Russia tried to use computer game footage to prove that the U.S. is helping ISIS

Russia tried to use computer game footage to prove that the U.S. is helping ISIS
Russia tried to use computer game footage to prove that the U.S. is helping ISIS

I bet they even pirated the game.

I wonder if they used Death Star footage to fund their space program.

It would be funny if they weren't even using modern day games with photorealistic graphics. It's like a footage from the N64 Golden Eye of Oddjob and James Bond shooting at Zukovsky

Nah its a free app, ac-130 gunship simulator, its from an image in the app description.

Edit: more video evidence!

The footage
Photographic proof that UK spy's are killing Russian scientists.

Photographic proof that UK spy's are killing Russian scientists.

they exposed themselves as criminals in trying to fake another event. truly tragic this time

If you've ever seen real footage of things like that, you'd easily realize how INCREDIBLY fake that looks.

omg... a free app hahahahahahahah

LOL what dumbasses, they even left the "Development footage" text on the video. It's nice to see other countries' governements embarrass themselves for once, especially when it's Russia fucking up their own propaganda.

Don't forget that their troops found proof of Americans supplying stingers to Ukraine which turned out to be modelled after the ones from Battlefield 3.

More scarily, they coulda just used footage from call of duty modern warfare, which manages to much more accurately resemble actual camera footage.

I was expecting a cod game or something but this is better

Also, you know, doesn't look like a bunch of geometrical shapes in black and white.

Even North Korea went for the Call of Duty footage.

Funny thing is, the mission in Cod4, is based off a real mission flown in Afghanistan, which has a video too. I'll try to find it.

If you've ever played the mission Death From Above in Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare, this will seem very familiar....

Edit: here it is (NSFW)

The intent is to give the KGB a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking access to Screenshots.

I remember when al queada in Iraq released a photo of a GI Joe doll and claimed it was a captured American soldier.

No fair! Russia declared slappers only in the Resolution of N(ineteen)64.

How long until this thread is flooded with "Well X does it too!" and other various whataboutisms and methods to derail the point that Russian media is basically completely fake?

Thanks for posting that, it's little things like this that made the old COD games so much better. Almost all of them used to feature a decently high degree of historical accuracy or in the case of Modern Warfare they used real events superimposed within a fictional campaign. I still miss reading those quotes they'd put on the screen when you died, reminded the player that war is real and real people lived and died fighting in them.

They're good at that, the Russian embassy in the UK pulled a similar stunt regarding chemical weapons in Syria last yea...

They tried, but EA asked for 5,000,000 credits to unlock the footage.

And ISIS with GTA 5

xXmockeryXx is one of the better uploaders

A: 10

V: 10

pls seed guys c'mon

Russia just has an iron grip on the internet conspiracy community and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

At the end of the table sat one of the country’s most famous political TV presenters. He is small and speaks fast, with a smoky voice: We all know there will be no real politics. But we still have to give our viewers the sense something is happening. They need to be kept entertained. So what should we play with? Shall we attack oligarchs? [He continued,] Who’s the enemy this week? Politics has got to feel like . . . like a movie! The first thing the President had done when he came to power in 2000 was to seize control of television. It was television through which the Kremlin decided which politicians it would “allow” as its puppet-opposition, what the country’s history and fears and consciousness should be. And the new Kremlin won’t make the same mistake the old Soviet Union did: it will never let TV become dull. The task is to synthesize Soviet control with Western entertainment. Twenty-first-century Ostankino mixes show business and propaganda, ratings with authoritarianism. And at the center of the great show is the President himself, created from a no one, a gray fuzz via the power of television, so that he morphs as rapidly as a performance artist among his roles of soldier, lover, bare-chested hunter, businessman, spy, tsar, superman. “The news is the incense by which we bless Putin’s actions, make him the President,” TV producers and political technologists liked to say. Sitting in that smoky room, I had the sense that reality was somehow malleable, that I was with Prosperos who could project any existence they wanted onto post-Soviet Russia. But with every year I worked in Russia, and as the Kremlin became ever more paranoid, Ostankino’s strategies became ever more twisted, the need to incite panic and fear ever more urgent; rationality was tuned out, and Kremlin-friendly cults and hate-mongers were put on prime time to keep the nation entranced, distracted, as ever more foreign hirelings would arrive to help the Kremlin and spread its vision to the world.

There is a "Fire" button in the corner.

It blows my mind that there was never any fucking fallback from any of the russia-ukraine stuff. Like, Russia went and did a ton of bullshit dick moves and then got away with them.

Yo dawg, I heard you liked extensions...

And the big red button that says fire

Hey you’d be amazed what people will believe when they see it online.


Also it doesn't actually matter to the Russian propaganda machine whether what is said is true, or whether it is believed. Its purpose is not to promote an agenda, but to discredit news reporting, desensitise people to the sensational, and keep the population confused and afraid.

That way when strong men make outlandish claims people either cling to them, believing it is the only way out of the maelstrom of chaos, or they think there is no way they can win because no sane person who believe such outlandish claims.

The International Electoral Commission doesn't consider Putin's regime corrupt because they stuff the ballot boxes or fake the results, but because Putin's control and manipulation of the media has the Russian electorate truly believing Putin is the best thing for Russia.

In Soviet Russia, game pirates you.

Really? They used screens from C&C Generals, a game released in 2003, in their propaganda efforts in 2016?

It still blows my mind that the two biggest news stories of spring 2014 were the crashed Malaysian Airlines plane and the Ukrainian unrest and Russian interference and then when summer came the two managed to combine when Russia downed a Malaysian Airlines plane over Ukraine.

It doesn't help that:

The ministry's crop of the image even contained parts of the disclaimer text in the top right-hand corner, presumably left by the developer, which read: “Development footage. This is a work in progress. All content subject to change.” The ministry later deleted the images.

Got another link for that? They want me to turn off Adblock and that ain't happening.

They went full Kim-Jong

Never go full Kim-Jong

Watching the white silhouettes run away from the explosions is fucking terrifying.

I've played this mission and a thousand others like it in CoD but it doesn't phase me at all. However knowing this is real is really sad and scary.

You mean I've had a hostage in the basement for over 30 years and never knew it!

Well, there was "a torrent of mockery" according to the article.

You need Anti Adblock Killer

-- Abraham Lincoln

COD used to be amazing, especially around modern Warfare. Then it got a little worse, piece by piece. Now it is a bit of a parody of itself, but still kinda good. Just not as good.

Although it might be cause I was a teen when MW came out and it had a fucking awesome split screen action. Best COD game to play with friends on a lazy Saturday, trying to block the sun from the screen and yelling at them for peeking.

Doesn't this seem like an obvious ploy to get us to think "silly Russia they can't get anything right." In the midst of the election hacking allegations?

It all just seems too obvious, almost a nonsensical claim, with such poorly faked propaganda? I don't buy that this couldn't be on purpose.

Their GDP dropped in half with the sanctions.


In soviet Russia pirates game you

EDIT: well that didn’t make sense

EDIT 2: in soviet Russia sense makes you

Here's real footage of a US Apache helicopter attacking Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Apparently Putin tried to pass it off to Oliver Stone as Russia's work in Syria.

They didn't even bother to go into the game itself? Seriously? Some lazy propagandist is about to be murdered by "not Putin."

If this was played in a legislature the screen would so far away it could look real. That and I wouldn't expect anyone to bring footage like this into the legislature.

"We have footage of the american midget military slapping scientists to kill them" - russian spokesperson

".... are we really suppos-"

"Print it or you commit suicide"

Photographic proof of George $oro$ paying DNC protestors

Yes. There was a petition that had enough signatures to require a response. The Obama Administration pledged to respond to any petition that had over 25K signatures.

They said no...

Do not believe for a second that this is a genuine attempt by the highest levels of the Russian government to undermine the U.S on the world stage. This seems more like an effort to try and create a narrative that the Kremlin is very technologically primitive. As in "We lack the ability to hack NSA and the CIA. Did you see what happened last time we tried to fool the world?"

They were just passing on footage leaked to them by Chiner.

It's nice to see other countries' governments embarrass themselves for once

After Russia caught in operated state-sponsored doping for four years to dozens of Russian athletes in the build-up to Sochi 2014, i already lost my word about Putin and his government. Nothing is good about this regime.

My favorite was when ISIS released their map showing the extent of the land they claimed and it was a Victoria 2 map they had modded.

Came looking for an EA-bashing reply, leaving satisfied.

I like the guy just standing still next to the truck after it explodes.

Its a "product" aimed primarily at the local market. 90% of russians not only believe it, they crave for this sort of news.

Which is all well and good until sites start using Anti-Anti Adblock Killer Defense software.

Reminds me of when a British outlet used a machinima from the game ARMA and said it was footage of terrorists shooting down a helicopter.

Want more EA bashing comments?

PAY: $4.99

DECLINE: $4.99

this video

Someone posted a few days ago, it's some scary shit.

Their GPD was cut in half by the crash in oil prices. Mid 2014. Coincidentally, that's also when Russia went apeshit, invading Ukraine in late 2014, intervening in Syria in 2015, meddling in elections in 2016.

Everything makes sense if you put Russia's, really Putin's, actions in the context of trying to suppress unrest at home by turning the populous' attention away from a faltering oil economy unto manufactured foreign enemies.

At this point nobody really believes anything that comes from Russia. But they really deserve a golden dick for still believing that anybody believes them.

I like the car that spends like a full minute watching his buddies get exploded before ramming directly into the back of them.

Those were some pretty legit evasive maneuvers.

Who's Kim-Jong? You can't concatenate the family name and half the given name like that :P

Nothing is good about this regime.

The authoritarian rule and assassinations of dissenters didn't tip you off?

same here. what gets me about this is the discussion about drones, tangentally. people say that drone operators get disconnected from the people they kill. i think that's an absurd argument for two reasons, just watching video like this makes me feel bad. those are real humans being ended. secondly, military personnel is trained to be emotionally disconnected from the enemy, or they cannot fight them.

Well, yes and no. Russia got hit with a lot of international sanctions as a result which have continued to hit their economy in pretty brutal ways ever since. I honestly believe that a good 60% of the aggression that Russia has shown towards western democracies since then has been the direct result of attempts to get those sanctions lifted. Trump of course is desperate to lift those sanctions even as the senate passes near-unanimous bills to increase these sanctions which Trump grumpily refuses to enact because ultimately his loyalty lies with Putin and not with the government he swore to serve faithfully.

Obama admin instituted sanctions. You have to work within reasonable boundaries.

Nothing but claymores next session. Stacks and stacks of claymores.

I dunno man, I think they are still bringing innovation to the FPS genre. Can you name any other game before CoD:AW that had interactive coffins? And it even lets you throw Kevin Spacey off a building, so it's only gotten better with age.

It's called 'Non-Linear Warfare' and the Trump platform was based heavily around it. Our media has shifted towards this ever since his election.

The official White House statement on the possibility of constructing a Death Star:

The Administration shares your desire for job creation and a strong national defense, but a Death Star isn't on the horizon. Here are a few reasons:

The construction of the Death Star has been estimated to cost more than $850,000,000,000,000,000. We're working hard to reduce the deficit, not expand it.

The Administration does not support blowing up planets.

Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?

However, look carefully (here's how) and you'll notice something already floating in the sky – that's no Moon, it's a Space Station! Yes, we already have a giant, football field-sized International Space Station in orbit around the Earth that's helping us learn how humans can live and thrive in space for long durations. The Space Station has six astronauts – American, Russian, and Canadian – living in it right now, conducting research, learning how to live and work in space over long periods of time, routinely welcoming visiting spacecraft and repairing onboard garbage mashers, etc. We've also got two robot science labs – one wielding a laser – roving around Mars, looking at whether life ever existed on the Red Planet.

Keep in mind, space is no longer just government-only. Private American companies, through NASA's Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Office (C3PO), are ferrying cargo – and soon, crew – to space for NASA, and are pursuing human missions to the Moon this decade.

Even though the United States doesn't have anything that can do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, we've got two spacecraft leaving the Solar System and we're building a probe that will fly to the exterior layers of the Sun. We are discovering hundreds of new planets in other star systems and building a much more powerful successor to the Hubble Space Telescope that will see back to the early days of the universe.

We don't have a Death Star, but we do have floating robot assistants on the Space Station, a President who knows his way around a light saber and advanced (marshmallow) cannon, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is supporting research on building Luke's arm, floating droids, and quadruped walkers.

We are living in the future! Enjoy it. Or better yet, help build it by pursuing a career in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field. The President has held the first-ever White House science fairs and Astronomy Night on the South Lawn because he knows these domains are critical to our country's future, and to ensuring the United States continues leading the world in doing big things.

If you do pursue a career in a science, technology, engineering or math-related field, the Force will be with us! Remember, the Death Star's power to destroy a planet, or even a whole star system, is insignificant next to the power of the Force.

Paul Shawcross is Chief of the Science and Space Branch at the White House Office of Management and Budget

Using the first civ game to prove that ghandi was a mass murderer...

The main issue here is that this will work where it needs to work for them (i.e., the Middle East), where there are plenty of conspiracy theories of the US and Israel behind ISIS. Russia will use this footage and this news to flood the news feed into these countries causing irreparable public perception damage.

Conspiracy theorists in the Arab world have claimed that ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is in fact an Israeli Mossad agent and actor called Simon Elliot. The rumors claim that NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal this connection. Snowden's lawyer has called the story "a hoax."[16][17][18]

According to the article, it was development footage (it even still had the disclaimer on the image!), so they probably just copied some of the game's press.

I guess we'll need Anti-anti Adblock Killer Defense Destroyer software then.

He did respond though!

rationality was tuned out, and Kremlin-friendly cults and hate-mongers were put on prime time to keep the nation entranced, distracted, as ever more foreign hirelings would arrive to help the Kremlin and spread its vision to the world.

Boy does that ever sound familiar. For some time now it's been obvious that the right-wing media machine's prime function is to isolate and alienate its viewers; to create in them a sense of fear and loathing and hatred and contempt towards any source of information outside of the control of that right-wing talk bubble. Here it seems we see another organization which did so better and then co-opted their American counterpart for their own purposes.

Ignore the top comment, they are wrong. It's a map of the game Victoria 2.

I wish video games would return to this sort of style...

This truly is the arms race of our time

/sub/combatfootage is where to go.

Funker530 is trash. They steal videos, put misleading or straight up false (reupping old taliban videos and claiming they are ISIS) overdramatic titles on them, then monetize them.

What's Russia's deal? They sincerely want to take over the world or what? They're just constantly trying to introduce chaos and nobody seems to care.

It's way to big to explain in reddit comments, but it's worth reading about the Doctrine of Non Linear Warfare, the Foundations of Geopolitics, and "Nothing is true and Everything is Possible".

Wiki has decent summaries of all these. And its not a huge surprise to anyone that having the president of the US in his pocket is a big win, plus weaking NATO and the US helps him expand his sphere of influence and borders.

In libertarian Somalia, pirates game you.

That was an awesome mission back in the day.

It's terrifying to think that ISIS may one day border the country of Austria-Hungary

whose side you're routing for.

I'm a 4G tower and I rout for anyone.

One of Russias favorite propaganda is spreading misinformation that America is helping terrorists. They do it on their state controlled media and use trolls on the internet to spread this misinformation in order to gain advantage in Syria. We see it here on reddit all the time.

I don't know if 90% believes it, but enough will to make it worth it. The news that it's from a game will probably not reach the majority.

Same as all the stupid shit North Korea does. They don't care that the rest of the world knows it's bullshit, as long as the North Koreans buy it.


I like how he didn’t kill the donkey at about 2 minutes in.

That must be absolutely terrifying for those on the ground. That one guy running out down the road must have been shitting his pants, having those explosions go off right behind him, then two in front of him as he dives to the ground. Unlucky he got stuck in the bushes on the side of the road though, or lucky depending on whose side you're routing for.

NPC glitches out of game

As you can see, the enemy has developed cloaking technology.