Roger Stone faces subpoena threat over Assange contact

Roger Stone faces subpoena threat over Assange contact
Roger Stone faces subpoena threat over Assange contact

Besides DJT himself and maybe Bannon, I find Stone to be the most personally repulsive player in this whole saga. Case in point

He's revolting, and a terrible human being. But I think more revolting are the data brokers like Mercer and Thiel. Wealthier than sin and control the technology. They have it all, but need more and more, and profit off the misery, frankly relish in the despair, of those they deem "unworthy". Truly vile.

Repulsive but very illuminating about the id of the GOP and in particular the White Pride House.

Aww, this will interrupt his Trump chest tattoo work.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, the committee's top Democrat told CNN: "We have agreed to subpoena him if he doesn't provide the information. ... We'll see whether he's willing to comply or whether we'll have to use a compulsory process."

Grant Smith, a Stone attorney, said: "We are working to comply by the deadline set by the committee. Everything has been collegial and professional. There has been no threat of a subpoena."

Lol, there hasn't been a subpoena threat because there's been a guarantee.

Bond villains tbh

Vs Stone who is a henchman or tool of a Bond villain

The leaders of the House intelligence committee are warning that President Donald Trump associate Roger Stone will be slapped with a subpoena Friday if he does not reveal the name of his intermediary with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

"We'll give it until tomorrow," Rep. Mike Conaway, the Texas Republican who is running the House panel's Russia investigation, told CNN Thursday.

Asked if the panel would subpoena Stone if he did not disclose the name by Friday, Conaway said: "Yes. We'll take the next steps. Hope we don't have to."

Mar-a-lago Steamer: getting a giant orange turd tattooed on your chest

"I'm not going to burn somebody I spoke to off the record," Stone said. "If he releases me, if he allows me to release it, I would be happy to give it to the committee. I'm actually going to try to do that."

That sounds like he's scared....

I thought it was Nigel Farage, and an open-secret:

Last week, the Guardian published a report revealing a new and odd twist in the Trump-Russia scandal: Nigel Farage, the British politician who led the Brexit movement in Great Britain, is a “person of interest” in the FBI investigation of interactions between Trump associates and the Russian government. The newspaper reported that Farage was under FBI scrutiny because he had relationships with both the Trump camp and WikiLeaks, which disseminated Democratic emails swiped by Russian hackers in an effort to help Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

To compound things a bit, Farage's successful push for Brexit was seen as significantly aided by SCL:

The company, SCL Elections, went on to be bought by Robert Mercer, a secretive hedge fund billionaire, renamed Cambridge Analytica, and achieved a certain notoriety as the data analytics firm that played a role in both Trump and Brexit campaigns.

I refuse to hate Roger denies him the satisfaction. He wants to disgust you. He's a provocateur. Don't hate him, pity him.

I spoke to off the record

What is this "off the record" BS? he's not a journalist.

Wonder if his go between is Rohrabacher.

Fridays f5oclock looking to be one for the books. I can feel it! This is supposed to trigger by tomorrow right?

The henchmen are always the more repulsive characters.

Get me Roger Stone.