Rose and Arrow, done by Patrick Thomas, Tattoo Lounge, Los Angeles, CA

Rose and Arrow, done by Patrick Thomas, Tattoo Lounge, Los Angeles, CA

Looks awesome right now but I'm wondering how defined it will look without any black line bordering when it starts to fade.

It'll have a bit more of a soft look to it. Which is what she was wanting. I personally want to put a second session to re saturate the rose areas. This will really keep the main areas of the rose as solid as possible without having to darken or define it. And the rest can soften and wear per our desired effect.

Thanks for the reply would love to see an update if she does the second session

Though no black linework is necessary, I will say that it will need a major boost in the depths to stand up even over the first year. As it is, much of that will be fairly washed out and non descript after this is healed I'm afraid. Has the potential but still needs that extra push.

Wow, that is one beautiful tattoo!!

I don't understand what you're showing us. Only one of those photo's look bad. The Bruce Willis (die hard) is really cool that it looks aged the way the actor has.

If you show the difference, it might educate people on what you're trying to point out. The argument you offer is only partially shown.

Maybe they're looking to develop a ''bleeding' effect.

Among other nsfw pictures on my front page, without reading the title it looked like something else.....

Great tattoo. Shading of the rose is pretty beautiful.

I agree. I have a rose with a black outline and after 10 years the red was completely faded and now it's just a black outline of a rose. I am planning to get it colored again but for yours I would think the pink is going to bleed and fade quickly. Post 5 year pics!

I want something very similar to this but a water color look. Love it

Great placement.

I love the absence of black lines. It's absolutely beautiful OP