Russian Hackers May Be Preparing Another Major U.S. Attack

Russian Hackers May Be Preparing Another Major U.S. Attack

Why wouldn't they? It worked so well the last time and there were 0 consequences, why mess up a good thing?

Side note: January 29th is the next deadline to announce the Russian sanctions that the house voted 418-3 for, and the senate voted 98-2 for, and Trump signed for. I fully expect to not hear any official announcement of any progress on that front.

They never stopped.

What consequences occur if they don't meet the Jan 29th deadline?

They furrow brows and move the deadline back another 3 months?

Preparing? I'm sure "Operation Shithole" is well underway.

How is this not an act of war? Why are we not treating state-sponsored hacking the same as an attack on our land?

Preparing? They haven't stopped. You can experience it all over social media.

I don't know. They missed the first deadline by just over 3 weeks, and I can't find any consequences for that. A few representatives furrowed their brows (no points for guessing McCain, but yes he was one of them) once the deadline passed, but no repercussions for missing it as far as I can see.

At best, it would be another verbal slap on the wrist with maybe a month delay and then some weak as shit sanctions are enacted. Still though, maybe I'll be wrong. I'll see pretty soon I guess.

I know a recruiter that can get you enlisted. Until you volunteer to be on the front line, stop that war talk.

MAD would essentially end both countries, even if it's only a few missiles.

NO. SHIT. And this administration doesn't want to do anything about it because Russian hackers helped them take power in 2016. We shouldn't stand by idly and watch this happen again.

Russia, if you are listening, you are going to get FUCKED when (not if) sane people take back control of the US. We aren't going to forget this. I think our future leaders will be rewarded mightily for taking drastic action against you.

'Cause old people don't understand computers. They're too busy looking for all the Dems that are coming for their guns and unborn babies.

Russia is moving its assets away from the sanction targets, so eventually there will be a point where imposing sanctions to score political points won't make Russia upset with them.