Roo fighting himself.

looks buffed as fuck

Kangaroos seem kinda douchey.

It just occurred to me that these creatures are abominations and shouldn't be on this earth. Like, what the fuck kind of evolution made that thing? It's got the head of a horse or big dog, a very human looking torso, and crazy jumping legs. Not to mention that tail which is basically a third leg.

I never noticed how much these guys look like a weird genetic experiment.

I swear there was a moment of human-ness right in the middle.

This is what I came up with after Googling Ripped Kangaroo

This is what I came up with after Googling

Man, just realized kangaroos look a lot like primates. Australia is weird.

Kangaroos will literally disembowel you even if you manage to cut their fucking arms off. They'll jump in front of your car just to fucking kill you in the process of themselves.

Don't fuck with them, don't approach them and most importantly don't attempt to out-alpha them.


Google "Ripped Kangaroo"

I was thinking the same thing. It was a little unnerving

Until viewing this gif, I never realized how disturbing the movements and feature of a kangaroo are. This thing is not cute. Reminds me of the aliens in M. Night Shyamalan's Signs.

It's an Ozzy bacon rooll. Delicious.

What do kangabros drink? Kangabrews.

I like how he instinctively goes to guard his genitals after the failed attack. In nature, males will attempt to castrate one another with scything kicks.

Right? I was distracted by how hench he was that I didn't even notice the floating trick while he was on his tail the first three go-arounds of the gif! What is even crazier is how much muscle is there in a kangaroo's tail!


I wasn't fucking lying when I said they'll jump in front of your car.

Live-action version of Tank Girl.

Which was created by Jamie Hewlett, the artist behind the Gorillaz art/design.