Ryan Anderson huge poster dunk on Alex Len!

Ryan Anderson huge poster dunk on Alex Len!

I didn’t realize Alex Len could be killed this many times.

lmaooo Josh Jackson's reaction is hilarious

Why is this not the #1 post alltime? This is the most shocking thing I've ever witnessed


"By rule, the game is over."

It's like Ryno saw Alex Len and was like "you know, I can actually do dis shit" and the fucking lunatic actually went ahead and did it.

It’s truly a talent, he is a sports center top 10 machine

You know it's bad when the opposing bench goes crazy lol

ESPN Replays

Rockets feed with bench reactions + replays. Announcers were shook for the rest of the game lmao

Alex Len needs to retire after this game


It almost looks fake when he elevates


Just remembered this Rockets' reaction

in one month Ryan Anderson will add another accolade to his resume: 2018 Dunk Contest Champion

Where’s all the people respecting him for stepping up to receive some nuts on his face?

When Rynos attack.

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"Haha, oh man, 2k made Ryan Anderson posterize someone again. Look how unrealistic it looks!" - me in an actual 2k game more than once.

I forget how amazing this dunk is.

I mean, Green is nearly looking down into the rim.

When Ryan Anderson sees a lightskin under the basket, Ryan Anderson smells blood

Have been to a few suns home games. Home crowd goes nuts for visiting team.

Source: Zach Lavine on Alex len last year

Alex “just fuck me up fam” Len

I mean, he just watched his teammate die. Man is allowed to be react. I don't think he laughed either, just flinched due to the murder.

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He is damn persistent, that is for sure.

Dude, I will always give a pass to the Nets bench. I don't care who you're rooting for, that was and will always will be sick. This dunk is barely a year old and goddamn it's already becoming a classic.

I'd probably quit basketball if I was an NBA center who got dunked on by Ryan Anderson

This is the most shocking dunk I have ever seen and that's not hyperbole

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cocked that joint back and banged on eem


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Where were you when Anderson killed a man on live television?

Confirmed rockets being blackballed

Not at all what I was expecting. Actually I was second guessing why I even clicked on the link before I saw it... He can retire now - it's not going to get any better than that.

We need those pizza roll memes to comeback

Patrick Ewing was the goat at this.

probably did that a lot in hs/college, laughing at teammates who get posterized/embarrassed.

pretty awkward in the NBA lol

Reminds me of the Nets bench

How could you not lose your mind if you saw that live

Unfortunately on the wrong side of sports center top 10. Still a feat nonetheless!

Came across this and was like "Eh it's Ryan Anderson, it's probably gonna be one of them fake poster dunks where the guy doesn't really fully contest"

Boy was I wrong

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I have a ton of respect for Len always contesting. Him altering shots constantly doesn’t make the front page.

lol ive seen way worse shit on here than "white-on-white crime" lmao pls thats a bunch of BS if u ask me, ive seen ppl joke about cancer on this sub and I got deleted for white-on-white crime... butthurt mod smh

I'm pretty sure the Suns would have been okay with that by looking at the score.

I mean yeah but I didn't know Ryan Anderson could jump more than 3 inches off the ground, much less posterize the fuck out of someone

Harden wants a time out so he can hassle Ryan Anderson


Ryno to win both 3 point and slam dunk contest confirmed.

Shawn Bradley


Reminds me of this. Watch Rudy.

The Albino Rhino in his natural habitat...

Oh come on mods that's hilarious

And it didn't even win dunk of the year. I mean that Oladipo dunk on Dwight was great, but come on. LOOK at Larry Nance.

Following in BKnights footsteps. So proud.

Paul Pierce

KD Russ and Harden on the same squad, what a time that was. 2 MVP’s and one soon to be MVP

Is my mind poisoned by hot takes, or does this dunk immediately contend in the range of 20 best, maybe even 10 best dunks of all time? I feel a childlike wonder I didn't know was still there in my wretched soul.

This dunk was like when you were 5 years old, and you saw some special effect or something that dumbfounded every sense of your limited spatial reasoning. I'm like questioning reality. Can Ryan Anderson do this on an Earth that isn't flat?

In a world where words don't mean anything anymore due to hyperbole, this reclaims and recalibrates the true definition of shocking. I've watched it 100 times and I still question how this happened. I wish I wasn't alone right now. I feel like I should go outside and wander the streets.


This is a weeb free sub-reddit comrade.

.... It looked like when 2k's dunk/jump animations don't look super real, when the guy just jumps abnormally high and it looks like gravity isn't quite right for a moment.

Who knew Ryno had hops like that???

Prime Ibaka was no joke too. It hurts, man.

He’s the 28th best center in terms of opposing field goal % at the rim but sure

“Oh shit”

Why do I always see every day some front page thread saying that the mods deleted his previous one? What are the rules that a popular topic or highlight has to be reposted in order to stay ?

Maybe then youll find a buyer

Yeah but where

I was at that game, it was spectacular.

Was there a clip of the Rockets' bench reaction? Looked pretty lit

Getting posterized by Ryan Anderson requires unique skillset for a 7'0 NBA center. Great job.

I lose my mind every time I watch this YouTube video. In terms of pure athleticism and difficulty, probably one of the best in-game dunks ever. There's Vince's over that French guy, and there's dunks by HoFers in important playoff situations, but I mean this is an alley-oop looking-down-at-the-rim windmill. Honestly wtf. I couldn't do this on an 8ft hoop.

"Ryan Anderson huge poster dunk on....."

These are words that I can't understand being put together in a sentence.


it made me think of carlos delfino dunking on KD

I did my part


except that one time

does this dunk immediately contend in the range of 20 best, maybe even 10 best dunks of all time?

idk if I'd go that far, but I think it skyrockets to #1 in terms of, "most shocking"

this is his 10th season and IDK if he's ever done something like this.

Suns fans :/


Watching the game

greatest dunk of all time

Never a bad time to post the

2018 Most Improved Player: Ryan Anderson

Off this one play

White on White crime

Probably that part

Has anyone ever drafted 3 HOFers in a row?

There is, Harden and the bench were going crazy for 2 more possessions

A charging rhino is one of the most dangerous things on earth.

White on white crime

Damn, forgot about Nick Johnson

wtf kind of defense was that by Len haha. As Anderson began driving down the lane and picking up momentum (clearly going straight to the basket) Len kinda jumps backwards for no reason at all. Then he tried to contest super late and got the fk postered out of him lmao

For sure the title, I thought it was funny but mods didn't i guess

Posterizer on gold now

Wtf this is a potential dunk of the year and it’s sitting under 500 with like 80 comments