RIP Stephen Hawking

RIP Stephen Hawking

I miss Barack so much! Always classy!

Just waiting on Trump's tweet, I'm guessing "I am now officially the bigliest of stable genii, that's the plural of genius, a lot of people don't know that."

The man sure knew how to carry himself. I miss that from a world leader.

“I like scientists who aren’t handicapped”

That was beautiful I'm not crying shut the fuck up🤧🤧

Yeah, a big part of being a leader of a nation is providing at least a tiny bit of feeling of sefety from world nuclear demolition sparked by Twitter arguments.

"weak handshake, don't trust him.."

Come back, Barack!

Tesla,Einstein,Hawking. 3 of the greatest minds of the modern era. We were blessed to have him.

I’m pretty sure his name is Elon Musk

I figured it would take 50 or 60 years before social media took us down in some kind of black mirror scenario. This time line is much more direct.

People can argue about how good Obama was as a president, but you can't argue about whether Obama was a good human being.

"Wouldn't even stand for the national anthem, fuck 'im."

From a star to a star.

It was just a lame joke, thought it might fall flat

It’s 2018, it’s okay.

Remember when the White House was awesome?

Just like the earth

Who would have though we'd end up in an episode of Black Mirror based on Idiocracy before it was even 2020?

Tesla is such a smart mind.

Lots of birthers are happy to yell at you about his ties to the secret Muslim brotherhood and how Jihadists used him to infiltrate and create the deep state.

I mean, they’re fucking nuts, but they’re happy to tell you what a terrible human he is.

I've been turning on the Black-Signal every night ever since he's been gone.

Nikola Tesla

Why is there a chief in the back?

He did have an American accent though

We're all made of star stuff.

I just went on Donald Trump's Twitter thinking he probably said something about Hawkins and nothing. This guy is the first one to go on Twitter to talk shit but can't even say RIP to someone who is admired by many. Probably cause he doesn't understand science so the importance of Hawkins is not even on his radar. It's sad that this is the guy we choose to run our country.

I miss this man more every day. Obama will always be the classiest president in my memory.

It’s probably hard to see a black signal at night.

Wasn't Stephen English too? That kind of makes it double funny.

Or his "speech" at the next Trump rally...

"Did you see Steven Hawkins died? [inexplicable mix of cheers/boos from crowd of attending sub-human morons who don't know who Stephen Hawking is, but are super excited to cheer/boo as if they were at a WWE event] Yes, yes. Sad, very sad, folks. Smart, smart man.

Many people are saying that I'm, like, really really smart too, okay. They'll say, 'Trump is smart! He went to Wharton'... which is the top business school, by the way, and many people don't know that, but it's true, it's true. I even had my own university, Trump University, which you may have heard of, okay.

Stephen Hawkins was good at science, but he never built a hotel or a casino or anything for that matter. It's a different kind of smarts, okay. It's, like, I'm street smart and he was book smart, and I personally think street smarts is actually more important in life. I really do. I really do.

And you can see that I've ended up the President and a billionaire and very successful in real estate and business, and Mr. Hawkins died, and actually many people have said, 'Trump is actually very book smart too!' and it's true. I did go to Wharton, and they don't let dummies into Wharton, let me tell you folks. It's a tremendous school, many say it's the best school, not only for business, but for learning and book smarts too.

Mr. Hawkins was—and I know the fake news media will try and spin this and get me in trouble—he was, honestly, a little too nerdy and small for me personally. Am I right, folks?

[crowd roars with applause and laughter]

I'm right, I'm right, I know, I know. Little Nerdy Stevie Hawkins, you know with his little wheelchair and his nerdy robot voice [mimicking Hawking's voice] 'I'm Little Stevie Hawkins and I am smart about science. Beep boop beep boop. But I have a robot voice and never succeeded at business.'

[crowd roars with applause and laughter]

No, but he was a smart guy too folks, I'm just kidding. Good guy, good guy. Just not street smart like Trump."

The guy thinks global warming is a conspiracy by China. Of course he doesn't understand or appreciate science.

I never even voted for Obama, but I'm out here wishing I had been nicer to him back in the day like he's that ugly girl from middle school who got hot and now wants nothing to do with me.

Edit: please don't downvote /u/ghostbackwards for asking a question. There's so many scandals with this joke of a president not everyone can keep track of them all.

I was so ready to joke about the typo, thinking you meant to say chef but. . .

Well shit bro you got me.

Will you witness me crying?

I'd say that people who don't follow the basic rules of argumentation and reason can't have an argument. They just have baseless statements.

And as such, those people can't argue.

I become so emotional whenever I see anything with Obama on it. I miss him. I miss not being embarrassed about our President.

Oh but you certainly could. See Mid East drone bombings if you don’t believe me.

I member.

Yeah. I mean, current US situation is something I always thought "Maybe in 30 years something this absurd could happen". It's not that amazing that it happened, but it just happened so damn quickly.

“ one point during the ceremony, Mr Obama had to dodge the feathers of the head dress worn by Joe Medicine Crow, a native American writer and leader”

In reference to the presidential medal of freedom ceremony were Obama presented hawking...

I may be heartless but I’d rather have that scenario again over this Russian Cold War 2.0 we’re about to enter.

I guess we underestimated how large the Jerry Springer crowd was.

A short, laughably incomplete list of people arguably more influential than Tesla to 20th century physics, but somehow didn't get mentioned in the "top 3":

Marie Curie (technically her discovery of radioactivity was 1898) Max Planck Ernst Rutherford Niels Bohr Wolfgang Pauli Edwin Hubble Erwin Schrodinger Werner Heisenberg Paul Dirac

And many many more. Tesla is best known for his work with AC and the induction motor, as well as radio communication. Depending on how far back you're willing to consider "modern" I would argue that James Clerk Maxwell, Andre Marie Ampere, and Michael Faraday (who's principal discoveries were published in 1865, 1827, and 1845 respectively, Tesla was born in 1856) all had a much larger impact on electromagnetism.

You know what.. I can actually see Trump saying that and that's sad for an American President.


If you want me to. I’ll try and make you smile too.

Nothing wrong with crying. The other day I heard a guy say to his 5 year old son “boys don’t cry”. Fuck that macho bullshit. Cry if you feel like crying kid. Shits tough out there and those feelings are there for a reason.

Ironically, the President in Idiocracy was probably the best leader that he could be given the circumstances, as he seeks help from the world’s smartest man to fix America’s problems and steps aside when it’s clear Joe can do a better job as President. He was an idiot, but he was a well-meaning idiot, unlike the Donald.

I agree. Except it isn’t one or the other, we currently have both. I’m not defending Trump btw, the guy is a moron.

Or just throw out an backhanded compliment, if not even an insult(wouldnt be the first time he makes fun of someone with disabilities).

The carbon, calcium, nitrogen, iron, and magnesium that our body contains are made out of materials from stars that were released in explosions when they died. Famously said by Carl Sagan.

I'm not crying you're crying

Why did i spend time on my 10 minute break to read all that? Because it actually sounded like somethin Trump would say lol

Oh, that's just the last Plains Indian War Chief, celebrated author, and WWII hero Joe Medicine Crow. Just chilling in the background, nbd.

When did he make fun of someone's disability?

I can’t ever imagine him saying “I like scientists” in the first place.

Only president in modern history to not have any scandals. Hence why fox had to dig in shit to find something to bitch about - tan suits and mustard.

Microsoft Sam was an all-American patriot who died for our freedom during the disaster known as Windows Vista.

Maybe night time is the black signal 🤔

And he passes away just a day after Craig Mack dies.

Confirmed Hawking was a huge fan of having Flava In [his] Ear :(

FUCK....Oh, the good ol' days.

The earth can't fall flat, it already is flat!!

Edit: (I'm not sure if that's necessary /s )

Just because someone is a generally a good human being doesn't absolve them of any sins. You can criticize Obama and still think Trump is a shitty person and ever shittier president.

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

fyi, that site has an autoloading video

Fox news and right wing radio has made them about 30% of the country.

Not just that but some fuckin Republican bozo used him as an example to "prove" that universal healthcare would have left him to die in his 20s. Because his voice synthesizer had an American accent.

Hawking rightly replied that he would have more likely died young under the US healthcare regime, and only survived because of the British National Health Service.

Pepperidge Farm Remembers

I love that one of our generation's greatest economists is just chilling in the background.

This must have been when several people received the Medal of Freedom.

And not pissing off and losing all credibility with our allies. The president is the top ambassador in the world, and the way he acts matters in our ability to do diplomacy. Why would any trust us?

Wait.. really?

Joe Medicine Crow was a fucking badass

I'm thinking the requirement should be a 100% guarantee of non-twitter induced nuclear apocalypse

You think there's something wrong with monster truck gladiatorial combat as a judicial system? This is why Trump won

America is the only country I've ever known and they took in my immigrant ancestors and made our lives so much better so I do sort of feel bad saying this, but: I just liked America better when he was our face and our leader.

When I think of President Obama now, I often come back to how he sang Amazing Grace at the funeral of the Charleston church victims. He cared so much about uniting and healing our country. I didn't always agree with him, but in those moments and so many others, he was the epitome of Presidential.

Making Galileo look like...


... a BITCH

Cold War 2.0 would have happened regardless. The difference is that we wouldn't have a Putin stooge in office who'd rather attack minorities and his allies instead of standing up to Russia as it assassinates people in Britain with banned substances. Plus Obama would have implemented the sanctiond that were voted in on a 98-2 vote.

I'm not really sure how much Tesla being an important scientific figure is just modern internet meme and how much it has basis in reality. Tesla was primarily a marketer type, someone who would make a sort of cult around himself, and inventor only second. Lots of cool power point slides, but I'm not sure how many of them ever became cool scientific ideas or engineering solutions.

Apparently there aren’t enough Always Sunny fans in here.

This made me Smile. OP Delivered.

Might work better in the day.

I'm willing to bet that kid's dad is, consistently, the one to start shit at Junior's pee-wee hockey game.

I honestly blame The Oatmeal for most of the Tesla jerking.

Man, I can't understand those people. I'm a Republican, I voted against him, but that's nothing against him as a person. This post made me smile.

People attack him on that. But what is the alternative? A full scale ground war? Pullout completely and let ISIS take over? Ignore intelligence about terrorist camps?

W's foreign policy painted us into a corner. Obama tried to strike a risk / reward balance.

First thing I think about is what things I thing about. Plato, 2018.

I doubt he even knows who Hawkin was. It wouldn't surprise me to find that no one in his cabinet does either. Pence and his ilk were probably happy a great scientist and outspoken athiest died.

oh that's the fmr. Commander in Chief of the US Armed forces and President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama

damn that's a baller ass title

I’m a conservative and I hate the shit out of trump. I don’t understand people who blindly follow and devote their lives to a certain party and defend their side to the death.

Fun facts about the totally not racist person you banned

She was arrested in Italy (and banned from Patreon) for chartering a boat to block search and rescue boats from doing their job (which could have led to people drowning) and firing flares at Doctors without borders

When she went to France she angrily and secretly filmed people in Paris and then complained about how minorities were ruining France because nobody was wearing french braids.

Then when called out on the lack of understanding she complained that they weren't integrating into France and weren't speaking English(sic)

She also is unaware that the most profilific French author was a biracial man of African descent or that the people she angrily filmed were likely immigrants from French former colonies and thus do know how to speak French unlike her who needed a translator despite being from a country where French is an official language (who's not integrating now Lauren?)

When initially detained in the UK she claimed to be Pakistani for the lulz but the border agents didn't find it so amusing and now she's banned.

Looks like Lauren won't be able to go to the UK and complain about the lack of Oxford Shoes or English muffins anytime soon.

Clearly the conservative government of the United Kingdom comprised of upper class Eton alums were too socialist to understand what the founding fathers died for.

have you ever listened to obama talk about his foreign policies and drone strikes?

it's pretty obvious the realization of those casualties took a toll on him but the alternatives could have been much, much worse and far more disastrous (and costly both with $$$ and human lives). assuming he didn't care (or said "wooohoo lets wipe out some villages!!") isn't going to help you wrap your brain around the complicated situations around the world and how to deal with them (if that's even your goal).

i'm really not sure what you'd want a president to do in obama's situation. it was a cluster fuck when he entered and there were about zero neat solutions...

Worst part is, he did this and THEN our country made him president.

I miss him more and more. I loved him as a president but now I love him even more. Obama literally paid for my engineering degree and I'm so lucky that I went to college while he was president. My conservative parents were always hating on him for no reason, and I just show them my tuition financial statement that just says OMABA $3800 every single semester. My parents didn't pay for my tuition. Obama did lol. Thanks Obama (4 real). Man I wanna cry :(

Fine but TR is the coolest.

Here you go:

Ooooh yeah I memba dat

He sentenced people to death in a monster truck gladatorial combat to the death.... i mean thats badass as can be.... but i dunno about well-meaning.

lol thanks

way to keep it classy