Roy Moore’s Story Is Unraveling

Roy Moore’s Story Is Unraveling
Roy Moore’s Story Is Unraveling

What’s most damning is the handwriting on the card. It’s indistinguishable from the handwriting in the yearbook. Nelson and Gibson didn’t know one another, yet both have old documents bearing Moore’s signature, and the writing matches other samples. To believe that the yearbook inscription is forged, you have to postulate that a master forger somehow got access to both Nelson’s yearbook in Anniston, Alabama, and the scrapbook in Gibson’s attic in Delray Beach, Florida. And you can’t blame the Post, which revealed Gibson’s story but not Nelson’s. Only one person had access to both women: Roy Moore.

The handwriting is not only in the cards, the handwriting is on the wall; only one person/entity had access to both of these women little girls.

The point here is that he was caught lying about whether or not he knew these women. This means he is likely to lie about the whole thing.

His core supporters don’t care. There could be video evidence of him committing these crimes (shudder) and they would claim it is doctored. These are the REAL delporables folks .

“Do you remember dating girls that young?” Sean Hannity asked him. Moore hedged: “Not generally, no

That one still kills me. "Do you remember molesting children?". "Not generally, no. There was some days I would hardly molest anyone at all."

Non of that matters to Trump supporters. Go to ask_thedonald. Any conversation about Moore turns to "14 was legal in Alabama at the time" type bullshit.

The real point will be if he gets elected to office. Having the moral high ground gets absolutely zero acts of congress passed nowadays. It might help in the elections, but we might be living in a new autocracy where elections are bought and not won.

True. Moore could rape a 14yr old on 5th Ave and he wouldn't lose any supporters.

Some would claim it's doctored others would say it's perfectly fine for a 30 year old having a relationship with a 14 year old, after all the Virgin Mary was a teenager when she had Jesus.

I'm not so sure I want to be associated with a country where a pedophile losing to a democrat is considered an upset. I've been so stressed for 18 months straight, and getting more stressed all the time. What a shitty time to be an american.

This counterattack may have saved Moore’s candidacy. He has given his fans what they crave: a crusade against evil. He has also impressed President Trump, earning Trump’s endorsement and aid from the Republican National Committee. “Roy Moore denies it,”’ Trump told reporters on Nov. 21. “He totally denies it.”

But the harder line comes at a cost: It’s demonstrably false. Moore knows these women, and they have evidence to prove it. If Moore is fully investigated by the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, he’ll be exposed not just as a former predator, but as a current slanderer.

It's all there. They love the persecution fantasies, the crusade. They don't care if it's true. I'm not sure evidence would make any difference.

I mean he clearly has lost some supporters. He's within a normal polling error of losing to a Democrat in Alabama. I get the overall sentiment though

Check out this Republican propoganda bullshit they're peddling in Alabama..

Look at yourself in the mirror Alabama. Its character exposure time. Do you want to be known as the Pedophile State or the Roll Tide State? Its not too late to make a statement against slavery, pedophilia, and misogyny. Take the moral high ground Alabama!

"We be living in a new autocracy mon" Rip vol'jin

It might help in the elections, but we might be living in a new autocracy where elections are bought and not won.

Me too. I feel like I haven't taken a breath in 18 months. The fact that it's almost 2018 is shocking to me. My back is killing me, and this year, for the first time, I started finding gray hairs.

I talked to a psychiatrist today who advised me to stop watching/reading the news, but I don't know if I can. I just know I can't continue like this. It seems like every time I turn away, some calamity happens.

I'm going to start taking melatonin regularly to help my sleep and try to take up yoga again. I don't know. Maybe it'll help.

It reminds me of Jerry Sandusky when he asked if he was sexually attracted to children.

i’m the same way. my SO has asked me to stop watching the news but i feel that it’s my duty as a citizen to stay informed. on the other hand, i’m finding grey hairs and the stress keeps me up at night. hope you find something that works for you.

Unfortunately for the country, we're living in the days of nothing matters, absolutely nothing matters anymore.

Being liberal is clearly worse than molesting children. There's nothing in the bible about not diddling kids, but there sure is that one line about hating gays in the old testament, so..

Was gonna say that. They're far beyond "denying" it and straight into rationalization.

trump supporters would vote for Jared from Subway if he had an "R" after his name.

How is any of that an argument for electing a pedophile to the senate?

'...there are some days I was unable to molest anyone at all, you don't always have the chance, you see...'

Smoke more pot. It'll help.

Was it ever raveled?

His supporters should let him babysit their underage female relatives...see if they change their tune.

response audio wise

Gross. I just watched that video for the first time. In print it's bad, that though was terrible.

An innocent person and someone whom isn't a pedophile would answer that question with a simple, "no". He was beating around the bush and didn't know how to formulate a believable lie. Simple as that. Absolutely disgusting.

It could come apart like a cheap sweater and yet not matter a bit to the people who are already committed to voting for him. I'm still sticking by my prediction: Moore by five points.

Yeah the state known for dumb, racist and incestuous hicks is going to suddenly change their tune, this is just par for the course for Alabama:

And yet what's more evil than molesting children??? Republicans are garbage.

I’ve already told others. If Moore gets elected, I will not buy a car made in a child molester state. I don’t care if it’s a Toyota, a Benz, a Ford or whatever.

And you better believe I will confirm it, which is easy to do.

I wish I could afford it, fella, but there's not enough herb in the world to un-know this abomination

Quite the contrary...Abortion, 2nd amendment, gays being happy (or is that happies being gay), my rights to fuck up my child for life so I can send him to religion school, lesbians buying wedding cakes, commie global warming hoaxes, and Obama's birth certificate!