Ryan blasts states that send billions to federal government

Ryan blasts states that send billions to federal government

“States that got their act together are paying for states that didn’t,”

Right, California and New York take care of Kansas and Georgia.

The top House Republican on Thursday blasted high-tax states that deliver billions to the federal government as he faced a backlash from rank-and-file GOP lawmakers over a sweeping tax-cut proposal.

Ryan who gets his insights on economics from Ayn Rand novels, is now blaming the provider states for supporting America.

Yo, Massachusetts resident here. If you don't want our money I think we'd be happy to hold on to it. I'm sure Kansas and Mississippi will do just fine by themselves.

In fact, California, New York and New Jersey send many billions more in taxes to Washington than they get back in federal spending, new data show. Divided by total state residents, New York gets back 81 cents for every $1 it pays in, New Jersey receives 74 cents and California 96 cents, according to an analysis released last month by the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

Don't confuse this turd with the facts

well, by republican logic the blue states are actually oppressing and enslaving the red states by funding them because welfare == slavery in their talking points. So any good conservative should be begging blue states to hold onto their money so the red states can finally experience "freedom".

So you can imagine how angry we were that some assholes voted no on Sandy relief

His point is absolutely moronic doublespeak.

If blue states are to be under represented in federal elections, then they should stop paying taxes to the federal government.

Blue states pay for red states.

Some opponents contend that repealing the deductions would subject people to being taxed twice and would amount to a federal revenue grab on the backs of homeowners who pay property taxes. And governors like New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo, a potential 2020 presidential candidate, have rallied against the change.

So, let me get this straight: the terrible abuse of the estate tax is double taxation; the GOP doesn't care about double taxation without being paid for it.

Is that about right? I'm having a little trouble here since Ryan's intellectual dishonesty is dizzying.

They have to keep up the bullshit narrative that blue states are on the brink of financial collapse due to all the illegals and welfare mooches.

This was a speech to the Heritage Foundation. I'm sure the whole thing was one big tax cuts circle jerk for pasty white rich guys.

Generally? The only exception is Texas, and they're only propped up by oil and their liberal city centers.

And yet they get less money back than they pay.

So they’re paying more than they receive. Even though they’re accused of being a drain.

In a ledger that would be the net credit column.

Yo Massachusetts word up! Connecticut resident agrees!

So now Ryan needs to go on TV and specifically name the states who got their act together and name the states that didn't.

That would require Ryan to have a spine and engage in honesty for once in his life. No one can hold their breath that long.

I'm surprised that California is that high... for a long time they were stuck around 60 cents on the dollar. 96 cents is perfectly reasonable.

Too bad about Jersey, tho...

Kansas population 2.9mil

California population 39mil

... What do you expect?

The only reason that states like Wisconsin, Kansas and Kentucky aren't complete wastelands are because of CA and NY basically subsidizing them.

And they hate those liberal cites