Rockhold vs Bisping UFC 199 - Great video insight on Bisping's perspective on the fight

Rockhold vs Bisping UFC 199 - Great video insight on Bisping's perspective on the fight

Dan Hardy putting the knife into Rockhold, and he's completely right when he does so.

The hubris Luke displayed was unbecoming of a champion and he lost deservingly.

Yeah, because it's the mark of a true mixed martial artist to call a guy who defeated you a maggot who you'd kill, as Rockhold did in the post fight presser.

Also, his "cowardice" is a fucking stupid narrative. He was put into money fights, he took them like any champion would. He signed up to face the winner of Romero/Whittaker, if you remember, that fell through because GSP was free. It's odd that people think he has so much leverage, he's most popular in a country where pay-per-views aren't a thing and he's about to retire. Do you really think he can say "no" to a fight against GSP?

This is taken from the documentary "My Destiny". If you have an hour, go watch it. Amazing stuff.

the fact that he essentially has one eye is fucking crazy. his depth perception wont be as good as anyone else's yet he still managed a belt

Not enough people talk about this, I feel like. If Luke were one eye'd like that, people'd be like, yeah of course Bisping beat a one eye'd fighter.

It's a clear disadvantage in a fight. Too many people discount his win against Rockhold. If that shit is fluke, Conon's win against Aldo must have been a fluke too, and so are all the other flash KOs. The mma fans are weird.

Heavy weight fights are like full of flukes too then lol.

Edit: For some reason I don't find Bisping's trash talk offensive. It's like a banter from a drunk guy. He never seems like he really means what he says. I find it entertaining so I don't hate the guy like a lot of folks here, so there's that.

The way Bisping acted after beating Rockhold was unbecoming of a mixed martial artist period. So was his cowardice as the champion.

Bisping is one of the worst sportsman in the UFC currently. He spat on a fighters corner after blatantly fouling him during the fight and shit talked a deaf guy after robbing him blind. I don't think you are right about the Rockhold stuff but maybe you are. Bisping is a piece of shit regardless

Not a coincidence actually, but the statement by Rockhold reminded me that I wanted to post this for quite some time now

That was awesome. I love bisping and I was so fucking happy. First time in a very long time I literally yelled at my TV

The only reason Rockhold said those things was because mike was a huge tool after the fight. Rockhold helped him off the canvas after beating him, was very respectful to him and Bisping just screamed fuck you at him while mocking him in the octagon, dudes a scumbag. I still think he is a coward for fighting a not even top 10 mw as his first defense.

lol it’s funny that you post this now. Especially after the convo happening in the Luke/Bisping fight thread right now.

This is a great vid.

I think so. I'm European and it's available on YouTube for me, but I heard a lot of Americans can't watch it there.

Thanks buddeh for posting it. I am a relatively newer MMA fan so I have never seen it before. Watching it now.

Great insight, there's a bunch of clips here I haven't seen before. Where is this from? Edit: nvm I see your comment thanks for posting this- big Bisping fan

Personally this was my favourite fight where the title changed hands