like to see Red America try to live solely off the productivity of Texas.

Hillary's biggest mistake was being so obvious in prepping for a presidential run. It gave her adversaries a 16 year head start on their slander campaign. From Whitewater to Ben Ghazi to emailgate, they took every little thing and beat it until there was nothing left to beat. Obama didn't make that mistake. By the time the opposition realized he was a for real candidate, it was too late to slander him effectively. All they got off was a half-baked laughable absurd conspiracy theory about his birth certificate.

That's cute. Pretending the Republican party has principles and values.

They rule by any means necessary. They may personally disavow Moore's actions, but they will let it slide for the sake of party control.

yet the left loves bashing slightly moderate Democrats while still praising "moderate" Republicans.

As a moderate Democrat myself, I hate this. I'm okay with giving Republicans some credit when they act human now and then because we have to find some middle ground if we are ever going to hope to have normal political governance again. However, I can't stand the purists on the left who bash anyone who is a moderate as being "wishy washy". The all or none, black and white bullshit is usually seen on the right with those Republicans who love to wear blinders and refuse to see the gray. When people on the left do the same thing it's extremely frustrating.

You can't look at it that way. For Ryan and McConnell not to be moving in lockstep is significant. Mitch can't tell him to drop out, either, just threaten him with removal upon election.

The party should, ostensibly, be unified on things. A rift like this is not just some photo op. It signifies Congressional disapproval of Moore at the highest level. That it puts him at odds with the Senate means a rift between the two houses.

He doesn't have a spine. He knows no one in Alabama cares what he thinks and he knows that the RNC is still going to fund Moore. His comments will have zero impact on the race but will make him, and the Republican party, look more moderate which will help them in the suburbs. It's virtue signalling and nothing more.

The RNC just donated how much to his campaign? Is this some new kinda obfuscation strategy? Pretending to be against him while helping him?

There is a Republican representative who settled an $84,000 sexual harassment suit with taxpayer money, and has no intention of resigning. Ryan is the Speaker of a glass House.

"I'm feeling better! I think I'll go for a walk!"

"Quiet you."

The only likely effect of Franken's resignation on GOP voters will be glee and endless attack ads on how his resignation is proof that Democrats are all perverts, compared to Republicans, who stand strong against unjust accusations.

Democrats are incapable of putting out more than a passive-aggressive message of "oh, how it would nice if Republicans felt the need to possibly see it in their heart to stand against sexual assault, maybe, but we won't press the issue if they don't agree to it".

Meanwhile Roger Stone is smashing tequila shots and probably can't believe they still get away with their ratfucking shit.

"Well, he's not fucking my kids, so..." – Paul Ryan

He could just push for impeachment of Trump and Pence and he's there! Frankly, I think it is his best chance.

Well it got someone full control....

Hillary was not hated by democrats. I supported Obama over Hillary in the 2008 primary and the worst I ever heard about her is that she wasn't energizing enough. There was of course the ongoing side-debate about whether it'd be easier to elect a woman or black guy in the general, but there wasn't even a white guy option so that was a wash. I never met a single actual human that identified as a democrat or progressive and "hated" Hillary, before 2015.

I can criticize all I want if he denies that hes doing so

Ryan is trying to have it both ways.

Pretty much this. The French through a shit fit over their recent election being hijacked and attack by a Russian misinformation campaign in an attempt to get their far right political candidates elected.

The far right political candidate in France supported by the Russians, almost completely resembled Hillary Clinton’s political goals. The French far right candidate was even to the left of Hillary on some issues.

It’s truely remarkable how extreme right wing the USA has become.

well, in 2006


Arizona's 8th congressional district: Following the emergence of Foley's controversy and the retirement of Jim Kolbe, Democrat Gabrielle Giffords won the election with 54% of the vote despite the fact that George W. Bush carried the district with 53% just two years prior in the 2004 presidential election.

Hopefully the dragon reborn will come and reshape our government.

well, this is why.

Hated by Republicans for being the most influential woman in politics, hated by democrats for all of the blatantly lying attack ads by republicans and russians targeted at liberal audiences.

So... no, you're off-base a bit as to "why".

He's not doing a good thing, he's doing a thing that can be perceived as good, because he knows it won't actually have any affect on the situation.

If he was truly trying to get Moore to drop out, he would have come out and condemned the RNC for restarting the funding of Moore's campaign. If he were true in his intentions, he would call on Mitch McConnell to pledge that proceedings to expel Moore would begin the instant he took the oath of office. If he were really doing a good thing, he would proclaim that the Republican party should have zero tolerance for child molesters, rapists, or those that engage in sexual harassment or assault ...which would include the President.

But he didn't say any of those things, did he?

Do you know why he didn't? Because calling on Roy Moore to drop out 5 days before the election, when it is abundantly clear that he won't, carries no political consequences whatsoever for him. But it does get people like you to "give him credit".

Remember when he called trump a racist for being racist but voted for him anyway. Remember when Jason chaffetz said he couldn’t look his daughters in the eye and vote for trump yet still voted for him?

These aren’t brave positions, pedophiles are bad. If Paul Ryan came out and said “nobody should have to die of cancer” he’s not brave and deserving of applause he’s just stating a rational point.

Ryan has rarely backed up these statements with the necessary actions.

I’m not much of a Clinton fan, but it’s bullshit that people got so mad about her being ambitious when they don’t give a fuck about male politicians who do the exact same thing.

Damn Tootin it does.

How are those two things conflated 1-1?

Yes, Ryan is an influential member of the GOP but he is one member on a large committee.

True. The Dems are playing the 'moral high-ground' card hoping to compel the Reps to do the same. There is a built-in problem there though.....the Reps have no morals.

Let the Lord of Chaos rule.

Yet the RNC is still financing his campaign hmmmmm

Is Chicago chopped liver

It's the result of the DNC ignoring races they didn't think a Democrat could win at the state and local level starting in the 90s. They didn't realize that once Republicans controlled state governments that they would take gerrymandering to levels never dreamed of. Add modern software to that and you have an airtight system for minority rule.

Exactly. Conyers went so Farenthold should.

Gets killed by lan

Frankly, the thought of President Ryan isn't all that appealing.

It's shitbirds all the way down.

This is where we are with the Republican Party. When Paul Ryan is the only person in any leadership role demonstrating that he still has a functioning spine.

The Electoral College.

Just go full populist. Wisconsin has open primaries. He doesn't need to be evil. He chooses to.

You have to win more than one state to get the primary win.

To be fair, Moore's allegations involve children, and Farenthold's don't. Whether it makes sense to set that as the threshold to recommend resigning/dropping out is a different matter, but the situations are different.

Tax Cuts. Why else?

Ryan condemns Moore

So that it looks like the GOP is condemning him. All the while, the SENATE LEADER (you know, where Moore will actually be) is sending him money.

So yeah. It's bullshit.

What the hell was that circular thinking? Ryan condemns Moore, but it's all for show, and so Ryan is actually endorsing him? Fucking stupid.

Don't forget the sex slaves on mars! Think of the children!

Despite your name, I tend to agree. It's rather infuriating when people refuse to give credit to shitty people doing good things. I understand why it's hard but it shouldn't be impossible. Even Trump has done one or maybe two things I respect, and I don't have an issue admitting that.

You've got it a little backwards. It's not that he wants to be an honorable president and is trying to live up to that ideal right now (if that was the case, he would never have supported trump in the first place). He's just pretending to be an honorable person so that people who are not diehard Republicans don't feel ashamed to vote for him in the future. He's still a slimy, oozing sack of shit, and don't ever forget that.

He lied over and over about the process of enacting TARP and the ACA so that braindead right-wing morons would think that Obama was a Communist Muslim Atheist Socialist Fascist dictator, and he's literally admitted that he has planned to slash "entitlement spending" (AKA Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, CHIP and food stamps) ever since he was in college. His budget proposals have also been fucking jokes, with math errors and faulty assumptions galore. He deserves nothing less than to be forever called a disgrace, and if there was any justice in the world, he would be forced out of the government like Franken is being forced out now

This is the only way Franken's resignation will probably be justified.

I didn't hate her, but I definitely disliked her for her lies (sniper fire in Bosnia), her attacks on video games, and her more aggressive foreign policy than I would have liked. I did prefer Obama and I would have preferred Bernie. Easy choice to support her over Trump, though.

Of course. Though, being in the House, it's easy to throw rocks at would be senators.

Ryan isn't doing a good thing. He's playing a "good cop, bad cop" routine on the American public and people are (obviously) buying it.