Ross Pearson lands his left hook flush on Sam Stout's chin.

shit shit shit shit shit shit shit

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the refs head when they see a fighter is done but they can't get in between them in time

If you’re mazzagatti probably, “ dang that guy looks hurt, somebody should do something.” Then some wheels grind in his head in for a little bit and then finally it dawns on him that he’s that guy, then he strolls over to the fighters because he doesn’t want to pull something in his knee because he has a softball game later that he wants to be in top form for. Or if you’re Yamasaki, you were too busy thinking about the heart signs you like to showcase before each fight while the dude who’s out is getting his brain cells mass deleted.

One of my favorite KO's.

When I started training BJJ at my new gym, this 3 stripe blue belt in my class was talking about his fight prep post-class in the locker room. I asked him who he was fighting next. Him: "Ross Pearson". Me: "oh, cool".

Then he finished changing and left. I noticed after that his locker said STOUT on it and recalled that I was at his Sam Stout's (and Mark Hominick and Chris Clements) gym and most importantly that I was and always will be a moron.

Jesus he's great on the ground though. Ridiculous pressure and an absolute confidence in every movement.


For someone who doesn't have much boxing experience. Should Stout's right hand/arm have been protecting that side of his face instead of wildly winged out? Or was he just caught throwing a normal power hook?

In the earlier part of his career, Sam Stout would have eaten that left hook for breakfast

Doesn't get much slicker than that.

Stout aimed for the body. Imagine if he went higher; his placement was spot on, he could've landed flush.

Also no experience: I think he was bringing it up, he just didn’t have good placement. Perhaps he thought the counter was coming a bit faster than it did and he overshot the block. That’s what it looks like to me.