RIP Chuck Berry

RIP Chuck Berry


Just a PSA that you can easily find Chuck Berry's sextapes online featuring a number of golden showers and flatulence facials

but whatever you do, don't think about them whenever Marty starts playing Johnny B. Goode in Back to the Future


lmao I was just gonna comment on that shit too! He lived a pretty damn full life idk how many drugs he did but he def didn't give a shit about what ppl thought and it showed.

No. Rick James was the Chuck Berry of his time.

I'm in my living room listening to this new Drake and contemplating my life tbh.

you are just everywhere tonight eh?

Mike fading that nigga in the afterlife

flatulence facials

God damn. I'd never heard about this, but I googled and found it on reddit. NSFW (gfycat, no sound):

I have to wonder if it was dude's birthday, or if this was like his regular Tuesday incall.

I wonder if he farted in her face later that night

this looks like that gif of the panda jumping when her cub sneezes

"latoya...stop...that's ignorant.."

He was the Rick James of his time.

Drake? I'm just trying to cook me a steak

Thank you for that piece of comedy gold I would have never found on my own.

when yo sister a ho and cant take her anywhere

Cake? I'm just trying masturbate

Steak? I'm just trying to get me a rake

Damn, she just gets right back to it in a second flat. What a champ.

Chuck Berry's face killed me man.

That's why she makes the big bucks.

She must be a fan of his dingaling

Rake? I'm just trying to bake a cake

Take your ass back to /sub/circlejerk

Aww look at Chuck being a better father figure to them both

That is some of the most alpha shit I've ever seen.

Masturbate? My name is Jake

They don't go to heaven. They go to Thugz Mansion.

Your name is Jake? I'm drinking a shake

Drinking a shake? I'm over here fighting this snake

The audio was taken from Bill Burr's podcast. The dude is absolutely fucking hilarious and he's always going off on things like in the video. I suggest watching his standups or listening to his podcast.

Mike already faded in this picture.

Dude.. if I tried pulling some shit like that without warning, even at the top dollar rate; that'd be the end of it. I'd be on a list, no one would take my calls, hookers, the end.

Chuck Berry knew full well what he was doing, and he knew he could get away with it. He even fucking video tapes it. That's just some next-level rockstar shit.

Are you really using alpha unironically?

Nah. Chuck's just that dude.

My dad saw Joe Jackson in Vegas right after Mike died and the court gave his mom everything and Joe got shit.

My dad looks at him and goes "Hey man. Rough week?"

I've seen this already, and I just took the time to watch that again at two in the morning. I need a fucking life

Chuck Berry tongue punched hookers' assholes. Tongue kiss 🤢

Are you trying to fucking tell me it wouldn't take any personal effort to munch on some pussy when you're getting hot blasts of assgas straight against your tonsils?

If that's the case...fucking props to you man. You go accomplish your dreams

Goodnight to everyone except the person who shared this. ✌😴

No. They're actually funny in /sub/circlejerk.

Move on? Get off my lawn!

Asshole would work well I think

He likes to do that.

I always upvote Drake and Josh.

Or maybe she was expecting it. There are a lot of high class hookers who provide their services for satisfying specific kinks. She did dive straight back in without a moment's hesitation. Maybe, just like the ones who allow golden showers, she's the one who lets her customers fart while getting rimmed.

I'm not american

Answer the question

Clearly you've never seen a man fart in a hooker's mouth.

E for effort.

NBA game

In a similar vein, check out Bill Burr narrating an . Taken from the Monday Morning Podcast which is also where OP's clip is from

I think I like yoko based on how triggered she makes the entirety of Reddit.

so the guy gets hookers for golden showers and just goes up and kisses women

sounds familiar...

They also get stabbed and butt fucked without consent, so it's not always the glamorous stuff like fart facials.

This is it.

There's gunna be some serious tension in heaven with these two.

This dude was a child star in a city that's in the top 10 in quality-of-life index and still claims street cred type of shit.

Chuck fucked


Most of his sex tapes are illegal to possess because they feature underage girls or women being filmed without their knowledge (either having sex or going tinkles), or both.


Yoko hate has been going on way longer than the internet, man.

This chain is inducing a yawn

I've seen so many horrible things, but this somehow makes me the most upset.

The man was ahead of his time

Growing up in St. Louis I had the opportunity to see Chuck Berry perform at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill every weekend for about 10 years and I never went.

This is Buck O'Neil all over again for me.

scared ya

Lol ok.

Child tv star on a nickelodeon show in canada.

"Rough." Right.

Uhhh it's on Spotify homie

3 gold and -362 points?

Talk about controversial comments jez

Holy shit. That makes my feelings a little different.

Bro Chuck Berry just died and you're crying about some downvotes?

CNN aired his sex tape? Was this during a touching tribute?

Bro it happened 8 hours ago with no notice lol you being real liberal with the 'live under a rock' accusations

Maybe he was at work or, god forbid, not on the internet 8 hours ago when it came out?

AMA request: the hooker that took a face full of Chuck Berry (assuming she didn't die of some various feces-related disease).

The internet informs us of so much.


Chuck Berry farting on hookers.


EDIT: :(

I don't how much Drake you listen to, but I have listened to a lot. His mom was sick and didn't work, so he at 15-16 had to pay the bills. That's not easy, even if you are in Canada (apparently a country where no hardships were ever felt, where noone is poor, and nobody has personal problems.)

He was also only paid around 30k per year, so a lot at 15, but not much when you are the only provider for your family.

one of the only comments this doesn't apply to


Yoko's mic? It was on a low stand for her bongo. They show her removing the mic to hold in her hands at one point in the video.

Terminal Pinkeye.

Fate? Where'd that came from mate?

Maybe, Maybe Not.

If you really want to know.. here.

Either she knew that was coming or she is used to getting farted on. Cause I woulda punched someone in the balls if they surprise farted on me purposely. 😷

In the last 6 months I have learned more about Chuck Berry than I ever wanted to learn about anyone else in my life. Please, reddit, stop. Not much more I need to say when it comes to sex tapes

That's poopy work...

Drake is definitely some contemplate your life type shit.

We have today lost a true king

Feel like I'm still getting the ol' runaround

Hopefully he gets all the hookers to fart and piss on that he wants.

Well she can tell her mates she licked Chuck Berry's dangleberry, so that's a boast I suppose.

Not if you're CNN, though. It's different for the media, see.

I support Sanders, still laughed.


His farts could reveal the location of the missing Malaysian flight!

And that's just what made it online. It gets worse.

tl;dr - you might wanna rinse you mouth with Listerine for about an hour after tongue-kissing Chuck Berry.

Isn't it supposed to be 612 Wharf Avenue?

300 downvotes and gilded three times? Clearly I'm doing something wrong here.

What a legend

-300 with 3 gold. Wtf even?

He went to Thugz Mansion.



Likewise, I wouldn't have clicked it if you didn't give him the good word.

You should chill with me in jail. At dawn...

Are you fucking kidding me? This idiotic shit worked?

What a time to be alive

Hey man, I'm not judging you. Go have sex for money if that's what you're into. I'll still respect you in the morning.