Robert Whittaker vs. Luke Rockhold slated for UFC 221

Robert Whittaker vs. Luke Rockhold slated for UFC 221

Middleweight is such a good division if you ignore the official champs

The next headline better be "GSP Vacates Belt, 221 bout turned to official title fight" , please. I know it won't be but, one can dream.

Edit : Ayyyy lmao

It was always the right move to make. GSP could not sustain being at 185. Whittaker v Rockhold will bring normalcy to the division and I'm all for it.

I don't know why but everyone dismissing Luke is offending me personally.

You fucks will all see.

It's all Rockhold's fault really. He clearly underestimated Bisping and the whole division paid the price.

"Spoke with Conor today, he wants to fight GSP for the middleweight title. Isn't he awesome." - Dana White

Same with lightweight

The fight for the real belt took place months ago against Yoel. This one is just the rightful champ defending his belt.

Jesus christ what a shitshow the entire ride has been ever since Bisping vs Hendo got announced, not to say that Bisping being a UFC champ already had a bit of a comedic air to it.

I know it won't be but, one can dream.

Do you really believe this is a fantasy scenario? GSP has no interest in defending the middleweight belt, they will 100% make this an official title.

Rockhold has done nothing to deserve the kind of animosity I'm seeing around here.

I like Whittaker, and I'll be rooting for the new blood to hold on to that belt and usher in a new era of stability, but Rockhold is a motherfucker.

He's also not that much of an asshole even if he's not the most charismatic guy. Yeah, he's a bit sour grapes as of late, but I feel like Rockhold actually embodies a lot of what this sub seems to pretend they care about.

Rockhold is an elite fighter that only wants to fight elite fighters. You can't not respect that.

Regardless of what GSP does , this fight is for the real belt in my mind

jesus what the fuck is up with this entire thread downplaying rockhold and hyping whittaker up as some kind of unstoppable monster.

jk, Rockhold is gonna meet Left hook Larry's twin. Rip

surely an unpopular opinion but you guys are too quick to discredit Bisping as if he didn't KO Rockhold who was the true undisputed champ at the time. Yes his 1 defense was bullshit and he held up the division waiting for GSP, but I still would've appreciated Bisping Vs Whitaker for the undisputed belt over GSP taking it and vacating

Absolutely agree. It's frustrating to hear how much shit he has talked about the division, Bisping, GSP, Dana White, how rankings mean nothing, interim belts mean nothing, when MOTHERFUCKER IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT FOR NOT SQUISHING BISPING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

GSP will make history by being the first to ever vacate two UFC belts in different weight classes.

thanks man im a little more calm now because of that upvote

I'd say its because Whitaker handled the 2 scariest guys in the division in impressive fashion.

always gotta root for whittaker because he plays runescape

I wonder if we could get Conor to vacate by tweeting him this information.

If you went by only this subs word and you didn't know who Rockhold was, you'd think he was a trash fighter and a garbage human being.

But Bisping made sure that didn't happen so of course people are going to discredit him

He's just a bit too handsome for my taste.

Lol have an upvote

There you go

As a big Whittaker fan I'm paranoid people are putting a voodoo curse on him by acting certain that he's gonna win.

Honestly, I think Luke can lose. And I don't think it's out of the realm that he could be dominated and finished inside 2 rounds. But it's annoying me that the majority of people think it's a forgone conclusion.

that fight wasnt even a money fight... no excuse

Luke has pretty good striking especially kicks. He also has size and length on his side. If he fights from the outside and tries to win on points while stuffing takedowns he can win.

Reading the comments you'd think Whittaker was undefeated and P4P #1. Christ.

Usually when /sub/mma is almost completely unanimous that somebody has no chance, they end up winning in dominant fashion. Luke by TKO.

Retirement present for hendo

He already is champ so I guess that one day is here already!

All I'm saying is Bisping was the true champ after he KO'd Rockhold and no one can take that win away from him. He had been fighting for over a decade for lunch money when GSP came along dangling a golden carrot in his face and did what any fighters in his shoes would've done. A lot of this bullshit is on GSP and I don't believe he ever had any intention to defend

The Yoel fight was very close and was decided by 1 round. Luke has 4 inches of reach on Whittaker too.

It's not like Whittaker doesn't get hit either. Yoel landed clean a bunch and did damage in the clinch, and Brunson literally ran at him full speed with his chin up and still landed clean before he got dropped.

Whittaker will be a slight favorite but its a razor close matchup and Luke is going to land his kicks. Whittakers boxing is obviously much better so Lukes going to have to stay on the outside and work, and force the clinch when the opportunity arises like Yoel did.

Lmao people are getting their panties in a twist. GSP is legit sick and recently won the belt.

Fitting that Rockhold's loss to Bizping started all this and now Rockhold has a chance to undo everything that's happened since with a win.

With Conor being AWOL, GSP has all the leverage in the world. He is one of the handful in the company that doesn’t have to fight to survive, and he also so happens to be the biggest draw that hasn’t been suspended by USADA.

He only won it a month ago, give him six months to see if his body will allow him to defend it or not.

As a Whittaker fan I'm terrified of this fight.

Luke is a killer.

If he loses, it means he beat all of these monsters without ever wearing the official (bullshit) belt.


It's all his fault? Dana, WME-IMG, Bisping, are all contributors. Is it Eddie Alvarez's fault for losing, and Conor fucking that division too, same with Jose Aldo?

Calling GSP a disgrace to MMA is like calling spaghetti a disgrace to Italians

He literally won the title after the USADA came in.

Don't give him any ideas!

Eh, Rockhold did ask for the Romero fight.

He wanted a 5 rounder main event. Yoel wanted a 3 round fight.

Negotiations stalled. Rockhold got annoyed and then accepted a fight with Branch - who did well, but was finished pretty easily.

Where did you get the idea Rockhold was ducking Yoel?

Considering you bet on Bisping against Gastelum and said Gaethje would KO Alvarez in 1 rd I'll take your predictions with a grain of salt...


I feel like he will vacate it, but it will be after this fight occurs, not before.

Conor's after the distinct 2-belt strip record. You're going to have to send an army to take that belt from him

Probably because there should never have been a title on the line considering Hendo was #13.

I think whittaker has a style advantage on luke. Lukes headmovement and boxing has always been suspect, he leaves too many openings. Whittakers has very fast handspeed and good power, his TDD is very strong and can neutralise rockholds elite wrestling and jiu jitsu. Rockholds kicks could make fighting on the outside dangerous so imo as long as whittaker pressures him and turns it into a brawl on the cage it should favor him.

Still don't know what the fuck they were smoking, when they decided that one..

He has some of the best kicks but his boxing & head movement are quite weak.

I think Bobbie Knuckles is going to box his face off.

Now all we need is Conor defending or vacating motherfucker, then 2018 UFC will have regained some of its lost "sport" aspects

Kinda. Once GSP vacates, that's the undoing.

That is so amazing makes me like him even more.

You're acting as if GSP is calling the shots. While he is the biggest star outside of Conor, he doesn't have a fraction of the negotiating power Conor does. The UFC brass/Dana will give him an ultimatum in the next month or so and if he keeps "hmmming" they'll strip him and promote Robert Whittaker to undisputed champ.

He short. Rockhold has length. I'm talking about range fighting, not clinch or grappling.

I'm only playing devil's advocate here, but BK used to be a welterweight and Rockhold is a massive middleweight. He can out point BK from range forcing him to try to lunge in or flurry. If he fights at boxing range it will decrease his chances of winning.

Edit: changed phrasing

"You've seen me on steaks now watch me on tiramisu "

Don't fight the feeling...just go with it bby.

As long as conor is willing to fight Tony I dont mind him holding the belt while he and the UFC argue about money.

If he ends up fighting Diaz or something now Im going to be fucking annoyed though.

Looks like it's official :

Has to vacate at this point. If they let him keep it it’s stupid, he clearly isn’t going to defend it. Vacate Conors too, or make him fight. This is getting absurd

Uh were you not here when everyone called Gastelum-Bisping?

Conor didn't vacate the featherweight championship, though. He was stripped.

If we're gonna call that "vacating", then Jon Jones holds the record with 3 "vacated" titles.

I think a lot of people would agree with you. Rockhold isn't invincible. And we've seen his weakness is his boxing. Whereas Bobby's boxing is crisp.

I don't see how Rockhold can beat Bobbie rn. If Jacare couldn't hold Whittaker down, then I don't see Luke doing it. And standing, Whittaker's gonna knock him out.

The difference is Rockhold is supposedly four times the fighter Bisping is at this stage. Conor is a better fighter than Eddie Alvarez.

Champions had trouble selling 200 thousand ppvs this year. Selling 800 thousand ppvs makes you a star. GSP doesn’t need to fight, if Dana pisses him off he is done and Dana is short a proven ppv draw.

aaaand not even 2 hours later GSP has officially vacated the title

Most people think that he who holds the belt must be the strongest in his division, but those 2 things don't go hand in hand. Many fighters don't become champs because of timing or bad luck. The best way to prove that you deserve to be "champ" is to actively take up the most serious challenges -something Whittaker has been doing. Bisping on the other hand ..

Well id say he's paid enough by being choked unconscious and knocked out in the same month.

I'd hardly call the money bisping was making before GSP lunch money.

What's wrong with 170? Are u saying he shouldn't be the official champ?

Lol I find this concept funny (realistic But funny). He is absolutely jacked struggling to make 185, but I look at a piece of cheesecake sideways and hit 250.

Bisping vs. Henderson 2 for Hendo’s final bout with the title on the line was a no brainer of a fight to make. Don’t know why people can’t just accept that.

I think Branch vs Rockhold is one of those fights this sub makes out to be something it wasn't. I watched the fight then came on here and I just couldn't believe what people were saying about it.

Big Brown called it a while back on his podcast. "GSP isn't fighting at middleweight again, it's not happening. They're gonna do Whittaker vs Rockhold".

And here we are.

GSP just vacated the title and Whittaker is the official champ of the MW division.