Russian hackers found to be targeting US military contractors.

Russian hackers found to be targeting US military contractors.

Cue the Rus trolls to tell us how this is really no big deal, everyone does it, and Western democracies are no better than kleptocratic dictatorships.

Edit: And they're here.

The trolls' strategy is to use high-volume, low quality disinformation to confuse and falsely equate all nations, information sources, and politicians as corrupt and deceptive as Russia is as a means to negate their country's own hostile conduct.

Projecting onto enemies to negate liabilities is a classic element of Russian propaganda. This isn't much different than when Russian responded to concerns about Chernobyl with a list of everything wrong with 3 mile island. But realize whataboutism is not simply a defensive response to a particular charge. It's a long-term strategy that aims to instill its target with hyper-cynical beliefs that reject any expectation of truth or virtue.

This is the same strategy Putin uses domestically to convince the Russian populace there’s no hope for change. That way Russians are defeated in their mind before they can take to the streets. If they ever realized how they’re being robbed and stood up for themselves, Russia could have the GDP per capita of any Western nation.

Try mentioning how these aren't hackers, they're government funded operatives actively engaging in espionage and they certainly won't have any of that.

Because these are foreign intelligence agents, paid for by a government, actively attacking other nations.

NOT trolls.

When there are no consequences why hide it?

The Russian Government doesn't seem very good at this espionage shit as of late.

Some of the trolls are paid disinformation agents as well.

Be patient, the_donald has been brigading this sub badly lately so it's only a matter of time before they target this post.

The irony being that T_D and Republicans are willing to turn a blind eye to national security issues and foreign interference and espionage against America when it protects their politicians. National Security party my ass. They're tougher on Americans that they don't like than they are on foreign governments.

Literally the top on sorted by controversial.

“This is news? Everybody targets them cause that’s where the military secrets are.”

We can sanction North Korea but not Russia. What a shit show.

Ugh, you're right 🙃

We've tried, several times in fact. But the Cheeto in Chief refuses to sign off them for some reason.

Edit: Apparently he did sign them, but refuses to actually implement them in any way that would be useful... Why does that make so much sense?

We're at war, essentially. This is just the beginning, and nothing is being done (that we know of).

I mean, they're half right. The targeting itself isn't really news. Anybody who's worked as a defense contractor or with sensitive+ material had to go through a bunch of training on defensive habits like email best practices, how to compartmentalize PII, hiding your lanyard when you step out of the office, having a god damn panic attack if you see a red sticker without a babysitter, etc. We basically assume every country is trying to steal our secrets because, well, they are.

What's going to be news about this story is what was stolen as well as how easily vulnerabilities were found and exploited. For example, the 40% phishing success is kind of atrocious and indicates we need to really step up some of our training.

Let me guess, it's just the poltergeist of Seth Rich, right GOPniks?

How much ya wanna bet one of the things covered was which American companies were working on what projects.

How in the hell did they elect this fucker?

Republicans, Democrats, and even Trump appointees like Pompeo, McMaster, Tillerson, and Haley all agree that Russia interfered in our election.

The only people ignoring that reality are Putin and Trump supporters.

Cyber warfare. Or as the great science fiction author Philip K Dick called it; digimon

Russian hackers found to be targeting everything. Hope we are actively targeting them.

Well that took long

Heres a playbook. The strategy starts on text-page 17.

Edit: Excript- "In the context of the USA, most of these nasty things are done to America by Americans . . . with the IDEOLOGICAL help of the Communist subverters. Most of the actions are overt, legitimate, and easily identifiable. The only trouble is — they are "stretched in time". In other words, the process of subversion is such a long-term process that an average individual, due to the short time-span of his historical memory, is unable to perceive the process of subversion as a CONSISTENT and willful effort. That is exactly how it is intended to be: like the small hand of your watch. You know it moves, but you CAN NOT SEE it moving. "

Useless Russian troll

I also can't help but notice the similarities between the tactics that Russia uses and that which Trump and his allies use.

I suspect that, in the next year or so, we'll see the right-wing media starting pushing narratives like anyone would have tried to stop an investigation which might have indicted them if they had the power to do so or like money laundering is a victimless crime and that the Clinton Foundation is guilty of much much worse [without specifying what it is].

They worry that they might have to admit winning because of Russia. Because without Russia, today's GOP is nothing.

I'm sorry, are you referring to the reality where we're in the middle of an obvious cyber war with Russia, or the "alternative" one where the intelligence, military, and law enforcement communities are all wrong about Russia and trolls on 4chan are right?

this way they get americans vehemently defending them, or vehemently denying they do it no matter how blatant it is

that's way more beneficial to them than being secretive

"That we know of" is a great point that a lot of people miss. Being in the defense industry and having to monitor these threats and report on them to management has given me quite a perspective on how different nation states act. I can promise you the US government is engaging in similar tactics but at a hushed level due to mainstream media. We are at war with multiple actors, but the scale isn't something a regular citizen could calculate.

Russia has never been in NATO. They've actually viewed NATO as a threat to their power, and want it disbanded.

Nothing going on here. No sanctions needed. ( forgot the /s)

It's intentionally obvious. They are mocking us.

Personal accounts can convey snippets of classified information, whether through carelessness or expediency. They also can lead to other more valuable targets or carry embarrassing personal details that can be used for blackmail or to recruit spies.

That has been the bane of people with responsibility using the email.

Even if the US and Russia conducted themselves the same, which they don't, the US is a democracy and our home. Russia is a dictatorship and a hostile state. This isn't a hard distinction for people who care about the US and reality.

T_D shills and bots have done a good job convincing both political sides that the T_D view is the mainstream republican view.

Roy Moore almost won.

Donald Trump is racist.

Mitch McConnell stole a supreme court seat.

North Carolina was found to be gerrymandering based on race.

There is a literal unapologetic Nazi running unopposed for the republican nomination for congress.

T_D is republican mainstream.

"So what this guy tried to rob the bank? Everyone does! That's where the money is, after all"

Member when we had a president that imposed sanctions on Russia. That was cool. I miss having a president with balls.

In all likelihood spacex isn't given details on the payload. They probably are told how it will connect to the rocket, weight, and maybe dimensions. Anything classified about its operation would be kept separate.

Ah yes, Boing. The close competitor to Bing!

They're not sending their best

T_D shills and bots have done a good job convincing both political sides that the T_D view is the mainstream republican view.

This is straight up Soviet propaganda and info warfare and it's working.

Both sides are blaming the other side instead of uniting and blaming Russia.

Their dudes russia pays to fuck with people and computers gotcha.

Wonder if SpaceX has been targeted yet. The amount of new military satellites those rockets could put up in the sky is something spies will go for to get information on how it works

no, you're dumb if you come to a thread about russian hacking and try to talk about anything but.

No. What I'm saying is that you're justifying what Russia does by using the " oh well they're doing it too" argument.

Do you believe you'll win anyone over with your comment? I didn't think so either.

If you look at his comment history you can see he's not a russian troll. He's just using what Trump taught him and playing the whataboutism card. Which doesn't make this any better, but we might have a glimmer of hope that he can one day think for himself.

I'd wager Putin ordered it, so he's not ignoring it so much as trolling.

As /u/KingKooooZ he did sign off on them but has refused to implement them. That's a big problem because it's pretty unprecedented for a president to sign a bill but then completely refuse to enforce them.

Almost like they want us to know. Wonder why that would be.

TL;DR: China tries to get economic gaining advantage, Russia intents to disrupt democratic process.

Chinas spying is motivated by it being for beneficial for China. Russian spying is about harming everyone who isn't Russia. There is big difference in the doctrine, China does it to give it advantage, Russia doesn't give a flying fuck about anything else than it being disadvantageous to their perceived and largely imaginary adversaries. Around the mid-naughties, it was a real chance that Russia was being accepted as a civilized nation among all others also in Europe and they threw it all away and invented an enemy just so that Putin can keep the power he has. It is as simple as that, their goals are totally different. Also in China, it does not matter who is the main guy, in Russia there is only one choice. And that choice is presented as the strong man who can make Russia great again and is banking on generations long self-confidence issues as a nation: it is the largest yet appear to be so, so fragile and weak at times. Russian don't think Russians are good enough at ruling over Russians so they need an Exceptional Individual, a strong man and that strong man is at the moment going to do ANYTHING to maintain his grip.

Trump is working hard to protect America from illegals, what about the real enemy, Russia? What has he done to protect us from another attack? (Crickets) White House: Trump has not signed Russian sanctions Yeah he really wants to protect America. /s

No, America isn't necessarily better than everyone else, but it's sure a hell of a lot better than Russia right now!

Nice try.

When your own victims claim it didn't happen, why hide it?

This entire comment section is loaded with divisive comments that redirect your attention from "Russian hackers" to "politics you don't like".

Trump, "The Donald", Republicans. Etc.

How many of these people who "totally make sense in what they say" are enemy agents? Some are almost certainly not who they pretend to be and the intent is to fuck your country so why do you listen to any of them? If they're not enemy agents they're literally doing the work of enemy agents.

Da, you are right comrade. This is to be expected and we should do nothing and ignore it.

How many can you name?

We don't need to sanction Russia right now, weren't you listening? /s

I have a family member that works for defence contracts with Boing. They say that they get constant logging attempts from (usually) Chinese locations constantly. Apparently it's rooms of people just trying to hack into one single system over and over until they breach something.

Also it's scary to note that Boing loses like 3 secure laptops every day.

Shit, didn’t you know questioning the Republicans or Trump, let alone not clapping, is un-American and treasonous?

Russia reign supreme.

Lets not forget Russia is simply a national front for a group of thug oligarchs. Their leaders don't give a flying fuck about Russian people. Russian law is whatever the oligarchs want at that moment. When we talk about Russia wanting to destabilize the US so they can fill in a vacuum, they're not doing it to benefit the Russian people or even the nation. This is solely for a select few oligarchs who call themselves Russian to further their power and riches.

Russia is nothing more than a safe-haven for oligarchs, and some people happen to be allowed to live there.

Russian and Chinese state sponsored cyberattacks are happening 24/7/365. This is not hyperbole, this is proven fact. Source: Work in cybersecurity.

Cue the Rus trolls to tell us

Not just trolls, though and not just Russians. Best lies are tied in with facts after all.

how this is really no big deal

This part is the big lie. It should be a big deal. Not necessarily something you want touted with a megaphone, but rather something you are aware of and make sure your contractors meet high standards of IT security to mitigate the problem.

everyone does it

Quite true. Stating otherwise would be willful ignorance.

Western democracies are no better than kleptocratic dictatorships.

Another major lie. Some things are sadly facts of life and in modern world, pervasive spy networks are one of those things. However, somehow using this to claim that western democracies are no better than Russia is false equivalence. To use a bit of hyperbole, it's like pointing out that "you guys drink water, murderers drink water, thus everyone is as bad as murderers!"

Now hold the fuck on, we don’t know if Saint Rich the First has been contacting us, we need to wait for our LORD and SAVIOR Alex Jones to confirm this in one of his rage rants.

I'm in the Pharma industry and our IT department sends me a damn phishing test every week. Almost got me one time, I had just ordered some software through our internal ordering system and I got a generic email telling me 'Your order is ready for download'. I'm not sure if they specifically targetted me with that one because of my order or if it was just a spectacular coincidence but if I'm almost falling for it with a background in IT, you can be damn sure Timothy the SR Manager (who has a PHD but can't work his email) is going to fall for it.

Get a grip. If the US were a dictatorship sites like this would be offline immediately. If Trump was actually a fascist, the admins would have been executed as well.

"BLM, Alt-right"

Good job sticking those so close together. Extra rubles for you.

Yeah. One who could think without a foreign enemy's hand up his puppet ass.

The russians and trump troll bots are brigading this section harrrrrrd.

Im not shocked, but its great to see Reddit's anti brigading tools at work along with the mods helping stem the tide of #fakenews.

Watabout watabout watabout

Ah yes, the ol' everyone does it so we shouldn't be mad defense.

Good thing Donald is neglecting his duty as President by not implementing the new sanctions because just the threat of them is "deterring"

Well the problem is that signs point to team Trump working with the people attacking us here. Russian attempts to steal our military secrets has a direct line to to White House, or so the narrative on the left goes. This is why conflicts of interest are so damaging.


It is a fairly obvious target. Humans are the weak link in pretty much any optimally functioning system.

They should learn from 4chan and use 7 proxies while browsing in incognito mode!

Well he eventually signed, then delayed every step the white house needed to take to implement them as long as possible, then released a statement literally saying the targets already lost enough money and more sanctions are not necessary so we're not doing it.

Boils down to the same outcome but someone would come along and act like you're wrong with a link to him signing them and leave out how they still aren't going to do it.

you've made me laugh.


Why hack when Trump would willingly tell the contractors to just hand it over?

Cue the Russian bots to distract and confuse, nice try

I'm not talking votes, I'm talking intensity.

You can find news clips of Trumpers being interviewed saying things like "I wouldn't feel like this for anyone except Trump or Jesus."

That's not tongue-in-cheek.

To his cultists, he truly is the God Emperor. He's not a man, he's their Messiah, their salvation, their Lord. They don't support, they worship.

“Says the entire world, in knowing unison”

its the same shit they did in Ukraine when they invaded

Very good comr--er... Patriot!

But some, I assume, are good people...

well think about it this way:

CIA is a US government organization paid by the US Govt to propagate and pursue US interests abroad. You know those bananas you've eaten recently? You can only eat them cheaply because the CIA launched a coup in Guatemala to protect American fruit company interests in that country so fruit prices stay cheap for us. I know, it's a bitter truth to behold, but they are working for US interests.

RT is a state sponsored media by the Russian Govt to undermine US citizen's trust in their government further and also undermine US hegemony. They want nothing more than to see the US fall and Russia reign supreme.

SECRET stickers are red and the secret item need to either be plugged into something or somebody needs to have them in their possession/ line of sight. If you don't, then the media is unsecured and is a major security violation, possibly grounds to revoke your clearance if you fuck up enough.

Not saying this is untrue, but phrasing maybe....Russia is the world's biggest producer of oil, 2nd in natural gas, 5th in iron ore, 5th in steel, 5th in Uranium, etc....

Despite the huge amounts of uninhabitable Taiga they are already among the world's biggest producers of a ton of raw materials.

Wealth consolidation is the biggest obstacle to being a bigger economy, the old communist system of institutional corruption has been slowly reinstated under Putin.

I don't even get it. He's an old fat slob that happens to be the most dishonest person in the world. He's not a strong minded person or anything like that so..

I guess they're just delusional and not very bright.

Nationalism is a mental illness. The good news is other developed countries can watch the US fail and inoculate themselves accordingly.

We've been periodically at war with Russia in one form or another since the Russian revolution. Putin just wants to play up conflict with the west as it strengthens his position at home.

We are at war with multiple actors, but the scale isn't something a regular citizen could calculate.

(TS) Has China paid us back the $6 billion dollars they cost us from making us swap out every last piece of infrastructure from them owning the US Postal Service back in 2014 with very sophisticated and comprehensive malware that we didn't discover until it was too late? Are we also charging them interest on that amount?

Yep, China actually owned the Postal Service, and everything was swapped out and reconfigured in a single weekend 2 months before the hack was announced by very talented hardworking people. Lots of equipment shipments that were destined for many different companies were redirected to postal sites, and as a result those companies didn't get their equipment on time. If anyone is still scratching their heads on how large shipments of equipment got "lost or misdirected": they didn't get lost, they were redirected in transit compliments of Uncle Sam to replace everything (and I mean everything) that made up USPS's infrastructure.

Refusing to impliment the sanctions sounds almost like passively giving them aide... or even comfort.