Not true. EA aren't retarded, quite the opposite. They have fully taken advantage of the retards that pre-order video games.

EA isnt going anywhere.

Theyre still making alot of money.

Everyone seems to forget about EA's The Sims money. I just spent 39.99 for an expansion for The Sims 4 so I could have puppies and kitties.

And tbh I cant even be mad because its adorable and I love it.

EA will always make bank and always win.

Hahahaha, yeah, EA is definitely done. Like they won't rake in millions in profit over the next 12 months or something.

Yea, I stopped playing the sims cause I needed to pay £35 for a washing machine.........

what the FUCK??

that is nuts

Video games became mainstream and with that you get a lot of shit. How about going back to video games but ignoring the big triple A studios as much as you can?

Activision, EA, Ubisoft.

Those mega corporations are only interested in profit.

Pretty much the only game I play now is NHL simply due to time constraints. The game is never perfect, but it's always fun.

True, they knew this would happen, it’s just another statistic in their plan

Thats great that you enjoy it! What I'm saying is something you add to a game 15 years before and charged $20 for shouldn't cost an extra $40 in your new game.