Russian plane missing after Moscow take off

Russian plane missing after Moscow take off
Russian plane missing after Moscow take off

I was watching my BBC news feed and it basically went from "Plane missing" to "plane has crashed, there are no expected survivors" in a few seconds (on my feed anyway).

Crazy. RIP.

It crashed, 71 onboard and apparantely no chance of survivors.

CNN article

Flight confirmed as crashed by BBC now.

Updated twitter thread by FlightRadar24:

Flight tracker:


First commercial crash in over a year, yeah?

Update for those new here. **seems that some people in the comments below are connecting this comment to president trump and also making jokes. Please stop. Any mass death tragedy is something to treat with a bit of sincerity and solemnity. I would have voted bernie sanders.

My comment was more in reference to the timing since the last fatal commercial jet aircraft accident and reflects personal thoughts regarding system fragility. Air travel is one of those rare industries where over time there is progressive improvements in safety. ***

yeah, 2017 was even said to be one of the safest in aviation history :(

The passenger plane may have collided with a postal service helicopter when taking off, says Interfax. (Source.)

It's not even clear right now if there was crew and cargo or crew and passengers. But they already found remains of 2 people. And rescue team can't properly work since there is a lot of snow.

Edit: 60+ people confirmed, no survivors were found atm

Edit2: plane was 8 y.o., so pretty new

Edit3: it's the second time in history AN-148 crashes. First time was in 2011, the reason was a mistake of the crew

Edit4: right now there is two versions, cockpit error or a weather-related incident

Edit5: there was at least 1 child on the plane

Edit6: [deleted this because it was a copy of the another Edit, eh]

Edit7: unconfirmed, but some some sources state that it seems like plane started crashing while still in the air. Parts of the plane can be found along the path of the aircraft

Edit8: !! Interfax: aircraft collided with a helicopter

Edit9: allegdly it was a helicopter of 'Russian Post'. People say there are lots of envelopes near the crash scene

Edit10: Russian Post denies that they have any helicopters at all right now.

Edit11: they found debris from other unidentified aircraft (only reported by one news agency)

Edit12: once again, Russian Post denies any connections to the tragedy. Now they say that they only use Tu-204 (statement in edit9 was probably made by a different spokesperson)

Edit13: they're using tractors to clean up area from the snow, so special machinery can get to the crash site

Edit14: engine stop and following explosion might be the cause of the accident

Edit15: they're using drones to find flight data recorders

Edit16: it took an hour for rescuers and medics to get to the crash site. they were had to literally walk through snow.

Edit17: The pilot told the flight controllers about some malfunction and was supposed to land at different airport.

Edit18: it really doesn't matter at this point, but Russian Post confirmed that there was a small package with envelopes on the aircraft.

Edit19: 65 people were on the plane. They released names already. Every time this happens, victims pages on social media receive huge amount of both insults and kind words. But the really shitty thing is that their pics will be used for stuff like "like if you're sorry for death of this person".

Edit20: Flight controller: "The plane took off in normal mode, it was given the permission to climb to the 110th flight level. Unexpectedly at the 70th flight level the aircraft began to go down and didn't contact us or responded to us."

Edit21: the only minor on the plane was a 17 y.o. boy.

Edit22: I misread original post about minors on the plane, sorry. There were three minors: 17 y.o. boy, 12 y.o. boy and 5 y.o. girl.

Edit23: Ministry of Emergency Situations: no helicopter debris found. Edit11 is only reported by one news agency atm

Edit24: Flight data recorders were found.

Edit25: All victims had insurance. Their relatives will receive two millions rubles (~$34000)

Edit 26: Plane crashed pretty near to the living area.

Right now the only updates on the story is reactions of politicians. Like Putin canceled some appointments etc. I won't be mentioning it.

Edit27: 12th of February is going to be an official day of mourning in Orenburg Oblast.

Edit28: Some sources report that pilot in command decided not cover a plane with deicing fluid before the flight.

Edit29: one citizen of Switzerland was on the plane. I can't find any Swiss names on the list though, so it may be naturalized citizen. He or she was supposed to visit oil refinery in Orsk.

Edit30: Aight, guys, I'm going to leave now, but I'll try to post an update, if something important happens in the next couple hours. Thanks for reading.

I was landing at Calgary international and as we approached I was looking out the window. Couldn't have been more than a few thousand feet off the ground when suddenly the plane jerked up with such force my stomach floated. A minute or so goes by, gaining altitude the whole time, when the pilot comes through the speakers: "Sorry folks, bit of a close one there. I guess tower didn't want to tell me they had someone taxiing from our runway."


Well this is the wrong thread to read while I wait to get on my flight.

The plane has now been confirmed to have crashed. There are expected to be no survivors.

Just curious, where you do watch the bbc news feed? Do you use twitter? or youre watching BCC on television maybe?

VFR and they didn't see? I've been controlled in to the flight path of another plane over Jacksonville but we both heard it and corrected tower.

Nothing below this line on this thread is worth reading.

What the fuck is wrong with people here? A regular civilian flight crashed, possibly killing everyone on board, and some idiots in this thread are already spinning the story as if it's some sort of political assassination. Are redditors really that brainwashed?

Does Russia not have control Towers? How does this even happen?

I'm from Russia and it is so strange reading all these jokes about Putin and even some worse things. When something bad happens in USA I always feel sorry. Do all of you hate Russia so much or what? Idk maybe it's stupid but I'm really surprised.

rip, I'll always remember you

Statistically, it is safer than driving or bicycling or taking a train. Of course, knowing this probably won't relieve your fears, but it might help you overpower them.

Here is the flight data chart



I'm not a huge fan of flying and I hear that statistic relatively often. The problem for me is the lack of control in flying. I have to place my life in the hands of someone I don't know, can't see, and have no idea (beyond the basic aerodynamics of flight) what's going on. And yes, I'm also not particularly fond of being a passenger in a car either...

Edit: you need two parenthesis for an aside to make sense, turns out.

Additional Edit: To everyone that pointed out that you still don't have control over the other people on the road when you're driving... You're right to a point. However, among other things, I'm a defensive driving instructor and through a variety of learned skills (which all really boil down to situational awareness and space cushion driving) you can reasonably expect to avoid most traffic incidents.

Shit. As someone afraid of flying, this is awful. RIP :(

Their app is pretty good. You can watch live news there as well

Remember that one time /u/Byoobsincalifornia said

Well this is the wrong thread to read while I wait to get on my flight.

right before landing

I mean, yeah. Obviously.

They denied it by saying they don't have helicopters. Which they clearly do.

I think you only need to pinky promise you have a UK TV license. Only selected content are region locked, such as sporting events.

Yeah seems like it was just 11 minutes ago

Most crashes happen soon after takeoff and right before landing, so it's not that unusual. Something went wrong the moment they went up.

Don't worry about them, the ones who hates are usually more vocal than those who loves.

I think you only need to pinky promise you have a UK TV license.

Is nothing sacred anymore!?

Interfax already reports some bodies found. RIP.

The Russian postal service have denied those claims,

You warned me

Seeing a flight tracker reporting it like that is really chilling to me :(

It doesn't say "crashed" or anything as blunt as that... It just perpetually says "Estimated 6:23".

The lack of control is what makes it scarier for me too but remember that you can't control the hundreds, maybe thousands of drivers that you encounter every day.

Are redditors really that brainwashed?

Only the assholes who can't feel anything outside their own bubble.

the last drop in altitude is what's scary to me.

the last drop in altitude is what's scary to me.

Dang, it's crazy to actually see the data showing how the plan was still traveling very very fast. You always hear something like the captain correcting or something like that but to see it graphed is shocking.

Please don’t lump all of the Americans together.

I’m sorry for your country, the people and their families that were on that flight.

This American feels compassion for ALL innocent lives lost .

Man, time flies...

I gather from this that I really shouldn't travel in an Antonov An-26...

The year 1546 was probably the safest.

The speed goes up as altitude goes down :(

Can just imagine what their final moments were, terrifying

Sadly, this kind of thing happens in Russia all the time. In 2011, the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl hockey team plane crash was caused by "the crew's erroneous actions, namely the pilot stepping on the brake pedals before raising the nose wheel because of the wrong position of his feet on the pedals during takeoff. It was later revealed that the pilot had used falsified documents to obtain permission to fly the aircraft, and that both officers lacked the training necessary to fly the Yak-42."

The jet vanished from radar screens two minutes after it left Domodedovo Airport.

How is it possible ? Only two minutes.

I find this incredibly sad, and the first thing I felt was extreme sorrow for the loss of lives. There are imbeciles in here, please ignore them. The majority of us feel for you, and hate that this has happened.

I forget who said it, but there's an old quote:

In the mind of the conspiracy theorist, there are no coincidences

It's so fucking true.

No. Not even the first this year.

In the last 12 months:


March 20 – South Supreme Airlines Antonov An-26 crash, an Antonov An-26, crashes on landing at Wau Airport, South Sudan. All 40 passengers and five crew members survive.

March 28 – Peruvian Airlines Flight 112, a Boeing 737-300, is burnt out following the collapse of the landing gear at Francisco Carle Airport, Jauja. All 150 people on board survive.

April 29 – In the 2017 Aerogaviota Antonov An-26 crash, an Antonov An-26 crashes into a mountain whilst on a military charter flight from Gustavo Rizo Airport, Cuba. All 8 on board are killed.

May 27 – Summit Air Flight 409, a Let L-410 operating a cargo flight crashes short of Lukla Airport, Nepal in poor visibility. Two of the three crew members are killed, one of whom dies later in hospital.

July 7 – Air Canada Flight 759, an Airbus A320, nearly lands on a taxiway occupied by four jets at SFO 28R. No one is killed or injured.

September 30 – Air France Flight 66, an Airbus A380, suffers an uncontained engine failure and makes an emergency landing at Goose Bay Airport, Canada. No one is killed or injured.

October 14 – In the 2017 Valan International Antonov An-26 crash, an Antonov An-26 crashes into the sea just short of Abidjan's Félix Houphouët Boigny International Airport, Ivory Coast. Four of the ten occupants are killed.

December 13 – West Wind Aviation Flight 280, an ATR 42-300, crashes shortly after takeoff from Fond-du-Lac Airport, Saskatchewan, Canada. Of the 25 passengers and crew on board, all initially survive, but one passenger dies of his injuries in the hospital 12 days later.

December 31 – In the 2017 Nature Air Cessna 208 Caravan crash, a Cessna 208 Caravan crashes shortly after takeoff from Punta Islita Airport, Costa Rica. All 12 passengers and crew on board are killed.


January 13 – Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622, a Boeing 737-800 skids off the end of the runway at Trabzon Airport, Turkey and comes to rest on a steep hill. All 168 passengers and crew survive and without any injuries.

One person said that.

They denied it by saying they don't have helicopters. Which they clearly do.

You do realize things are changing? These photos are from 2013 - they had their own helicopter at the time. In Khabarovsk. That's 6000km from Moscow, in case you wondering.

Video from the crash site:

Wild speculation on my part though.

I see you are a seasoned redditor.

I got a great BBQ recipe but nvm I guess

The speed seems to drop each time the slope of the altitude graph changes, so it's probably just a result of maneuvering. The ones that don't correspond to a vertical slope change could be horizontal turns.

In general I think it's better to stay away from all Soviet aircraft, but that goes double for 35+ year old Soviet aircraft that may or may not have seen maintenance.

Terrible tragedy. I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone. I hope the families of the survivors those lost get answers and find a way to heal. Politics aside, these are still our fellow human beings.

Edit: I mention politics because don't scroll down.

Not sure that's any better...

Thankfully I don't fly planes, I just fix them, is that better?

Never forget that dude who took a pic of his flight and jokingly said "this is what my plane looks like in case it goes missing" then went missing.

Apparently 65 passengers plus crew.

The good ole illusion of control

I don't like how your username is zerofocus and you fly planes :\

That and the guy flying the plane has a license that took him thousands of hours of classes and flight time to get. How hard is it to get a driving license?

You have to be in the UK though don't you?

Yeah, but you are more likely to survive a car/bicycle/train accident than you are a plane crash.

If you wrap your car around a lamp-post and walk away scratch-free, you still make an insurance claim.

Regarding edit 9: the "right now" sounds like.

Interviewer: Do you have any helicopters? Russia Post: Not any more...

[edit] Commenter's moving numbers around. I'm referring to this:

Edit10: Russian Post denies that they have any helicopters at all right now.

Prejudice is there word your are looking for.

That’s terrible for everyone on board and their families, regardless of the cause. But I gotta say, that’s not a fun notification to get right before you board a plane to fly home...

I vividly remember an air traffic controller once asking a FedEx pilot if he could meet an altitude restriction that required him to do about 4500ft/min. His exact quote was "sure thing, center. packages don't scream".

source: I was an ATC trainee


Yeah, but you're orders of magnitude less likely to have a crash in the first place while in a plane.

To put it simply, if you travel from Point A to Point B in a car/train you are more likely to be killed or injured than if you travel from Point A to Point B in a plane.

I’m pretty sure that means it broke up at altitude, which is never a good sign.

flying most probably

a helicopter flying at 7000 ft in Russian winter? I know it possible but isn't that near the top of almost any helicopter's ceiling? And shouldn't someone be missing a helicopter? There is no way this is a private helicopter flying at 7000 unless its a Russian oligarch, so some business or agency should be short one helicopter...why no word from them? I assume everyone with a helicopter fleet in russia is doing an inventory right now so maybe that will solve the mystery.

I know you can read better than that. They denied it by saying they don't have helicopters in that area. Posting pictures of helicopters from Google does not dispute that.

There are literally no politics to put aside. Politics concern a country's government, not their people. I hope swift closure can bring the families of the deceased some comfort.

Seeing as everyone knew that the plane was missing immediately, but nobody knew about the helicopter and the fact that it was in the area (and I didn't spot it on FlightRadar24), I bet the helicopter broke more rules than anyone else.

Wild speculation on my part though.

What the fuck is wrong with people here? A regular civilian flight crashed, possibly killing everyone on board, and some idiots in this thread are already spinning the story as if it's some sort of political assassination. Are redditors really that brainwashed?

You think that's bad? That's what Russian Government did when they shot down MH17. That's not just fucktards behind a keyboard, that's the planned acts of a country that kills hundreds of civilians from all over the world and hasn't got the balls to admit they fucked up. They not only spread the most sickening retarded conspiracies, they fucked with the evidence and deny their war crime - there's no justice in Putin's Russia. Makes their previous plane crashes even more suspicious, and there are many.

Let me premise this that I am not an aviation expert.

Slightly concerning the wreckage isn't in a concentrated area.  Also the altitude of the plane just seems to plunge over a short period of time according to flight24

Edit: Possible collision with a Helicopter.

Let me premise this that I am not an aviation expert.

Slightly concerning the wreckage isn't in a concentrated area.

Edit: Possible collision with a Helicopter.

For real. I even scrolled down to check, but sure enough, was not worth.

Wonder how that guy's doing these days?

Take off and landing are the most dangerous stages of a flight so that isn't a surprise. On take off its usually mechanical failure or badly stowed cargo.

They have pretty good live text feeds on their news website

I would rather walk than fly on a Russian built or maintained plane or with a Russian flight crew. Maybe that's racist, but I value my life.

I think "cross my heart and hope to die" is still up there.

That decent rate is far from "almost vertically", it's more like a slight tilt. But the latest news shows that it may have disintegrated in the air from a helicopter and the data is meaningless anyway.

I struggle a lot with these concepts. As an airline mechanic, I have worked on planes from various countries. Some of them just aren't held to the same safety standards as ours are in US. I don't suggest the people are inferior, but the system that's supposed to keep aviation safe is not a person. It's a huge complex set of regulations and oversight created by that country's government. And in some countries that system and industry culture is underfunded and demonstrably less safe.

In another example, you might avoid surgery in a really poor country because of the increased risks. You might not trust the medical staff there because the education, training programs, and industry culture are tied up in that increased risk. Of course when a pilot or a doctor from a country with a less effective safety oversight systems moves and becomes certified in a place with a more robust safety system, your trust for them should change.

yeah, that's crazy. I'm sure in every flight that's ever crashed, there's been someone on board who was afraid of flying/crashing. Just shit luck

and you can find the blackbox reconstruction on YouTube of this

But with good reason. Go look at Wikipedia's list of fatal passenger flights. So many of them are Russian pilot fuck ups.

My favorite is Aeroflot flight 593, the Russian pilot actually brought his young children into the cockpit to let them pretend to fly the plane while it was on autopilot. So not only was there that level of unprofessionalism on a commercial flight, and keep in mind this was 1994 and not the 70s, but they were not familiar enough with the plane to know that pushing the wheel so far turns off the autopilot. Which the kid immediately did.

Suddenly the pilots realized that the plane was banking. Really really hard. What resulted, , is the most nightmarish descent of all time. The plane banks almost completely vertical, and then as the pilots try to gain control but fail, and the plane just looks like a toy, at points nosediving backwards, being completely upside down, diving straight up, doing a front flip, and spinning out of control all while stalled and rapidly falling.

And the bitch of it is, the plane would have corrected itself on several occasions if they'd just let go of the damn stick. But they were trying to pull it out of spins and dives, and overcorrected, which just put them info more spins and dives in the other direction. The correct thing to do was let the plane right itself, but they did not know this. 75 people died in terror because their actions.

And this is why I will never never never fly Aeroflot.

edit: technical clarifications

The Canadians have been having a bit of a bad spell with ATC at the moment. There have been a few incidents of Air Canada planes disregarding ATC instructions by the US recently

How about "swear on me nan's grave"?

I think ‘swear on my mums life’ is still honoured too

Age 7.8 Years

UPD1 Video from the crash site:

The speed and altitude graph for flight #6W703 show a descent from 6200 feet to 3200 feet during the last minute before the ADS-B signal was lost about 20 km south-east of Domodedovo Airport.


Mchs Russian emergency service tells TASS no helicopter parts at Saratov airlines crash site; no signs of mid air collision as initially rumoured.

I woke up and my power was out because someone crashed into a tree in my neighborhood. I have to get ready for work in the dark, and this:

a) makes me feel like my problems are so small

b) makes my day just a bit gloomier bc plane crashes are tragic.

RIP to everyone on board.

Why is the speed line all fucky? Engine problems?

I was watching my BBC news feed and it basically went from "Plane missing" to "plane has crashed, there are no expected survivors" in a few seconds (on my feed anyway).

Planes don't fail often, but when they fail they fail

Another article said there were 71 people on board.

UK, The kings of queuing, would be most definitely be more strict about queuing.