[Rosenthal] Addition of $1M in int’l slot money, as reported by Feinsand, would bring Mariners to $3.557M, putting them slightly above Rangers in race for Ohtani.

[Rosenthal] Addition of $1M in int’l slot money, as reported by Feinsand, would bring Mariners to...

They'll get Ohtani and immediately trade him for more international slot money.

2018 will either be the greatest year in Mariner franchise history, or the most disappointing.

or the most disappointing.

We haven't even reached our final form yet.

OHTANI: I don't care about money

DIPOTO: what if I add a million dollars?

OHTANI: I don't care about money

EPPLER: what if I add a million dollars?

OHTANI: I don't care about money

DIPOTO: but what if I add another million dollars?

OHTANI: /stares at translator

Jeff Sullivan https://twitter.com/based_ball/status/938899757266649089

Look into the eyes of Dipoto and tell him that

They better hope they get Ohtani

So we can deal them for STANTON BABY

Well, we have too many big contracts to justify tanking so going for it is kind of our only choice.

Well shit

I feel like this trade went something like,

Dipoto: "Hey we want some international money"

Jeter: "Ok but you have to take Dee Gordon too."

Dipoto trying to act cool: "...........oooookkkkaaaay......."


Jeff Sullivan is just the best

Mariners really are going to get Ohtani and Dee Gordon

It'd be easier if YOU WEREN'T AROUND

"Tell me I can't make a trade, I fuckin dare you"

I think the money is just the cherry on top, if he is torn between two franchises then money could very well be the tie breaker.


pls. pls...

this feels like i'm like going to the prom with the sluttiest girl in school. this night's ending is a slam dunk. i've already spent all my money on a limo, a silk tux, and a big ass corsage. being a 36 year old mariners fan... in true mariners fashion, after all this shit goes down, I'm left to see this bitch making out with mike trout before the dance even starts.

Your first mistake was being within 100km of Mike Trout

Twins still have 1.25 million left. Rangers you want for a top 150 draft pick from this last draft?

playoffs is playoffs

Ohtani about to give the mariners and the rangers the finger and sign with the Chicago cubbies

PRELLER: What if I throw in some fish tacos?

Whatever happened to "Ohtani doesn't care about the money", but the Mariners and Angels keep fighting each other over more money?

I hope the Mariners get Ohtani. I want to see them be legitimately good, and give King Felix a chance to pitch in the postseason.

And still somehow finish 80-82.

I do wonder if going to this length is worth it for a wildcard berth. The Astros are still the clear favorites for the West, even if the M's get Ohtani.

isnt there a limit to how much you can acquire

Yeah but that all changes when we trade Motter for both Kershaw and and Maeda. And then Acquire Darivsh in free agency.

It's worth the chance. This is an unprecedented opportunity.

Don't forget the national tragedy a few weeks before the series so that the whole world is sympathetic and rooting for the Angels as a feel-good story.

If the Mariners get Ohtani then I hope that the Rangers sign Ichiro just to piss them off.

or the most disappointing

Holy shit, man, I can't even imagine what that would look like. M's win 117 games, wild-card Angels sweep them out of the ALDS?

none of you can say youve ever tried as hard at anything as dipoto is for ohtani

Seriously. Jerry just needs to get us there once and his job is safe for at least another 3 years.

my hope is that this is a move by Jerry to just show Ohtani that, "hey....we realllllllllly want you boi"

hopefully it persuades ohtani.

Don't do it

Plus there is that playoff streak thing yall probably want to end sometime soon. I'm excited for it as a Seattle resident. Gonna be an exciting year down at the ballpark!

Eppler pls


This man is opressing me!


are we sure he can even open his eyes? dude probably hasn't slept since ohtani's posting