Robert Mueller and John Kerry are old classmates. The Swamp is DEEP.

Robert Mueller and John Kerry are old classmates. The Swamp is DEEP.

Skull And Bones - Kerry and George W. Bush are Classmates as well.

George Carlin was right: “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

Fuck, remember when people were promoted because they were good at their jobs, not because they had crony-connections? Wait, was it ever like that?

But secret societies don't exist

Bob went to Princeton after St Paul; Kerry went to Yale where he met GW.

Sporadically and rarely throughout history.

Everyone in the photo has the same jaw, big bridged nose, and dumbo ears. The inbreeding of the deep state and elites knows no bounds

Yup Saint Paul’s in New Hampshire, it’s a boarding prep school

He went to Princeton. Yale is where the S&Bs people are from.

They look relatarted.


I don't believe those days are in the past. I recall some dude talking about making America great again. I heard he was running for national office a bit ago and kind of launched a movement. I think he actually won.

It used to be: My grandfather started out as a meter reader at MassElectric back in the day.

Made his way up to an Executive VP.

Those days are long gone, my friends, long gone.

Is Meuller Time Skull & Bones too ?

nothing says uptight New England richy rich prep school education, like life in a unreal bubble...a genius factory for entitled cucks to think they know what's best for us proles...i hope they all fall into our melting pot and never surface


So.. what you're saying is... they were jerking each other off in a coffin?

...and has a history of pizza-related assaults.

They look related.

Lurch was fuckin' ugly even then.

Whats a retart? Is that when you take a pop tart and retoast it?

looks like a photo of the 1950s Britsh spies, Philby and Burgess can almost smell the treason

Don't go there, dude.

Dozens of connections to uncover. The one I'm waiting for - there are so many MSM people connected to former Administration people - brothers, spouses, etc.

Investigate the propaganda arm that continuously lied to the voting populace.

Yes. They were at the same school, in the same class, and on the same lacrosse team.

"What's with the long faces, guys?"

You know, there is this old school Outkast song I love to listen too regarding this whole thing.

Is she secretly Robert Mueller?

I recall reading that they jerked themselves off in a coffin while recounting sexual exploits, and all the other members circled around and listened. Somehow even more twisted maybe?

What's with the People's Eyebrow?

Skull & Bones membership requires secret invitation to join. The invitation must be given by a former member. Who invited George Bush Jr's classmate John Kerry? George Bush Sr.

When I learned this in the 2004 election that's when I knew the red team and the blue team were the same.

ABC reports that MSNBC said that CBS heard from a guy ... Anonymous sources confirm.

He's determining if the photographer has Russian connections.