Russell Westbrook Appreciation Thread

Russell Westbrook Appreciation Thread

The guy balled his heart out tonight. Gave it his all. I have never doubted him even once as a fan. I am very grateful that we have him in OKC. Thunder Up !!

Him and Adams were the only ones that gave a fuck

screw getting Russ a sidekick. He has Adams. Surround him with shooters that don’t go 2/16 and talk about fishing and Los Angeles 90% of the time.

my goodness

I believe Abrines did too.. don't know why he was BD didn't want to unleash him...

the broooooooooodie. I'll never stop loving Russell as long as I live man

Its actually funny that everyone gave westbrook shit for taking so many shots he went atomic again and got tired and then threw up some bad 3pters but he did his all, so many times you see him running a pick and roll and everyone is just standing next to their man holding onto each others dicks instead of getting open for a pass and he has to play hero ball... He has to play hero ball because everyone else was bloody useless. I am so glad that i ordered an Adams and a Westbrook jersey this year and skipped on everyone else. Lets just hope that billy D gets the sack.

Dont forget about Grant now!

Westbrook’s effort extends beyond the court. Dude inspires my day to day. I love the effort you put in Brodie!

He’s the only player who can go out and score 46 points and still be the reason a team lost apparently. 🧐

Surround him with shooters

Typical reactionary statements. Remember there wouldn't be a freaking game 6 without PG. And would you mind listing some of these shooters that happen to grow on trees?

He’s the reason I don’t give up. I’m mad as can be right now, but I’m not losing hope.

Thank you Russ. Even though we lost, I love watching you put 100% in. See you next season!

PG had 5 points on 16 shots. Is that better?

Jazz fan here, but Westbrook is my favorite player. When Russ started getting hot in the third my asshole clenched and I got game 5 flashbacks.

Fuck what /sub/nba says, y'all got an MVP who leaves it all on the court.

Raymond Felton with the clutch 3

Die-hard Lakers fan here. Russ is my favorite player since Kobe. Wish Melo wasn't garbage. Really hope Russ wins one someday soon.

I'll take 43 Russ shots over anything PG and Melo put up tonight.

Abrines played 20 min with 0 points. He hustled, but definitely wasn't going to be unleashed on anyone.

I suggest staying of /sub/nba for the next week.

jerian grant with the offensive rebounds down the stretch?

We need to surround him with effective role players

more help in other words? lol

On 43 shots.

paul and melo with the twelv... nvm

Grant was great. I hope we can keep him.

I might stay off /sub/nba until he retires.

honestly i dont like the way PG was playing this game. not that he was missing but the fact he just checked out. how are you going to pass the ball to felton when u can make a play. i honestly feel like we could of kept PG if we did not have melo because his money would of went into someone who could of been helpful like some shooters or a center who is willing to come off the bench and give us atless 10pts with good fg%.

this experiment did not work.

“Why not” show some love for the Brodie?

Have you seen the sub after our loss? I think there were 30 posts just shitting on Westbrook.

At the end of the day, Westbrook wanted it, Adams wanted it, Abrines wanted it, Grant wanted it, Everyone else doesnt even really come to my attention.. Its all good lets see how the next season rolls out at least we have westbrook and hes not the most efficient hes not even the best.. But he makes me happy to watch and the energy he brings makes me love basketball all that much more.

Upvoting b/c I am upvoting all OKC fans right now - let's support each other in our grief - but his defense looks vastly improved, and you're right, he hustled. We needed that.


Happy Russell Westbrook day!

There were several plays where he had Mitchell guarding him with 5 fouls and he showed no aggression whatsoever. He checked out way too much.

Russ goes out swinging at least

Great series with y'all. You guys are legit. Hope you give the Rockets toruble

Don't say other members of the team didn't give a fuck, everyone wanted to win, some had the worst night to have their worst night but every one of these players I will defend. PG still played the other side of the ball well. Hope this post doesn't get misinterpreted, I think Russ tried to do it all for us and almost did it, I just don't want this to be reactionary to players who tried hard all season and showed a commitment to trying to get better and win. Thunder up, one last time homies.

It’s almost like there’s more to basketball than box score stats. He’s not the main reason, but air balling multiple early shot clock 3s, and bricking multiple shots to tie is definitely part of why they lost. You have the contract and mvp, you gotta be better.

It hurts 😭 I will say though, they missed that foul call for PG at the three point line.

I at one point hated Westbrook but absolutely love and respect him now. He is yall's Dirk in a way and I hope your organization and Westbrook (and Adams) get your ring at some point during his career

after 2nd quarter brewer shouldn't have come back in. Abrines and Felton was more than enough to play the 2 Guard and were doing a better job at defending then brewer was. In general I think we played pretty awful today bar russ, felton, adams, grant and abrines

I come in peace. I love slandering Russ and the memes that have him choosing a triple-double over a W. But he's great and he desperately needs help. Not just any type of help. He needs people at the same wavelength. PG is cool with winning and losing too. He's looks like the guy that says 'just a game, whatever'. Melo is...well...Anyways. Russ needs somebody that's as hungry as he is. Imagine a Draymond Green with him. Somebody that plays with as much fire and passion and him. Russ, adams, a dray type, a sharp shooter and roberson. That'd be fun to watch.