[Rogers] While the #Marlins, #Rangers and #Angels race to throw millions at Shohei Ohtani, spoke to guy today close to Ohtani camp who says decision will be made more on fit with team than size of signing bonus. #Cubs, #Dodgers, #Giants and #Padres are all viable options.

[Rogers] While the #Marlins, #Rangers and #Angels race to throw millions at Shohei Ohtani, spoke ...

"Guys he doesn't care about the money"

"Well what if we toss in another cool million?"

"What the fuck did I just say?"


Wow Marlins were the Mystery Team in on Ohtani all along

Nah Ohtani to spheres

Ok, I’m hearing you loud and clear… here’s another million

"No seriously we aren't worried about money"

"Fuck this dude is gonna be expensive"


sign with cubes pls

Oh, really? And here I thought money mattered to the guy who gave up a cool hundred mill to come over a few years early.

#Marlins trading away their international money so that Ohtani can get paid even less, that's how little he cares about money

Dipoto isn’t doing this for Ohtani. He’s using it as a cover to feed his insatiable trade addiction.

Dipoto: "How many more dump trucks full of money do we have to drive to your hotel room before you sign with us Ohtani? Should I make more trades?"

We're gonna hold you to this one too

I hear the rhombuses are a dark horse

They've been bamboozling us the whole time. They've had an under the table agreement with Ohtani since he was 12. A term in his contract is that the team must move to Japan, so they've been cutting salary in order to afford their new stadium near his hometown. The pitcher they just got from the Mariners is going to be the next Greg Maddux. The other two FormerMs will also turn into superstars. Also, it turns out Jeter bought the team in order to make a comeback. He'll play the best baseball of his career for the Marlins in 2018. So will Rafael Palmeiro. This is how the Morioka Marlins will win the 2018 World Series.

well if he really cant decide between two or three teams, having the most money cant hurt

He isn’t going to the Angels good god people. I’ll deep fry my socks as a side dish if he does. Idk why anybody thinks he’s actually going to the Angels

I had a math problem dealing with rhombicosadodecahedrons this wednesday and it was hard as fuck so if we going with random ass shapes it gotta be that

Jerry dipoto: FUCK

Fuckers getting my hopes up

This decision is so wack to me. I mean good for him and his aspirations but I'm taking that 200 mil no doubt

Directed by M Knight Shamalamalol


You're going to have the weirdest Christmas dinner.

It all makes sense why the Marlins are trying to trade Stanton now. Think about it, they get rid of Ohtani money from Stanton's contract, and Shohei becomes the face of the marlins

Why are you so obsessed with the Angels, lol.

I wished he stayed because a) I'm a Fighters fan b) Shohei Otani and Kotaro Kiyomiya in the same lineup would be home run magic c) he deserved every penny he could get with his amateur status revoked.

it's this


Lol just like I said in another thread, why do they keep trying to throw an extra million at him? He’s giving up over a hundred million dollars to come here 2 years early. If that doesn’t make it clear how little the money means to him, nothing does. I still think the Mariners are the favorites, but I think it has nothing to do with the size of the bonus.


Saving this. Just in case.

Hexagons are better.

1: The Rangers aren't racing anyone. They acquired money last season on purpose. 2: it's the Mariners, not the Marlins. This guy doesn't even know the teams he's taking about.

We doing what now?

LOL exactly what I was thinking.

Yeah let’s go with that one.

Think of the money they are saving with a player that pitches and plays the outfield.

The marlins are the darkest of dark horses.