Russia has begun "full scale invasion" into Ukraine fighting now on two fronts.

Russia has begun "full scale invasion" into Ukraine fighting now on two fronts.
Time to pay up.

From this thread from 5 months ago.


From this thread from 5 months ago.


So is it now 'officially' an invasion? Or do we still need to wait for confirmation from Russia to make an official declaration?

Russia doesnt confirm anything until they succeed. note: Crimea and their rockets during the space race,

Let's just let them have Ukraine so they'll be happy! It's not like they would keep invading other countries...

Russia's handling of this situation makes me think they got advice from Shaggy. No matter how hard the evidence points at you, just say "It wasn't me" and stick with it. Just keep denying, even if they have you on camera. Putin says it wasn't me.

In the meantime, a story being completely disregarded is that the German authorities have approved the sale of a German major player in the oil and gas industry - RWE - to a group of Russian investors for EUR 5.1bn

Although this is a fairly substantial transaction, it would not be particularly interesting, had it not been for the fact that RWE is by far the largest reverse exporter of gas to Ukraine (this is Russian gas, sold to European countries, which then gets resold back to Ukraine).

the sale now means that Russia controls the entire vertical supply chain of gas and can effectively leave Ukraine without any gas (read electricity, read warmth) for the coming winter.


This is BY FAR AND AWAY a much larger signal of intent than a one-sided news story, which OP really is

edit: formatting edit: as pointed out below, it is the subsidiary of the company - DEA, which is being sold. This subsidiary is however specifically the one doing the re-exporting of gas

It's work out great in 1938, remember?

Err.. close..

You're not a terrorist until you're targeted by the US in some way.

As a Ukrainian.... ah shit who am I kidding, we read like 20 articles a day about Russia, war, terrorists and casualties. And since no one in the whole world gives a fuck, why should we? Yeah, they can conquer us any day they want now and everyone would just say this is bad and wrong at UN meetings.

I hope it's gonna be somewhat ok and I don't wanna die :(

Edit: wow this got big. So many people inviting and offering place to live and even jobs, this is so touching. Thank you all.

nicely done, 3 comments deep and its already americas fault somehow. enjoy the easy karma!

Im a bit anxious about Russia TBH. I live in Finland and Russia has "accidentally" entered our airspace 3 times this week

EDIT1: Russia has violated our airspace 5 times now in the span of a few months.

EDIT2: Heres an article discussing this:

Russian soldiers fighting are supposedly on vacation...? lol who the hell is authorized to bring a damn tank on "vacation".

Yeah, clearly if there's anything Russia needs, it's a little bit more land.

Poor russians are lost again and are fighting way back to mother russia.

They didnt admit Crimea until it was over

Oh, the karma counterjerk, well played.

Is this surprising?

"Russians on the boarder"

"Russians seens moving [insert place name]"

"Russians seem to be amassing large numbers at this location"

"Russia denies invading"

Russia is fucking invading..

The train stops here.

The Russian media continues to report about "brave rebels fighting the fascist junta" in Ukraine. How ironic, then, that my own country, who once defeated the Germans, has now cast a new shadow of real fascism over Europe. I have to say, it doesn't feel good to be in this role. It feels really, really shit :(

coming from someone that was in the Bosnian war, leave early dont wait too late !

edit : The only reason im stil alive was because my dad left a couple of hours before the town was ransacked (Visegrad, Bosnia Herzegovina), the people that believed what was being said on tv, which was that women and children weren't going to be attacked were all killed. On a side not im not trying to start an argument im just stating facts. Lesson is leave as early as possible and don't trust whats being said on the news.

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Definitely. Cause when a world war starts, Poland is where you want to be.

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Yep, apparently you're not a terrorist until you target the US in some way.

Start brewing your molotov cocktails.

Living space

Stalling for time? Or time for Stalin!

Lativia, Lithuania, Estonia, attempted to take Finland. Not to mention everything they took after WW2.


Why would they need more than one? This is Finland we're talking about.

Replying and upvoting for visibility. That was a binding internet contract, we all read it. He must face justice.

Russia probably make official statement after taking Prague or Warsaw.


Start training your snipers.

That's a weird conclusion to leap to. To what extent is the Russian military using terror tactics? "Terrorism" is not even always easy to define, so I can understand why some people would hesitate to use the word to describe the actions of a military that's operating under the authority of a nation's government. In any case I don't think this has anything to do with whether or not you're attacking the US.

Well, shit.

I think it might be a little harder to hide in the woods this time around.

They will never admit an invasion. That is the dangerous part, they will continue until they control strategic areas that will suffice Putin, for instance the whole of East Ukraine with the southern part connected to Crimea. Only then will Putin unlock his XBOX achievements and admit Russia is behind this all.

It worked out fine - Soviets took part of the Poland and were perfectly content with it.

Actually, it's not land they need. They need more diverse people and resources to stay afloat. They need more "investors" (people to tax and resources to take) to continue the ponzi scheme that is their crony infested economy. I mean I got downvote heavily last week for saying Sochi is a shithole, they're either paying people to spread disinformation or their so blinded the citizens actually think they have it better than us. I was told Sochi was better than Salt Lake City, Russia is amazing, and America is creepy and immoral......ya.

If American investors could buy out part of Russia and turn it into a US jurisdiction, it would be worth sooooo much more money. For the amount of resources they have they suck at utilizing them effectively. Though if you know anything about over controlling governments you'd know that they will never use their resources efficiently. Capitalism in certain parts of Russia could make them desirable places to be. Not that that's ever going to happen.

"If these troops got lost and accidentally found themselves in Ukraine as well, they should go back East," the update said.

Fucking comedians, hehe.

"I must decline this trade deal" "But we'd both benefit!?" "You thought I'd forget that time a lone pikeman came within a hundred kilometers if my border?" "That was 2000 years ago!"

Well this picture just got a lot more sinister...

Well just got a lot more sinister...

well it was bound to happen eventually. the fact the Russia has to personally intervene at all should say something. they clearly underestimated the Ukrainian governments ability to function and effectively crush the rebels even with Russia supplying arms, manpower and the occasional artillery bombardment. now they are forced to do their own dirty work.

They should attempt to invade Finland again, so this shit would finally end. I'll be Simo Häyhä II.

Source: a Finn

Australia? He just said he DOESN'T want to die!

Prague and Warsaw have both rejected the control of Russia, and are therefore run by illegitimate fascists. Russia, as a democracy, will have to protect Russian minorities within these territories from fascist persecution.

And, since this is not far from what is actually posted here, I must add /s.

Russia's long term strategy:

Be shitty to its own citizens

Let them immigrate

Have Russian minority in any country worth living in

Liberate them.

A number of reasons for taking Crimea and eastern Ukraine...

Ukraine was not going to join the Eurasian Union (Putin's response to the EU). Ukraine would be the only country in the union that produces anything significant other than natural resources, so is valuable.

Russia likes to have puppet states acting as buffer zones to the rest of the world. Russia lost political control of Ukraine after the Kiev thing at the beginning of the year.

Now that Russia has Crimea it needs land access. This invasion will deliver that.

All of this is making Putin incredibly popular in Russia, despite Russia sliding slowly into recession over the past couple of years and there still being a lack of serious opportunities in Russia for most people, a quarter of a century after communism.


RWE is not being sold - they are selling their subsidiary DEA.

We're waiting for them to make it Facebook official.

I know people won't see this but am I the only one who is EXTREMELY PISSED THE FUCK OFF that I have seen next to NOTHING about Ukraine/Russia on the news ever since Ukraine's riots?? What the fuck. Fuck the media.

I hope not. a future headline reading ' Western allies vs Russia' has a radioactive vibe to it...

Come to Sweden, that's where the shit's at. The people are desperate to handout all their money to refugees and beggars from Romaina, Syria and Iraq, and with the election looming, most parties are trying to outdo one another in how many more they are willing to bring in. 100 000 immigrants this year alone, to a nation of just under 10 million. You'll get free housing, clothing, language tuition and handouts, plus the flag has the same colours which will help you adjust that little bit more.

If and when Putin attacks a NATO member--most likely one of the Baltic States--we will have to intervene. If we don't, NATO and a great many other alliances involving the United States will disintegrate out of distrust, and things are likely to get really hairy after that.

"A likely story."

Yeah fighting their way to mother russia's Crimea, just the pesky Ukrainians happen to be in the way around the Sea of Azov

Yes, i'm sure NATO and UN will be furious, maybe even outraged!

And this is where the smart money is on account abandonment.

But they caught me in Crimea! Wasn't me!

Seriously, there could be letters.

This whole situation makes me think of Sudetenland (northern and western Czechoslovkia) in 1938 by the Nazis. Eerily similar to how the whole world just kinda sat back and said, well, I guess it's not worth going into war yet - those Czechs want to be Germans anyways. The Germans would never attack a democratically elected country so close to Russia and Poland

Looked it up, some dude out benched another dude and someone said "Good job dave man" to him. Then it turned into a saying. I was going to "Let me google that for you" this, but, turned out it wasnt quite so straightforward. Took 30 seconds of reading in a forum.

'Russian seperatists' or 'rebels', it's fucking RUSSIA and their fucking MILITARY how the FUCK has this been debatable for so fucking long.

Putin is smart enough to make it seem like hes not invading even though he totally is.

Do Russian tanks have dash cams?

I'm ready, I've been saving my bottle caps for months

The news only reports on things which are... new. Ukraine fighting rebels on the Eastern border is not new anymore. Gaza is still getting shelled daily but its not new anymore. The NSA are still violating your right to privacy and nothing is being done about it but its not new anymore.

Only new things happen on the news.

Russian here. We're getting reports about military escorted ERs transporting wounded troopers from airports to hospitals in St. Petersburg.

It's war, shit's got real.

I smell a big bag of deleting account unless /u/ delivers. In which case, we all best have gold on hand.

They won't get that far now. I don't think Ukraine has officially declared war yet, but it's only a matter of time. There really is nothing Russia can do to counter this. But I'm curious, what is Putin looking for in denying the invasion. Is it a way of stalling time?

Forget the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS - now we've got the "Dog Shit Eating Challenge for Ukraine Awareness"!

Want to raise awareness about the Ukraine invasion? Nominate your friends (or enemies!) to eat dogshit! Yes together, we can raise awareness and help the Ukraine against Putin!

incoherent mumbling with Jamaican accent

Yep, and 20,000 polish soldiers were marched one by one to a mass grave and shot in the back of the head by Russia during WW2. One of the worst war crimes during that time period. One of the heroes during ww2, I think not.

After the devastation of world war 1, the whole planet thought that you would have to be completely insane to start another world war. No one believed Germany would go that far. People underestimate Russia as well, and they should not.

Edit:a word

Tom Clancy died too early, he didn't get to see the real life adaptation of his works.

Nah. Changing the culture back from Slavic to Germanic would cost too much diplomatic power points.

I agree they are a minority, but are very vocal. What we are seeing at the moment is a huge split (akin to the States' neocon vs progressives divide), whereby the TV-educated, apathetic aggressive rednecks are supporting Putin's actions, while the internet-savvy, reasonable and intelligent part of the population is looking in horror at the events unfolding in their country. And it should be said that there is FAR less support for the regime than the Russian media appears to suggest.

As a sidenote, I have a strong conviction that being in the opposition in Russia should not imply that one is automatically siding with the American establishment. Likewise, the disillusioned youths in the states, who are tired of corporate and media bullshit, mustn't turn to Putin as a "cooler" alternative (something that certain Reddit users are prone to). We are both fucked in the ass by our governments, who are trying to polarise our nations to prevent unrest. We need a new world order, lead by the people, not the media, oligarchs or corporations.

basically, Russians are velociraptors checking for weak spots in the electric fence.

It would be more like, what woods?

it's sad to say but there is not too many people like you. at least it looks like it.

i had "discussion" in other subreddit with "your friend" from Russia and it didn't end well. (i ended as "stupid polish fuck, bitter because poland lost war with russia (what is funny in other way). russia is superb, we have every right to fight for ukraine").

with other one i had at least resonable discussion. we didn't agree, but this is different story.

That's like the military equivalent to a port scan. Have a look what's going on, how the reactions is, probing the defenses, basically.

My understanding is that during the cold war this went on basically everywhere in the world. It's far from nice and friendy, but it's not a looming war, either.

945 bc. Never forgett!

Get ready, Poland: You know the drill.

No, more like stalling sanctions.

"5." Good justification, why the Russian economy is ruined. Putin not guilty, all blame to the bloodthirsty West.

Oh man, He deleted his account.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To be fair, Scotland doesn't share a (rather extensive) border with Russia, and hasn't been invaded by them in the past. Finland is right to be concerned.

Bully will do whatever he want until he got punched in face. Russia get Crimea, create warzone in Europe, openly send troops in Ukraine and still acting like nothing happens.

CNN just said russia may now be trying to link the mainland and Crimea like this

EDIT: I think is story needed more attention, i dont think this is the per usual media ramble on Ukraine.

Pick your source (they are all new and breaking):

Map of situation

CNN just said russia may now be trying to link the mainland and Crimea like this

EDIT: I think is story needed more attention, i dont think this is the per usual media ramble on Ukraine.

Pick your source (they are all new and breaking):

Map of situation

Leave to the Western part of Ukraine. Get as close to Poland as you can.

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If you haven't been hearing about this, it's because your media consumption sucks. There have been nearly daily segments on the NPR news shows and articles in the major newspapers including the Times and the WSJ. Though given that you're the kind of person who writes "PISSED THE FUCK OFF", I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess those aren't really your bag.

Just all the nations capitals for domination victory, America won tech victory by landing on the moon last game.

Yea dude get the fuck out of there, come to Australia, i'll tell Abbot your cool, just don't come on a boat :)

Russia only has 11.46% of the earths land mass, that is 88.54% not enough though.

Picture this, Russia and Ukraine butt-naked, banging on the bathroom floor?