ropz 4k

ropz 4k

I still don't get why people use oddshot over twitch clips

That was so sick lol, I though Na'Vi already had the round

Probably paid by oddshot :tinfoilhat:

what a kool play

The guy is insane

And Oddshot is propped up by Youtube to decrease Twitch viewership.

Going against the circlejerk here, but for me oddshot is always faster than twitch clips, sometimes twitch clips don't even load

I don't know if people remember, but that was actually a thing on this sub. People got paid in amazon gift cards to use some clip site (not oddshot though) over any other.

On mobile Oddshot doesn‘t allow you to go back to your previous site. It always loads Oddshot again and again. You have to literally close the tab to stop it. Fucking obnoxious.