Robbery didn't go well as planned.

Robbery didn't go well as planned.

Get Rich Or Cry Trying

Related article:

John Bell, 22, pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and was sentenced to five years in prison on Dec. 18 [2017]

At the time of his arrest, Bell was on probation for an aggravated robbery he committed in 2015.

ah shit I’m stuck in here

Gettin a taste of that cell life already.

Question though. Where’s the fire exit?

Just confirming that he shot at the door right? The guy had a loaded weapon? That chick at the start has balls defying him.

Part of me finds it funny, part of me wonders why rape is treated as one of the most abhorrent crimes possible, but when it comes to men/prison it becomes a joke and people even wish it on other people.

:( conflicted

Love watching him go from shock to disbelief to anger to apologetic to resignation

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is

A couple of women who aren't dealing with his shit today.

Loaded gun = no sympathy

The thief likely was too freaked to look for the backdoor.

There should definitely be another exit if it's in the US, he was probably just too worked up to think out a solid plan. Granted, the article says he was busted for the same thing and on probation at the time, so his track record shows he's probably not that bright for a criminal to begin with

That's an extremely light sentence, discharging a firearm, armed robbery not to mention the priors. He should have gotten at least 8 years.

Yep. Was disappointed on how slow the second lady was though.

"gettin' robbed lol"

The seven stages of a failed robbery.

Don't worry someone will soon show him where his backdoor is located.

Joke about raping a woman- YOU ARE SATAN

Joke about extrajudicial punitive rape of men- HILARIOUS

There's no back door to walk out of?

Damn dude...

Jaywalking: $50

Jaywalking while firing a gun: 20 Years (+ $50)

That right there was the six stages of grief in two minutes thirty seconds.

Shock. ... Fuck I'm Stuck

Denial. ... I'm not stuck, I'll shoot this door till I'm free

Anger. ... I'll break this fucking door

Bargaining. ... Please I have nothing

Grieving. ... God sorry, I'm sorry, god help please

Acceptance. Hands up

20 year minimum sentence in Florida for discharging a gun during a crime

Yep. Was disappointed on how slow the second lady was though.

there's always an important whatsapp text to be sent.

Lawyer in the UK here (not criminal lawyer, but still). I assume he was convicted of manslaughter? How the LIVING FUCK did he get away with a five-year sentence? Was it appealed?

edit - Okay the post I replied to has been deleted. I'm talking about a different case, just in case anyone is confused by me randomly talking about people dying.

I hate when you keep pushing on the door, and then after a minute see the little signs that says pull.

I got robbed at knifepoint 2 weeks ago so I have no sympathy for this loser.

Right? By the end I started feeling sorry for him. Then I remembered he went into a store and pulled a gun out in front of a little kid, demanding money. I honestly hope he finds a way to clean up his life, but unless he does... fuck him!

I find it just as bad as all the people on reddit who wish for other's death, to suffer extreme pain, dismemberment, etc. because of an evil act. Do we really want to go back to cruel and unusual punishment? The days of draw and quartering?

B Unit

You got to give it to him though, he's not going to give up on this robbery thing until he gets it right.

She's stupid. Don't risk your life for a few hundred bucks covered by your boss' insurance

I might be a little bit demented, but I LOVE watching people who fail at being assholes beg for forgiveness when it goes poorly for them. My one thought is always, why would they forgive you, you wouldn't do the same if it hadn't gone wrong.

Not to mention that he FIRED that gun several times toward the street. There's no telling whom he could have injured or killed.

Fuck that idiot. Seriously.

Hooray for court sentenced rape! What a civilized country!

Unloaded is way different, loaded gun means you’re willing to kill someone even by accident. Unloaded means you’re desperate and you want people to comply but you’re not willing to hurt anyone, if someone charged you to take your gun you would rather they succeed than risk killing or hurting a person. Big difference

Your brother and brother in law are pieces of shit. Here's hoping you're better than them.

or unloaded gun for that matter. Or just generally threatening with violence of any form. I am sure he could have messed up that woman if he wanted to.

I see you have reached the second of the 7 stages

Pwease pwease pweaaaaaase. 😢 lol

Jaywalking isn’t a crime in Florida. (unless a municipality has criminalized it). But how about discharging a weapon while catching an undersized fish? 20 years.

I know you're joking but somebody walking across the street during traffic firing a gun is actually a pretty terrifying thought, wouldn't be surprised to see that get a hefty sentence as well

No idea why you're downvoted. If the robber wasn't so "nice" he would've shot them for refusing to open the register and trying to lock him in.

Really not worth the risk.

5/7 perfect stages

"please, I got nothing"

"Well , yeah but you walked in with a loaded fucking gun!!!

I hate the videos where people are running away and the "hero" chases after them and shoots them. Then the comments are all about "justice!" even if the guy dies.

But, I'm completely fine with him being arrested. I just think "how sorry would he be if he got away with it?" and "would he have done it again?". He's upset about being caught, he isn't upset about what he did.

But that's only 5 stages!

Bad ass = the woman who locked him in...

Not the robber!

Every-time I see a video like this and read the comments, I feel that I really don't belong here. He shouldn't have tried to rob the place, he is a stupid dangerous asshole that he pulled a weapon with a goddamn kid around, but I still feel empathy for the guy.

Denial is usually a big part of peoples lack of reaction in these situations. Its why you see people on video facing down an obviously determined attacker and hesitating to respond in kind. Your brain doesn't want to admit that violence is about to happen to you so it wastes times trying to rationalize it away.

Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

this is such a weird comment.. it's like an alien wrote it pretending to be a human..

Five years and he’ll probably only serve 2/3 at the most. So shitty.

Gettin a taste of that cell life already.

Firing the gun at the lock/door ensured a significantly longer stay in prison as well. Not to mention risking serious injury by ricochet.


This bothers me more than anything else about social media. Every day, I see smart, reasonable people celebrating mob mentality and trying to impose their own brand of justice whenever they think somebody hasn't suffered enough to their liking. It's disturbing and far too common.

Eh, my older brother robbed so many stores one summer that you could fill up a foot of toilet paper if it was in list form. He and my brother in law would wait until stores closed and would break in and start stealing. They even robbed a church. Somehow they only got 2 years.

That place is a fire trap!

A friend got mugged a couple of weeks ago, they stole his cellphone and backpack. Fuck anyone who would do this.

You wanna know something really bad? Downloading a song illegally and shooting a gun.

That was so satisfying to watch

Fuck him. The guy is letting off live rounds in a store pointed at the street full of innocents. It's only a matter of time before he actually kills someone innocent be it on purpose or on accident. The more people like him that get taken out the less people who don't deserve it will have to take his place. Buhbye, don't let the cell door hit you on the ass you fuckin lozer. Honestly I'd have had more respect for him if he took it like a man rather than crying on his knees and damn near assuming the fetal position.

Maybe she was he owner and gets paid in cash and has no insurance and this is her livelihood.

That is terrible. I’m so sorry for your loss. Not only was it a senseless act of violence, the guy got a slap on the wrist. So terrible. 😔

Everyone like to assume they'd be badasses in those situation... truth is that most employers instruct their employees to comply with robbers.

On probation for robbery so he robs again? I have absolutely no sympathy for this piece of trash.

It could save someone else's brother

Five stages of grief right there

Yes they are.

I am rather surprised he didn't shoot himself while aiming at that lock. It is one thing for the bullet to go through the plexiglass it is another for it to ricochet off the metal lock.

Yep. He would have tacked on 10 years for firing it at the lock.

Me at my job.

Hahaha, instant regret

Yeah I’d expect there to be a back door as well. Fire code probably wouldn’t allow just one exit.

Is there no back door? Or climb into the ceiling. Or sooooomething?

Yeah that doesn't match up with my experience of the UK Justice system (on both sides) at all. I can't comprehend how he got just 5 years unless there's something huge missing from this story.

In Florida we have a mandatory minimum sentence law called 10-20-Life where if you use a gun in a crime you get 10 years, if you discharge the gun during the crime you get 20 years, and if you shoot someone you get 25 years to life. That's what we were referring to. I personally don't believe in mandatory sentencing.

My guess is that (unfortunately) he's spinning a one sided story, and more than likely he wasn't convicted of first degree murder as that comes with a minimum sentence of way more than 5 years.

I would suggest that he was convicted of "involuntary manslaughter" that has less prison time than any others.

Here in the US for example involuntary manslaughter usually comes with a sentence of 2 years in jail.

(I know 2 years is pretty shitty even for our justice system that likes to lock up people for weed for life)

In 2010, Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in state court after he accidentally drew his pistol instead of his stun gun and fatally shot an unarmed man. At the time of his conviction, he received a two-year prison sentence. California's sentencing guidelines mandated a two- to four-year sentence.

Tommy Morgan was found guilty in federal court of killing a man while driving recklessly and under the influence of alcohol in 2011. He was charged in federal court because the killing took place on federal land. At the time of his conviction, he was sentenced to a 12-month prison term and three years' of supervised release.

My guess is that the UK has similar bases for justice, and that the individual in OPs story didn't mean to actually murder, got a plea deal, and was STILL sentenced to 5 years in jail.

His claim of "The UK justice system is a joke" is far from reality.

That's the difference between you and him. Thinking.


Wait hold the fuck up. He got 5 years for first degree murder? With priors? What the fuck do you have an article?

I'm not convinced that the begging is done in earnest though. Its a part of trying to manipulate people into doing something. Like this guy probably wouldn't have said thanks if someone had opened the door, he would have knocked the person over and ran off, and robbed someone else the next day. He doesn't want forgiveness, he wants out of there.

I've never done anything like this either. But I was also raised in a fairly positive environment and offered many chances which prevented me from ever having to wonder where my next meal would be coming from.

Anecdotal fallacy. Just because you know people that did well doesn't mean that there isn't inherent prejudices against felons who already served their debt to society.

What does this piece of shit deserve in jail? He already got sentenced and it’s done.

If you don’t believe the justice system is good enough and just want rampant shanking / raping then you don’t even subscribe to the justice system, or want any reform. You subscribe to a form of sadism and / or straight vigilante justice. Everything he “ deserves “ was prescribed to him by the “ justice “ system in place, if you don’t like it then go get your bat ears on buddy.

Could it be armed robbery vs break-in and stealing?

Seriously. Am I a bad person for wanting a source and not believing every anonymous personal story I read on the internet?

No sympathy. Asshole got what he deserved.

Try being a classroom teacher or vice principal.

It's an easy joke unfunny people use to just fire off from the hip.

SOURCE* Am unfunny person

Most thieves want to rob you, very few of them have any desire whatsoever to shoot you.

He was shooting out into a crowded street, effectively putting everyone's life in danger. Fuck that guy.

When it was previously posted, I remember reading that he had robbed the store before multiple times.

This time the owner just got creative.

Also as soon as he fired a gun, I think he made things worse for himself.

Another fun comment I remembered was what was he gonna do once he shattered the glass? walk through the bars like T2 villian? But then again, he was aiming for the lock but it is just funny to think of it

Handguns opening padlocks and steel doors only works in the movies.

Shotgun with slugs is more effective, but you gotta hit the right spot.

Handguns are nowhere near as powerful as people think.

Edit: the box 'o truth website is a great resource for this sort of thing, guys.

Fight, flight, or stay put. Three human responses to danger.

rationalize empathy away? he brought a loadd gun into a store.

Well they would get fucked up the same if it was loaded so that’s just something that happens but at least the person wasn’t irresponsible enough to risk killing that person for the $70 worth of shit they stole.

That’s not robbery. That’s burglary.

Robbery is taking from the person of another, usually by force, threat, or intimidation. Burglary is an unauthorized entry for purposes of committing a theft or other felony once inside (the specific language is from GA USA where I practice criminal defense; your jurisdiction may vary but these are probably close enough to national standards).

The difference? In Georgia, Burglary of non-residential 1-5, Burglary of residence 1-20. Armed Robbery 10-30 or LIFE.

We have lunch ladies already

Bullshit. I know several ex felons, one served 85% of 12 years in prison and is on an ankle monitor on parole, all managed to find jobs and are living independently. There are other options.

I don't know how true this is, but the last time this was posted, they said if the place was small enough, they weren't required to have a backdoor / fire exit. They also said the place had been broken into before, so the lock him inside part was preplanned in case it ever happened again. Again, I don't know how true that is, just what was mentioned last time.

I know, right? It's kind of chilling seeing someone being in limbo between being a free man 30 seconds ago to having to wait to go to jail. The talking to himself as he realized that was eerie.

He did have a loaded gun though, that removes the sympathies to a large extent.

Kinda got sad at the end actually.