Roy Moore campaign in one pic

Roy Moore campaign in one pic

Remember when Republicans didn't want gay marriage because they feared it would lead to pedophilia?

Well gay marriage was legalized and now we have Roy Moore, so they weren't exactly wrong

Maybe you don't find it funny, but to say it's not political is just stupid.

It all makes sense now. It wasn't a warning, it was a threat!

Its not bigotry if it is about one guy, who seems to be a pedofile and hates gays.

Oh my, that is succinct.

It could be worse. Imagine if he was with an underage boy.

What does religion have to do with this?

Well... The catholic church has shuffled some kid diddlers around, and trump recently removed the regulation that stopped churches from endorsing candidates, and roy moore is a pedophile. It all ties together in a not so loose metaphor.

Dude pulled out his alt account for this

Inb4 America 2019- "maybe child rape is a good thing?"

We ain't too far away folks.