Roy Moore Once Said The Last Time America Was Great Was ‘When We Had Slavery’

Roy Moore Once Said The Last Time America Was Great Was ‘When We Had Slavery’
Roy Moore Once Said The Last Time America Was Great Was ‘When We Had Slavery’

I think it was great at the time when families were united–even though we had slavery–they cared for one another…Our families were strong, our country had a direction.

when families were united

Except for that part where we, you know, broke families up and sold them to the highest bidder. Otherwise totally united.

Roy Moore says that despite slavery, families were united during that time. Please take some time to look at the Lost Friends exhibition from the Historic New Orleans Collection. It documents newspaper ads taken out by emancipated slaves desparate to find the parents, children, siblings and friends that were forcefully ripped away from them and sold like chattel. They often had very little to go on - a new owner could rename his purchased slaves, and could take them across the country. Seriously, take a look at a few of the ads in that archive. They're heartbreaking but a sobering reminder of a portion of American history that a lot of people would like to just ignore or downplay.

There was nothing great about those days. The fact that people like Roy Moore are still trying to glamorize them is shameful. Even if you try to give him the benefit of the doubt, that he just poorly phrased his answer, it's still an incredibly tone deaf thing for a man that wants to represent a state with a ~30% African American population in the Senate to say.

And those united families were in place largely because women didn’t have the right to vote, work in certain occupations, own property by themselves, or otherwise be independent in any meaningful way.

He hates gay people. Is an accused pedophile. Brandishes guns in public at rallies. Romanticises southern independence. Disregards, even embraces Russian influence in American politics. Why would any American want this dude? I just don't understand what is going on.

You're not thinking like a Republican. It was great if you were white and wealthy. That's the only people who matter to Republicans. Since then, it's only been downhill for that particular group

At the same event, Moore referred to Native Americans and Asian Americans as “reds and yellows,” and earlier this year he suggested the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were divine punishment.


Let's not forget Debtors' prisons. Poor and in debt? It's ok, we'll just lock you up and force you to work until those debts are paid off. Which you never will because you aren't paid enough.

Surprise level...

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People in Alabama love every single thing you just mentioned, that's why.

On a scale from "dogwhistle" to "bullhorn," this is a jet-engine from ten feet.

You know, the good ol days.


And male and straight. And Christian (but not the "wrong kind" of Christian). You fogot those. If you were a white, wealthy, Christian, straight male who didn't care at all about women as people (beyond sex and baby making objects) and didn't care about people with skin colors/religions different than yours, then those were truly the good old days.

In Moore's mind: Those were the days. Back when you could go and get 14 year old girls and no one cared.

During the same time period we were death marching Indians hundreds of miles. We were straight up stealing Arizona, CA and most of TX from Mexicans. Irish were segregated and women couldn’t fucking vote or depending on the state, file for divorce or own property.

Anyone who says crap like this is utterly historically ignorant and/or a white racist. There’s no middle ground.

They are doing it already that already. Unfortunately, it has never really stopped. I drove through Shreveport and Texarkana just this past June and I drove past work farms that are part of the prison complex there, but those work farms were there long before the prisons. Those fields were always worked by slaves, the indentured, and now cheap prison labor. The nature of our economic system is the pursuit of cheap labor for profit, or "happiness."

and the gubmint didn't stick their nose in your business if you wanted to date kids.

And Trump endorses him. And he's crashing the Black History Museum opening. Think about that shit. The man has no business anywhere near that event. He's a disgrace to this country.

When he says 'we', when Trump says 'we', when Bannon, Miller, Sessions, Hannity, and Pence say 'we', they mean white America. When they 'the real America' they mean white America. When they say 'the heartland' they mean white America. When they say 'hardworking families' they mean white America. They've always meant white America. Racism is who they are.

What is this lunatic talking about? Slavery was a cause of massive unrest in the early US which eventually led to the Civil War. The Civil War didn't happen over night.

How the fuck is this guy even a candidate. Alabama must have the status of a third world country.

That’ll be one of the next things they’ll do.

Or the wrong kind of white, like Italian or Irish.

and the gubmint didn't stick their nose in your business if you wanted to date kids.

Does anyone remember when their argument against gay marriage was because it could and would lead to pedophilia? So then the government DID need to stick their nose in our business. Who can keep up?

It's simple: he has an R beside his name and he waves around a book he hasn't nor will ever read...

Time for one person one vote. Alabama doesn't need equal say. They're proving that's a community that is just not important to listen to on a national level.

Well there it is, he just won the election.

“When you are famous they let you do it”

- some molester

This is skywriting “KKK” big enough for all of Alabama to see.

They still don’t care.

Read: families where everyone is artificially dependent on the white male patriarch, and are thus forced to stick by him through all kinds of abuse.

You mean back when you could go and get 14 year old girls from the field and no one cared.


I fully endorse this ASCII meme.

The Onion did in fact remember.

Not just white America but conservative white America.

US will be wayy better once we are done with this old generation@Trump/Session/Moore, full of bigots.

I really and truly have no idea what the fuck he's talking about. Is he nostalgic for the days of churning butter and shitting outside in the winter? I'm from and make my home in the South, but more and more I'm realizing I have nothing in common with these hicks.

You're not far off. Many former confederate states would be third world without the rest of the country subsidizing them.

Anyone who says crap like this is utterly historically ignorant and/or a white racist. There’s no middle ground.

He's a Republican so you repeat yourself.

Or used people for medical experiments

Absolutely heartbreaking. The horrors of slavery are barely comprehensible.

Roy Moore is a dim witted, cynical, evil, piece of shit. The fact that he’s competitive for higher office in Alabama tells me all I need to know about it and the Republican Party.

Who wants to bet he's only going because he heard that hotshot up-and-comer Frederick Douglas is going to be there?

Because he thinks birth control is murder and that's literally the only issue that matters for millions of stupid people. For real, on Flake's tweet showing his donation to Jones' campaign, the first response I saw was "Jones wants to abort babies while Moore wants to keep them safe". No matter how disgusting and terrible a conservative is, if they are against the right to choose, then they're a better candidate than literally anyone who believes in choice. It's mind-numbing how that's the only thing that matters to so many people.

Fucking please. Did you not see the tiki trek? They weren't old guys, they were all young adults. Racism is passed down, taught and traded down through American generations.

Worst of all, complancy for this horseshit (until it's too late) is an American tradition.

Bu the WHITE families were united.

Well, not the Irish ones. Or the Italians.

He doesn't think African Americans are citizens of this country.

And a big group of voters only listen to FOX News which portrays Moore and others like him as saints while any accusers or Democrats are evil. When that's the only "news" people hear, it's no wonder why they'd continue to support people like Roy Moore despite the multiple credible allegations.

At this point I'm convinced social conservatism is a slippery slope toward everything social conservatives rail against.

People don't realize, you know, the Civil War, if you think about it, why?

From what I know about Alabama, this probably helps his bid for election.

Not in Alabama they don't. Alabama, the kiddy diddler state!

Why the hell is he so nostalgic for a time he never knew?

He probably would have died as a child in that time

The good old days, when a fella could take a day-long ride to town to get his blood let by a barber to treat the melancholy from seeing another wife and child die in labor.

Wow, that's a tough read about the Lost Friends exhibit. Makes me wonder how many more stories such as that were common, but never made it to an editor because it was illegal to teach blacks to read.

Moore is also known as an example of "The Perfect Republican". A third of our country wants to return to America when it was proud (aka white, minorities and women had no rights, Christian, straight, ultra conservative, without an education, married with as many children as possible, etc).

These people are at war with the rest of America. Why can't everyone see that???? They want a white, male, Christian, gun owning, coal burning, woman not working, America. They are working daily to take the rights away from millions of Americans.

What have YOU done today to stop them??

Can we kick Alabama out and take Puerto Rico in its place? Dead serious.

"when you own them they let you do it.... Or else" - Roy Moore probably

They're the Grand Old Projectionists, after all.

This is a man who was elected as Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court multiple times and has a pretty solid chance of becoming their next US Senator...

And this is the period that Bannon and the Republicans wants to return America to.

Honestly the fact that this is such a small drop in the bucket now is sad as fuck. If this happened ten years ago this would be THE story. Now it's barely even a blip on our radar.

Ignore that too. medical experiments and slavery. But that's it right? Certainly isn't anything else we'd have to overlook to make the mental gymnastics stick?

Edit: ahh well there's that whole oppression of women thing to. And native peoples.

I'm confused: is that a good or bad thing for Moore in Alabama?

If they let him speak he is 100% definitely going to say something terrible. My money's on something that suggests slavery was actually a good thing.

And also better when the young generation gets out to vote

I think that downplays a huge factor. I think people need to realize we STILL have people who value all the things that make Moore an evil person.

some of its brainwashing by Fox news but some of it is simply the fact that a good portion of America is totally okay with turning back the clock to a time with slavery segregation and prosecuting gays.

Well ,jesus, you can' t mix with the papists. What the hell are you thinking !

But black people have nothing to complain about when it comes to being unfairly treated in court, right? (Not directing this at you of course, just a rhetorical)

Peperidge farm remembers.

This will make all those people Alabamans who were more likely to vote for Moore after learning about his sexual misconduct change their answer to "ludicrously more" likely to vote for him.

This gives me a great visual involving Bugs Bunny pulling increasingly large noise makers out from behind his back.

Nothing will change. Bigotry is part of American identity for at least one third the country and that third always votes. Liberals will never be motivated to that level

WAIT, wait! After all of this, and finding out that his Democratic opponent was successfully able to prosecute the KKK, these people are still on the cusp of voting this asshole into a Senate seat?! WTF is happening?! Am so confused! Am from Texas, and I think even Texas has more integrity... nevermind. Ted Cruz endorsed this jerk. I need to move.

Not just them, though. Plenty of not-elderly faces at Charleston, IIRC.

I think it's more the fact that you could own all the slaves you liked and rape them with impunity.

And the "direction" the country was headed in was civil war

It is sobering to read these ads and recognize so many places I’ve lived in or near.

"Increase racism thrusters to ludicrous speed!"

"Ludicrous speed?!?"

"They're going to Plaid!"

"...They've gone to Stars-and-Bars!"

Were the families of black slaves united back then too, or do they not count to Roy Moore?

Frederick Douglas. So hot right now.

Roy Moore could fuck a 10 year old live on network tv and it wouldn't matter. The people who are gonna vote for him are gonna vote for him and the people that won't vote for him find him a disgusting piece of shit that has no place in a civilized society.

Crashing the Black History Museum opening? Why? Does he think we need a White History Museum? That wouldn't be nearly as nice as he thinks it would.

Yeah, but the ones that count were... the “pure” ones.

This guy is literally worth less than a shit stain. I can not fucking believe that this dipshit actually has a chance at the senate.

Thank heavens they made some jobs though. Brilliant capitalists took poor people in debt and managed to make jobs.

Don't forget the affordable child labor.

I’ve lived all over GA, and still live here, and this place just continues to reveal its true colors every single day. I feel like before trump, people around here at least felt like they had to keep their racism and sexism closeted. Nope, not the case anymore. They’re publicly backed.

Did someone accidentally open a wormhole from 1928 and these jackasses all wandered into 2017?

Yeah this is a feature not a bug in their eyes.

We'll find out soon

but republicans aren't racists!

It'll change one mind at a time. It used to be legal to have slaves. Then it was legal to lynch black people. Then it was legal to discriminate.

It may not seem like it at times, but we've actually come a long way (with a longer way still to go).

They're not really white though. At least if we're going by pre-1900 standards.

Gotta watch out for those Scandinavians too.

He was elected and removed multiple times from the state Supreme Court for violating the law and has been credibly accused of multiple instances of sexual harassment and assault of minors. They didn't just elect him to the court, they re-elected him after he was removed for cause, and now support him for Senate because of, rather than despite it. While many don't believe his accusers, many others do and support him anyway. The moral and intellectual bankruptcy is staggering.

The most anti-gay politicians are always the ones caught diddling little boys

You're thinking like a Democrat. Think like a Republican:

Roy Moore could drop a N bomb live on television and it wouldn't make a shred of difference.

what the actual fuck is wrong with Republicans

Edit: changed Alabama to Republicans because not all of Alabama is fucked up

And how anyone who had a mental illness, or hell even acted differently than society wanted, got locked up in terrifying psych wards for the rest of their lives.

If you tour Montecello they discuss Jefferson's treatment of slaves. As a wealthy slave owner the life he offered them was better than they could expect elsewhere. But the day to day disciple was left to slave masters on site. I recall them saying that the punishment for one slave for some offense was to be immediately sold down to Alabama to serve a master there. Thus being forcibly separated from his whole family. I forget whether Jefferson himself ordered this punishment or if it was the slave master. The point is that even in somewhere as well regarded as Monticello the life of a slave was awful.

Yeah too bad now a days it's like white males are only slightly born ahead of everyone else, instead of born completely superior. *sigh, what a shame. /s