Rooney puts England back infront!

Rooney puts England back infront!

Clive Tyldesley's career is defined by the way he shouts "Wayne Rooney".

What a fucking game this has been

Yep. Rooney's problem is he's too English.

The funniest part is that this man is going to England's top scorer, England's most capped player, and probably in the top 20 of English top flight goal scorers and will still be looked down upon by the media because he's "not world class".

That was such a Football Manager goal.

"England arrange friendly with Gibraltar"

Feel like im watching a Tottenham game

Sounds like that would suck pretty much all the time.

That's what the up vote button is for lad.

"And Rooney has won it for England!"

Bit early to say that, the way this game has gone, Clive.

I just can't remember being entertained by an England game recently before this one.

They're usually so dull, slow affairs decided by one or two moments of good play amongst the missed easy chances and sloppy mistakes. Players so scared of making mistakes they don't do anything positive.

I wonder if being away from home has helped. Less pressure, away from the media attention etc.

IIRC he was the commentator that uttered Rooney's famous introduction "remember the name: Wayne Rooney!"

This isn't the England I know...

That night in Barcelona surely? The guy will shoe horn a shameless United 1999 UCL win reference into anything. It's a gift.

And is now on a lifelong quest to make sure people remember the name

There's been an overwhelming lack of missed penalties and childhood tears

That happened once. ROOOUUNAYYY can be used over and over again.

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I think it was heading that way until Wilshere decided to fuck shit up, plays really well for England.

I guess in this situation Tottenham are Slovenia.

Despite almost being Irish

"10% luck..."

San Marino soon anyway.

Slowly creeping his way towards being England's all time top scorer.

Also Lallana came on. Created both Wilshere goals.

Jesus, its about time Wayne. Could have had four tonight. Great finish, mind

This is great from Lineker: Welcome to the 48 club @WayneRooney . And thank you for making young folk aware that I once played a bit and don't just flog crisps.

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They'll be well versed from spending time there on Thursday nights.

He will also most likely be Uniteds top scorer in history and im pretty sure he is already in the top 5 premier league scorers in history

Bobby Charlton played 106 England games in 12 years. Rooney has currently played 105 England games in 12 years. There were probably a fair few less friendlies (England undoubtedly played more World Cup matches in Charlton's period than in Rooney's), but not a huge difference.

Rooney will get his 6th of the night to make it 14-0. However, England will get crucified by the media the following morning, being labelled 'the laughing stock of Europe', after San Marino are awarded a dubious penalty in injury time to make it 14-1. Rooney is cited by various tabloids as the worst England captain of all time for letting this embarrassment happen, despite being subbed off in the 87th minute.

Lovely assist

Finally, after missing so many chances. Now go and get that record

It really isn't. If anything it's harder. San Marino 25 years ago were even worse than today.

They play more games. Lots of friendlies. Although its not a massive difference.

As for Bobby Charlton. Was probably harder in his day as less football and generally better opponents.

Edit: just had a quick google. Apparently sir Bobby played more friendlies than Rooney and often against poor opposition. He scored a hatrick against the USA for example and also got 3 in an 8-0 demolition of Mexico.

Yeah ok, 5 goals in 6 games says otherwise.

With Newcastle playing the role of Estonia

Even when he's having a shocker, never count Rooney out.

I said top flight, though, because when you include everything pre-1992, Shearer doesn't even make the top 5. Greaves was a monster. He's actually already third behind Andy Cole, who he'll pass next season as long as he gets 3 goals. He'll never pass Shearer, but that's fine because I don't think anyone will.

I just hope that when his career is over he gets at least the amount of attention that Gerrard is getting.

There's no reply to this, this isn't the last time you hear from me

I dont think it was

Gets there ahead of Cesar after the cunt elbowed him. Sweet

That is a lovely finish for someone who has had a frustrating game

Lucky Charms Cereal's New Recipe!

This was quite a nice finish but I don't think it was a particularly hard chance. Any striker in the word would fancy their chances of scoring in that position.

That's Martin Tyler

I think you could find some people on here who will argue he's not. It's just unfortunate in a way that RVP got bought and forced him into the midfield. LVG playing him at CM nearly made me vomit. 

Quite sure it was the defender's touch, although I think that's what Walcott meant to do anyway. The commentators certainly thought it was Walcott but I think the defender just got a foot in, and it makes sense because he was sliding right in the direction that the ball went.

Quite sure it was the defender's touch, although I think that's what Walcott meant to do anyway. The commentators certainly thought it was Walcott but I think the defender just got a foot in, and it makes sense because he was sliding right in the direction that the ball went.

Does him with the eyes. World Class finish

All is forgiven, Wayne.

Seriously fuck the downvote circlejerk, a harmless comment like this gets more hate than some of the most crass comments I've seen on reddit in this sub

did it in major tournaments too, scored 6 in 1986 and won Golden Boot. scored 4 at Italia 90


Makes me laugh when people talk about him never getting a yellow card in his career - it's because he was so far up the pitch he never made a tackle.

United hadn't a midfielder and he was the only one who could do the job.But yea sure , let them play without a CM because YOLO . I am not trying to be aggressive but LVG didn't play him in midfield to have fun , he had to and i hope this problem will be fixed by next season.

Sucks to be a Slovenian Liverpool fan right now.

I mean the guy was ready to cry after watching that broadcast. Thats passion man.

Ahhh, the English way

Do they play easier games these days? Surely playing against San Marino next he'll equal or become top goal scorer

I'm only including PL goals. Shearer has 260, Rooney 185.

It does appear that I'm unable to do math though. Rooney needs 75 to tie, not 85. Thats 5 seasons instead of 6... If 35 year old Rooney is bagging 15 goals a season then I can't wait.

Same :D

The thing is Rooney has been playing for England for over 10 years now, people forget how young he started.

Unreal poacher.

was saying it more as a testament to Lineker's quality rather than knocking Rooney

Clive definitely references 1999 over and over though

Dont worry, theres plenty of time for that!

No one will beat Shearer, especially now that there are only 38 games a season.

Said the same thing. Could've been in the 98th minute and I'd still have said it. Anything for a bit of Clive bashing.

What's the minimum we have to win that one to make the press happy? Didn't they have a fucking moan one of the games because we didn't win by more than five goals.

He is 3 goals away from being 2nd top scorer in premier league, but not only that, he is also the 4th players with most assists (2 assists behind Lampard and 5 behind Gerrard). He is most likely going to end his career being 2nd on both goals and assists in premier league history.

Yeah the Euro is just in 2016

No, I agree. I meant that it was just a high pressure goal. A few moments until the 90' and they were tied. It's just high pressure, especially with the time he had to stop and think about the pressure. But yeah, it was probably much easier chance to finish than he had earlier when it comes to technical skill.

Yeah, Shearer won't be beat. Rooney needs 85 more league goals to even tie. He averages 15 per season for united, So he needs 6 more years of that...

Fucking ridiculous inn'it? Guy wasn't hurting anyone.