Rose McGowan: Amazon Studios knew I was raped

Rose McGowan: Amazon Studios knew I was raped

Putting a picture of Jeff Bezos on this article is pretty misleading, in the article Rose McGowan said she spoke with the studio head of Amazon which is Roy Price, not Bezos.

Looks like the guy at Amazon that she was talking to has his own scandal that just broke, outside of this one.

“@jeffbezos I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof,” she tweeted to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.“

"I forcefully begged studio head to do the right thing. I was ignored. Deal was done. Amazon won a dirty Oscar.”

That's a tough situation to be in for her. Must have been awful watching them go forward working with her rapist...

A bit of a sensationalist headline. They did not know she was raped. She told them she was when HW became involved in the project funding.

Should they have listen to her, researched it further? Sure, but that is a far cry from them “knowing.”

Apparently accusations are proof now and businesses are the police. Maybe Weinstein would've have gotten out of charges but at least then there would be a paper trail.

Look at it from a business point of view. She signed an agreement that basically says it never happened, then wants Amazon to break a contract based on her side of the story only, without any evidence.

This is the problem with hush money. She was put in a shit position but she put herself into it when she signed the deal.

This planet sucks

Why would she tell this person and not the police?

Rape is a serious crime, why was she telling Amazon Studios? TELL THE POLICE

You could print out enough pages to circle the globe about why rape victims don't go to the police.

We all know that Harvey is a scumbag so it makes it easy to side with Rose on this one. But put yourself in Amazon's shoes. You have a multi-million, maybe 10s of millions deal on the line that you're close to closing. Someone comes out and makes a claim like this that is essentially unprovable. Do you kill the deal? Because if you do, then any actor can simply cook up a similar claim to further their own ends.

IMO, crowing about this now without acknowledging Amazon's position undermines Rose McGowan's bigger, better goals, which she's been so far very successful at achieving.

So the cake in this case is getting raped?

Please stop blaming the victims. If A list celebrities were too afraid to dob him in that says ALOT about the power he held and how frightening he was to others. It sounds like alot of people did say things about this man. It was a huge open secret. But nothing happened because Hollywood has a habit of sweeping this things under the rug and then shrugging. The person to blame here is Harvey not his victims. He's a big boy. He needs to man up and accept responsibility for the lives he's ruined including his own.

Victims of rape often feel shame and would rather hide the fact that a crime happened than to have the rapist prosecuted. This doesn't only happen with women, it also happens with men. For instance, many straight men have been raped by gay men who have slipped them the date rape drug. This can happen at parties, or at a bar. The method of operation is the same as when it happens with women.

For instance, a straight man is at a bar by himself. A homosexual rapist slips the date rape drug into his drink. The straight man becomes groggy and becomes unable to walk properly. The would-be rapist then makes a show of being the man's friend to the other bar patrons in order to not arouse suspicion when he helps walk the victim out of the bar. From there, he takes the man to some location, and the rape occurs. It's the same with men as it is with women.

It actually happened to a college classmate of mine. He kept it a secret for six months until he finally broke down and dropped out of school. By then, any evidence that could have been gathered was long gone.

Are you a guy? You should ask yourself, how much shame would you feel if a homosexual man raped you in this manner? Would you keep it a secret, or would you report it to the police? Would you even know for certain that a rape had happened, or would the uncertainty be so great that you hesitate in reporting it, and in this period of hesitation, any chance of gathering evidence is long gone?

But I assume if they don't go to the police they usually don't go to their employers with it

Holy shit! This needs to be higher.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that this is the way most women have to live their lives. I am not a celebrity, nor am I especially beautiful, but when I was young it was common to encounter unwanted attention from men in the form of lecherous comments, touching and in some cases actual assaults. I have had to fight off more than one man, in one case a superior at my work. It is so much a part of women's lives that it almost becomes background noise; it's the hurdles you have to jump in order to get anything done. I'm not saying it's every man, but it is certainly enough of them to become tiresome, annoying and in some cases frightening. It happens so often that you often don't think of reporting it to anyone, and in the case of someone as powerful as Weinstein was, it seems futile.

She chose money, it is what it is.

Using the hashtag “#whywomendontreport,” McGowan said that she did not alert authorities because a criminal attorney told her she “would never win against the studio head.”

This is from 2016

So she was ok with telling Amazon but not the police? What does she hope amazon is going to do with unproven accusations? Cant wait for all the downvotes

According to reports Paltrow told Brad Pitt, Pitt confronted him. Why aren't people going after Brad Pitt for not speaking up?

Hr is to protect the company's interest. Not mine. I worked hr

Using the hashtag “#whywomendontreport,” McGowan said that she did not alert authorities because a criminal attorney told her she “would never win against the studio head.”

This is from 2016

Maybe it has something to do with them wanting to hire her rapist....

Bill Cosby's trial also ended in a mistrial less than a year ago, despite several dozens accusations. The idea that all it takes is a couple of people coming forward to put someone away forever is amazingly, willfully naive at this point.

There's definitely fear from Corey Feldman to expose the names of his abusers. And I hope that all these Hollywood stars exposing these creeps and horrible crimes gives Corey the courage to expose the names of those that harmed him. He deserves to see justice for his horrible childhood in Hollyweird.

Please stop blaming the victims.

No. "I said I was the proof" is not good enough for anyone to act upon.

Going to the police is a gamble. If you've ever done it as a victim of sexual assault or rape, you're not sure if you're going to have somebody who be sympathetic, or a cop who's just going to find reason to blame you before the report is even filed.

If you go to your employer first, they can help you go to the police to make it less likely you're going to be hassled when filing the report. If I were raped on the job, I'd probably reach out to my employer before the police due to the fact this type of conduct may have happened before and/or to protect me/them from the fallout of the case.

Weinstein. Jeff Bezos has almost nothing to do with it. He was not the Amazon exec she told.

seriously. He gives pigs a bad name. Pigs can be cool.

She's trying to have her cake and eat it too. And for the most part, she is. She signed the agreement, but now everyone know about Weinstein. But I'm not a good measure of these things because I'd have sex with Weinstein for a multi million dollar movie role.

Right..? I mean if you are going to put Bezos picture up, you gotta put it next to Amazon Studio head Roy Price, who told Man in the High Castle Producer (and Phillip K Dick's daughter) Isa Hackett "You will love my dick." After all she reported it to Amazon "executives" who hired a private investigator, but never got back to her.

I stretches credulity to think Bezos never heard that the head of Amazon Studios is a creep, and was a creep to the producer of one of his highest profile shows (probably the only one I watched.)

It's a tough position to be in when you can't prove anything and you are faced with the lawyers of someone much richer and more powerful than you that is also well protected.

I don't see much of a difference.

"I was raped by Harvey Weinstein. Please do not make me work with him."

"There's no proof that ever happened. We're going with Harvey."

Not sure why you'd think that is less worse than any other scenario.

Holy moley this rabbit hole never ends.

Being raped isn't "doing a deal". Username checks out.

Do you think that men and women should get equal treatment? Then you’re a feminist.

What is it with people and thinking that term means something crazy

There was proof (a legal settlement which she agreed to) saying it didn't happen. This is a terrible consequence of her taking "hush money".

Exactly. HW is a shithead, and I hope he gets what he deserves but you can't jump on accusations unless there are dozens of them, like with Bill Cosby.

But for me it also illustrates a point with some of these women. YOU HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING! No one can help you if you don't try and get help.

All these clebs coming out now and saying it happens to them 20+ years ago are part of the problem, they didn't rat him out. If you say "Well they would have just been ignored and blackballed in Hollywood" that's shows two problems. One is selfishness, they but their own success before helping to protect other people from a sick person, and some of these women have had major pull in Hollywood for decades at this point AND STILL SAID NOTHING!

Some of these women are major Hollywood celebrities that people would have believed in a heartbeat, but instead they stayed silent and let more women and men get harmed. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow both saw HW assaulted them, they've been major players in Movies and have been idolized Hollywood starts for decades now and both of them made no effort to go to the press and/or police and make these accusations public, instead they stayed silent till they could cash in on the pity later and let others suffer instead, Shame on them!

I don't want to Victim Shame I know it's hard to say things happened to you and people may not believe you but no one can help or try and make a change if you don't make the effort to report these types of people in business.

I like that there's literally an entire hashtag dedicated to this question, yet a bunch of redditors are still circlejerking over how incomprehensible it is that McGowan and the other women didn't just go skipping to the police as soon as they left Weinstein's hotel room.

Right? That's what I was thinking. Weinstein sexually harasses two of Brad Pitt's girlfriends (one wife, whatever). Pitt knows what kind of guy Weinstein is. If Pitt knows, then he probably mentioned it to his BFFs Clooney and Matt Damon. So if Damon knew, it was serious bullshit that he sent out an email saying what a stand up guy Weinstein is.

I can't believe I'm having this conversation. I don't even know these people. But there it is.

If you look up the definition of pig in the dictionary, you will see a photo of Harvey Weinstein.

I need to know...where's the $100k going to go if she violated an NDA? I have very little experience with these contracts but they are legally binding even in situations such as this, right?

Yeah, cause no other rape/harassment victim ever choose not to go to the police, either out of fear, trauma, denial, the knowledge that it will probably do no good and only harm them further.

I mean, they were in Hollywood. How dare they act like people.

Once in the cab, Hackett says Price repeatedly and insistently propositioned her. “You will love my dick,” he said, according to Hackett, who relayed her account to multiple individuals in the hours after the alleged episode. (The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed Hackett told at least two people about the alleged incident in the immediate aftermath.) Hackett says she made clear to Price she was not interested and told him that she is a lesbian with a wife and children.

Hackett says Price did not relent in the cab or once they arrived at the Amazon party. As she talked with other executives, she says that Price stepped close to her and loudly said, “Anal sex!” in her ear.

Are we reading the same article here? It literally says she told him she wasn't interested and he kept at it. Also, his level of intoxication has no bearing here - you are equally responsible for your actions whether you're drunk or sober. They have the same effect on people regardless of your sobriety, it turns out.

To me she comes across as someone who finally found a voice and platform and she is able to breathe again. She's screaming on top of her lungs about her rapist and bringing everything and everyone out in the open. Imagine if you are raped and silenced for 10+ years and your rapist is being hailed as a god all these years while you are there wondering what the hell is wrong with me, how is he a god to everyone else but not me.

I see where you’re going but it feels ill suited here. It isn’t like she tricked him into raping her. But I don’t know what I would do in the decider’s shoes. The context is murky. If I wanted to work with Rose on a project and HW on another, I’d probably come off as this guy did. If they’d be working on the same project, then I would tell HW that I’d have to pass this time. Or Rose if he was on board first. But just because one person passionately validated industry rumors, that may not be enough. I hope that isn’t evil. I’d be cautious to work with either again and try to suss out some guidance from other sources.

The studios knew and didn't go to the authorities, just like Rose.

Rose knew. The studio only knew that she accused him. If I tell you that I can fly but I have no proof, are you willing to testify that you know I can fly???

Harvey would have to sue her to recoup the money.

Exactly. You just come to expect that this is how men behave. Women who speak up are often tarred as liars and attention seekers and you realize that it's not worth the trouble for every groping situation.

Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow both saw HW assaulted them

Both of them are also second generation Hollywood. They had the chance to help outsiders because they have clout.

No, it’s the $

Weinstein? Cuz he did it. He deserves to be attacked.

Very true. Whenever I think of right wing Trump women, three names that immediately come to mind are Ann Coulter, KellyAnne Conway, and Rose McGowan.

Before names come out: "Name names or you're a complicit whore."

After names come out: "We don't believe you."

So many people in this place are fucking disgusting.

I’m confused she got 100k to shut up and then told everyone she was raped. She didn’t approach the police but did approach the studio head. I’ll believe her rape story but the 100k confuses the issue.

When your employer is a multimillion dollar company with access to great lawyers (that you should be able to take in with you during questioning) and a lot of sway in your town, it gives the victim a lot of backing, to know they have that support system. This victim has PEOPLE, important people, who want to see this is done right. That counts for a lot.

Unfortunately, a woman on her own, walking into a male-dominated building, trying to report her sexual abuse doesn't always get a lot of attention.

And for a lot of people, it's also easier to tell people they know and hope are safe, hope will believe her, first, rather than armed strangers.

When nothing got done when she tried to solve it quietly. When she got fucked over by people she probably trusted. When she saw it happen to other women. When she was basically forced to scream it to the world to get anyone to pay attention.

For which she got movie roles and $100,000 for. It isn't right, but it isn't like she opted to do anything about it till it became advantageous to her career to do so, which is the problem. Weinstein got away for it for a long time because those that he hurt were in a position where they still needed him. Now that the floodgates have opened, sure they will talk about it, but the reason why it was allowed to perpetuate is still there, meaning that situations like this will still happen.

They're also adorable

I'm sorry, where were you guys in the 80's saying this?

I mean, I was in pre-kindergarten in 1989, so. . .

Ghomeshi was found not guilty. That's not the same as being "proven innocent".

He was well-known in Toronto's entertainment industry circles as a creep that women should avoid.

You have to be a fool, or an apologist to think he wasn't factually guilty of hitting women, however that court case turned out.

Or you're called a "bad sport".

I dunno, slather some honey on Harvey and bake him, could be good

I was assaulted by a random stranger, I did the right thing and went to the police. Doing the right thing didn't help me feel better, or get justice, the whole process just made me go through more trauma. I was treated like a liar (I called minutes after it happened, no alcohol or drugs involved, they eventually found footage of him following me at least for 15-20 minutes) and they tried to convince me I somehow made it up.

I still regret speaking up, because I thought it would help others. All it did is shatter my trust in a lot of police officers and justice system.

I can't imagine going to report someone who has so much money, influence and power. I accused a nobody, I didn't even know their name and for a while I felt that reporting made my life turn upside down, and could destroy everything.

And just look at other comments, how many people still don't believe these accusations?

Also take a look at the New Yorker story, they had him confessing on tape, but they still decided against prosecution.

At my company, they actually recommend going straight to police if you've been the victim of an actual crime (ie rape) rather than going through HR. HR is just for workplace disputes.

You could print out enough pages to circle the globe about why rape victims don't go to the police.

And? executives are supposed to take her word for it? if the police "won't listen", why should they? Let's remember her that she took money from Weinstein business and agreed to keep her mouth shut. Why did she take the money?

lol, or maybe he is really an enemy of the Russians right???

TIL innocent until proven guilty is a dirty capitalist plot. Thanks comrade!

Does Rose McGowan come off as a tad unstable with all of her tweets? Perhaps being raised in a sex cult makes one a little crazy?

And unlike Weinstein, they have great taste.

In Canada we had a creep with power. People didn't report it for years, many actresses accused him of rape, and pretty much it was believed, but Jian Gomeshi was found not guilty in the trial.

Edit: whoa apparently there are a lot of people defending this accused rapist creep according to my in box. Really, he was certainly abusing his power of the mogul in his industry and creepy as hell. When you have several people come forward and say he sexually assaulted them... By choking them out against their will... He is a disgusting human being.

by no means a feminist? Do you believe that men and women are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities? Bam! You're a feminist. It's great. Have fun!

All of the ones that didn't go to the police when it happened in fear that it would impact their Hollywood careers have to share some of the burden for all those assaulted by HW later. I know this will be downvoted into oblivion, but it doesn't mean it's not true.

Coming apart at every nail.

Scum like you is exactly why rape victims don't come forward.

Jesus fucking christ.

You're literal evil.

So Roman Polanski is a misunderstood god-like pedophile that Hollywood takes an almost unanimous stand in support of, but Jeff Bezos is evil because Rose McGowan told someone in the Amazon heirarchy that HW raped her but she took $100K to soothe her soul and did not report it to police?

There was proof (a legal settlement which she agreed to) saying it didn't happen. This is a terrible consequence of her taking "hush money".

You know the deal is not "hush money or nothing", right? You know it's "take the money or I'll destroy you". And the reason there's a carrot and not just a stick is to be able to use the carrot to undermine the credibility of the victim. "She took the money, so therefore on some level she must be okay with it" is a bullshit argument.

A settlement means nothing other than one side has power and the other does not.

Oh look. Another Trump enemy is being attacked in the media.