Rogue Operative

Rogue Operative
Rogue Operative

Salutes Alex Davy for not making Boba Fett a Commander

Also, that miniature, beautiful!

Speed 3 move, first default 3+ save, Jump 2, Sharpshooter, Arsenal, rolls extra defense dice if they have Pierce, places a bounty on an enemy that scores you an extra point if you kill them and live, has an upgrade that gives him free aim tokens against wounded enemies, can whipcord Luke and fly out of melee (lol), and his model is flying! God damn he looks like so much fun.

I suspect your going to see a lot of Leia, Han and Veers Boba lists.

I'm playing rebels, but this Boba will be mine

Operative is a new unit type that is neither special forces or commander. He's kind of in between really, as he has command cards, but they only issue orders to himself.

Yep, I was one of the people who scoffed - at the "anti-pierce" rule, adding a new unit type, non-commander having command cards..

It's all true. All of it.

Sorry person, whoever you were!

I don't see anything in the RRG about Operatives.

I can't see the article at work so I'm not sure what exactly they are. Is he a special Force unit or a Commander unit?

Because if he has command cards then he isn't a Special Forces unit, but if he can't issue commands then he's not really a commander either.

So that would make him something different then what we already have.

You're thinking of Special Forces, but may still be correct. Operative is not a unit type, just a description. Boxes of Troopers say: Unit. I assume Operatives are single figures that still fill a normal list spot, nothing new about it.

I wish we could see what the heavy weapons do.

Still, 2 black dice per guy base is pretty sweet.