Ruler on being booed: “I think it was a worthy experience to me. It was really weird to get booed at some point and also get cheered on later, so I think it was a good experience.”

Ruler on being booed: “I think it was a worthy experience to me. It was really weird to get booed at some point and also get cheered on later, so I think it was a good experience.”
Ruler on being booed: “I think it was a worthy experience to me. It was really weird to get booed...

You mean they weren't emotionally scarred from the crowd booing them? Oh man, that's surprising

Props to Ruler who is a rookie and have no experience in big stages like the Worlds but showing up real strong throughout the tournament

Reddit was more scarred from the booing than the players.

It's just about being respectful. Why is that so hard to understand?

The strawman you kids are climbing up is ridiculous.

No one's pretending that SSG was terribly affected by it, but booing the visiting team is still a shitty thing to do.

Ruler is a rookie? Holy shit

Good change. No one wants to be called Bung, i can already imagine the shit he would've gotten from reddit and Inven.

I like how all these posters are pointing at "real" sports like football and basketball, as if those aren't completely different sports cultures and circumstances.

You boo your in-conference rivals and visitors; the atmosphere in a sporting event is generally more rowdy; the whole thing's in-country, so everyone understands the culture.

You don't boo at worlds. It is very uncommon to boo at Worlds. The sports culture of esports is not the same as your local football game. That the host country's audience decided to boo a team from another country at an international event that is as much about uniting the various regions in competition as it is about challenging each other is dumb.

It's like booing someone at the olympics. Or tennis. Or golf. It's rude, classless, and shows that the people who are moaning about "pansies" or "muh feels" are actually just blind to the differences in etiquette. It leads me to believe that they are rude and commit social faux pas in other areas of their life as well.

The problem isn't that it's offensive. Fuck off with this retarded strawman.

The problem is that it's classless, and reflects poorly on us. Koreans cheered for our teams when we played there in 2014. We did something impolite in return this year. It's classless, and Samsung deserved better, since they're actually a good team.

I think people were feeling embarrassed more than offended

He's the guy who changed his name from Bung earlier in the year

lol you must've not been here when everyone called him wannabe bang.

It's starting to seem like nobody who would actually be in a position to be offended was.

Cept worlds would be equivalent to Olympics. It's being hosted by NA, it's not really a 'home' game. Nobody boos the other countries as they come on in the Olympics.

Have you lived in the real world? You can respect someone ten folds, and still boo them cause your a fan of their oppenent. That mentality has been engrained in sports for a very long time. Why is that so hard to understand?

He probably picked up some new fans in the crowd just from those 3 games

more than half of these comments would be completely different had the crowd boo'd NA/EU teams

Same with cuvee. He manhandled Impact and the rest of C9. I was dying in my seat but at the same time was super impressed by his play. Instead of "Top Die", i'm pretty sure Impact said "Me Die."

The proof is in the pudding, people are gonna be passionate about their sports teams and players are barely fazed by it. Just the same EU "TSM 2016 LUL" trying to find a problem with anything and everything NA. tsm got bood in france remember that

Ya I never understood why League fans are so fragile. You go to a hockey game in your home town (Canucks) and there is booing all the time. C9 is NA of course NA will boo they are passionate about their team. Same argument for being toxic in game, people shouldn't take it so hard it is all because of competitiveness (obvs saying kill yourself is to far). But in hockey they just beat the shit out of eachother on the ice.

Past years in worlds nobody fucking boo'd the teams just because they weren't from the home region. Cheering on your home region and not cheering for a random team is fine, but don't put down the other players. This isn't a normal sport, and these players aren't as old or mature as hokey players. These guys are fresh out of high school most of the time.

Honestly this probably isn't nearly as bad as the shit they read online from people from their own country, but that doesn't mean we should be cool with booing people on stage. It being acceptable in other games doesn't mean we need to follow suit.

Here is the French crowd booing TSM last year

TL:DR Reddit absolutely APPALLED that fans at a sporting event do anything other than polite golf claps

EDIT* Not a big deal then, not one now.

I know right? Playing as the villain is kinda fun.

Everyone else is being offended FOR them ..

Very strange isn't it.

Having been booed by crowds of similar size it really isn't that big of a deal. Especially if you win right after

the shit he would've gotten


I guess a lot of people in esports are very new to seeing a competition live between "Home and away" participants.

That or people just like to be offended and outraged at basically anything these days.

During? It was absolutely silent when SSG were making plays, there was no hype.

I distinctly remember laughing at one point when SSG make a good play and all you heard was one chant from the crowd going "Woo yeah!"

It's a huge disgrace to be booing the other team for no cause. Not even considering the disrespect it shows to SSG, booing reflects badly on every other NA fan. As an NA fan, I am offended they choose to represent us like shit.

Just cz he supports the Broncos does not mean he supports booing.

If Koreans had booed Western teams when we had Worlds there, then you might have a point.

The fact of the matter is that they cheered for all of our teams, and they always cheer for our teams. Everyone cheers for our teams. We have no reason to boo their teams. In this case, we are the odd ones out for booing, and it just makes NA look like a bunch of childish assholes in comparison.

People are comparing league to traditional sports with local teams and home and away games.

Somehow those sports culture should be automatically adopted in a game that punishes toxicity and rewards neato little banners for good behavior. I honestly think they're completely different cultures.

French crowd last year and KR crowd the year before did not boo just because they did not like the teams. The only time I heard a boo at another worlds was when Koo played vs OG, and that wasn't even when they walked onto stage, that was more directed towards monte when he said they would 3-0.

I'd imagine that getting boos is not nearly as bad as reading half the shit they read on inven or reddit, but that doesn't mean we should be booing player the second they get on stage.

edit:koo vs fnc

There was booing at the Olympics and there is plenty of booing at the Ryder Cup, which is golf's version of 'Worlds'.

There's plenty of booing at the World Cup as well. Do you actually watch any of these sporting events?

You said it yourself, traditional sports vs esports. Similarly, I've never seen anyone boo'd in chess or gymnastics.

As far as traditional sports. Unless it's some heated rivalry, I've never heard boos going to Portland Timbers games during introduction.

Crowds are always kinda of funny. During the game when they had the camera over the audience, I saw a sign that a fan was holding that said something along the lines of "Go C9, blow Samsung up like their phones" or something like that. A tad bit savage.

You really don't understand what straw man argument means do you? He didn't use kids as his main point, it's that no one is saying SSG was scared by the booing. While you are focusing on his use of the word kids which has nothing to do with his main point. That my Friend is the exact definition of a straw man argument

Can someone explain to me why people care so much about booing? In all traditional sports you boo the opponent, in which case would be every region besides NA in this tournament. I've never seen a fanbase cheer for a team when they come out onto the field in traditional sports and the NA fanbase cheered for SSG after they won. If someone wants to give me a reasonable answer as to why we're okay with it in traditional sports but hate it in esports then I'm all ears.

Because it usually doesn't happen in LoL tournaments. Esports fans and sports fans don't all overlap. And even across America there are cities that don't boo the away team. Some people are used to booing in sports but it's ridiculous how many people can't understand why others might find booing to be rude

Finally someone fucking gets it. The amount of crying on Reddit about them being booed was actually annoying. It's literally not that big of a deal

The crowd wasn't even angry at all. It was just the normal "boo the away team" thing.

It makes sense when Riot shows a video with an SSG member saying he is going to destroy NA's last chance RIGHT BEFORE they bring them out on stage. Riot purposely painted them as the villain to get the crowd riled up, and it worked. So yeah the crowd boos for the away team and cheers for their last team in the tourney.

It isnt like they were throwing bottles and shit at them. Then when they shit stomped us, the crowd cheered for them and moved on with their lives.

The only people that seem to be offended are random snowflakes on reddit. Even Ruler didnt seem to give much of a shit.

It said something closer to "SSG Blow like their phones"

It was actually pretty funny, good banter for an american

This whole fucking outrage is everything wrong with eSports. You have to be super "professional" and "nice" all the time and even friendly shit talk and banter makes people all butthurt. Makes me prefer the scenes that are still grassroots. Doublelift can't even give real criticism about others without the frontpage being loaded with "SHOTS FIRED OMG".

It's especially hypocritical considering this community's attitude towards Riot punishing in game toxicity that's far more mean spirited than simple booing.

You realize providing analysis and explaining why players/teams are good or bad is very different from booing a team on stage just because they are from a different country right?

People boo in the World Finals of soccer though, which is a much more apt analogy to Worlds IMO.

The booing at the Olympics this year was widely considered disrespectful. I believe it even happened in the Paralympics too.

Edit: Also, it was the same case with the Ryder Cup recently; European golfers were very critical of the American crowd.

I mean, he did say "it was really weird to get booed at" so that pretty much proves that this whole booing culture in sports doesn't exist everywhere...

The worst part is: nobody mentioned how they were cheered for during and afterward. Like a normal event.

And it baffles me when people at Worlds venues dont get beaten up with castest, happends in Europe in every football game. What a shit sports culture, smh.

Ye... especially all these people that twittered(for example Monte, Azael, Bjergsen, Hai) are "TSM 2016 LUL" bandwagoners. /s

I don't think reddit was under the assumption that SSG got traumatized or scarred by it. Just felt bad for them in case they shared their opinion that it was classless and rude.

spitting on a nation's flag

i love how you imply that this is so terrible

It's not that people are being offended for them, or maybe some people are, but the main principle is that it's still a shitty thing to do - whether they were emotionally hurt from it or not.

Don't worry, it will help us feel legitimized about eSports if we mimick this trash! It's totally normal, so we should do it, too.

It's something the esports crowd is not used to. That and trash talk.

It really is. People feel like they should be free to say or express themselves however they want - and well they should. But then they get upset when people form an opinion based on those actions and talk about how they disagree with it. How dare others make their own opinions and come to their own conclusions about their actions. /s

except they dont win after

Okay, in that light nobody boos a competitor in the finals of an olympic event either...

samsung is clearly the opposite version of skt

like superman and ultraman

theres bang from SKT and bung from a different evil dimension from Samsung Galaxy

Real sports? If people actually watched more sports than just football they would realize that many sports have their unique cheering culture. Take tabletennis for example, in Europe even loud cheers are looked down upon - even though there is an discussion about that. Booing would be considered rude. Esports is still developing and proposing a more positive cheering culture can't be taking down with a comparison to football.

Are you implying that booing is not equivalent to spitting on a nation's flag, and can often be light-hearted?

How dare you?

You don't boo at worlds. It is very uncommon to boo at Worlds.

I don't think you ever watched soccer world championship then, or Championsleague or other international sports events. Booing is very common there and it's totally fine. Why would you cheer for a team that is trying to kick your favorite team out of the tournament? It's a mindgame to help your team and it's totally fair game. This bullshit political correctness in here has to stop...

To be fair, American crowds are itching to chant "USA" at all times, no matter what the context.

Probably buffed SSG if anything. A great competitor enjoys shutting an opposing crowd up even more than pleasing one that likes you.

Why the fuck would they cheer for people they don't want to win?

And no country in the world respects it's soccer fans.

They're mostly considered trash.

holy shit those top comments

G2 can attest to this

South American soccer fan here. It is not only mandatory to "boo" the oppsing team (Rivals or not) and the Referee, but it is also common to "boo" your own team if they play like shit a couple of games in a row... (To be clear, we do not boo, but whistle instead, but it is kind of the same).

The emotional scarring must have taken place on a much deeper level.

same way nobody booed SSG when they were introduced day 1 of worlds. This isn't introducing a team to the World Stage, it's introducing the opponent of the team who the crowd is heavily invested in.

It's more NA vs EU bullshit.

A few EU fans act rude, NA comes out of the woodwork to sling shit and bitch. Some NA fans act rude and the inverse happens. They both just try their fucking hardest to look for excuses to shame each other.

Yeah it was actually funny. The crowd had to stop mid "USA" chant as they got double killed bot.

The crowd had to end up cheering for the most mediocre things like Meteos getting blue.

They are just trying to find something bad about Monte because they are mad he made fun of TSM. They think that when people want eSports to be taken seriously, It must also include worst parts of the biggest sports out there. According to these meatheads' logic it's fine if a fan killed another fan because thats how it is in football, so we should be automatically be okay with it.

The same way your cannot fathom a football game without booing, a lot of league viewers were like wtf why are people booing for like the first time. Different sporting cultures right now. Not all fans have the be the same. Or understand one another

It would probably inspire them to kick ass to be honest but it's still a dick move

You know, the ones where we have to split up fans of different clubs because they can't spectate next to each other without fighting. Where they get to cause riots in away matches.

Most "real sports" fans would agree that any violence is obviously taking it way too far. Almost all sports fans boo, very few of them (as a percentage) ever get violent, yet you're treating the two as the same subculture. It's like not being able to distinguish between banter and assault.

If you've ever participated in a good old fashioned sports rivalry, you might change your tune. It can be pretty fun for all involved as long as people don't go overboard and start throwing punches or whatever.

From the way people interpreted it you'd think ruler said "I loved being boo'd and the crowd made me very happy with their negativity towards us! Please boo me every day and all non-American teams should be boo'd!! Thanks again Chicago!!"

I too follow MonteCristo on twitter.

Go to a soccer/football match anywhere else in the world and see if the opposing team gets booed. They do. For fucks sake RIOTS happen at games because of fandom, but poor lil league of legends players have to have the white knight reddit to save the day and say how disrespectful it is. It's just fan banter. It does not mean that there is no respect for the other team. Every other sport has it. Now if a player were to get sick and pass out or something in a game, and people cheered for that? Then yes, fuck that.

I like how everyone applauded Crown for saying he's going to end NA's chances but then criticize the crowd for booing. Why wouldn't you boo if you're a NA fan?

Crowd interaction and home-team crowds are an integral part of sports culture. Cool to see that Ruler took it for what it was. What the Chicago crowd did wasn't out of line with what happens at sporting events at all. If you don't like it as a player, then perform better to shut the crowd up.

One of my favourite quotes from hockey is PK Subban's remarks heading into a hostile game 7 crowd:

"It’s going to be great," Subban told Sportsnet's Chris Johnston. "I can’t wait for the crowd, the noise, the energy in the building. I can’t wait to take that all away from them."

You are totally right. When you go and watch track and field games, no one is booing (apart from Rio). It's a Sport's level cultural thing and not a city's/coutry's one. In my town, when you go to a soccer game you can hear a lot of boos. But when you go watch Tennis/table tennis/Cycling and a lot of other sports you never boo. League has a culture of not booing, so you should not do it .

take me back to Smash bros where whenever someone plays against Leffen or Armada there's a USA chant

Absolutely. I was so impressed by Ruler, it was awesome to see he and Core play live.

They absolutely out classed C9. They deserved all the cheers and applause they got at the end.

Will manifest in his later years in unexpected ways.

You meant Koo vs Fnc

This Bung guy was really underperforming. SSG always seems to be in a big hole whenever they play around him.

WOW BUNG! Holy shit this guy's good.

It's about being a passionate fanbase. You cheer the home team and boo the away team.

They got booed because they were respected as an opponent. Any reaction is a good reaction. Silence is disrespect.

And the fact that Ruler's NA account name is "Stixxay Ruler" shows just how much he respects NA players. This guy is incredibly likeable. :)

I agree. It's pretty weird to see such blowback for this.

I mean what'd you expect him to say? "Yeah those booing were so rude! Fuck Americans man! Make sure you put that on record."

No he doesn't. His entire argument rests on one thing being true and yet he can't even be bothered to see if it is.

Why should anyone cheer for a team they want to lose? That's a pathetic attitude.

I mean is this a surprise? Look at how many of these kids went into full meltdown when Riot announced toxic players don't get rewards

because that's a sport culture we should be trying to emulate and look up to...

This was not aggressive booing..

Booing or talking trash to your rival is a huge part of American culture and sports. Have you been to a sporting game between rivals? Booing is not some way you make someone feel bad. You want to know what is taking it to far? Death threats and shitt people did after teams performed poorly (G2/TSM) do we see 50 threads on that? No.

Booing is not "bad sportsmanship" booing too much could be considered bad but many sports (NBA, MLB, Hockey, and NFL) are all fine and do not object when fans boo.

Is that why Hai was flipping people off at worlds last year? Lol

Lol the standard of some people.

We should do things cuz it happens elsewhere.

Good up bringing.

Remember this is just a banter, if you take it serious, you lose

it's because they're just a more passive aggressive people who will never let you know they're angry

You can't be serious... Lol...

No some just destroy stadiums have massive brawls and occasionally tear the refs limb from limb:/

I know it's totally different compared to other sports because this is a tourney but, there's something about getting booed. It doesn't actually feel bad, I remember getting booed at high school away games and a lot of us smiled. Its a strong reaction and at least for me and friends back then getting any reaction was part of the fun. You become a villain, it was just like being a different person.

Idk, I didn't like that they were booed I guess. It didn't last long and individuals were cheered.

This is a good crowd

. The crowd we saw last week was good too. Yesterday's was pathetic.

You cheer for your players and when big plays happen. You don't boo the enemy team, that makes no fucking sense.

I think Monte was especially scarred as well for the players for some reason.

Isn't he a fan of the Broncos? Clearly never watched one of their home games..