Ricky and Morty: Two Brothers the live action trailer

Ricky and Morty: Two Brothers the live action trailer

Ricky? Seriously?

The original

. This was really well done

I'm blaming that mistake on Android autocorrect.

Yo, if you haven't watched Rick and Morty you have two dope ass seasons to watch.

Personally, I like my personal space. Whoa! You're in my personal space. "Haha, what an asshole."

All the trailers and shows in Rick and Morty are so amazing. The whole show is fucking brilliant.

Ricky Ricardo & Morty. ¡Ay, caramba!


I like Jan michael vincent better:

The one enthusiastic alien watching in the background really is the best part of that sketch

lil' bits


Hi everyone! I am the guy who made this video from this Rick and Morty sketch: . I did it just for fun, hope you liked it haha.

Of course there are parts that doesn't match with what the voice over is saying. As someone said in this threat, it's true that the mexicans shown in my video are not an armada, but I didn't have time to watch enough movies in order to find a more similar scene, so I took that one from Desperado. I think it matches perfectly with the voice, but idk.

Thanks for sharing bro!!

It was really obvious. They even reference in the episode how interdimensional tv has a "looser almost improvisational tone to it"


I went in expecting shit and it was gold.

getting hype for season 3

But don't let reddit's never ending references for karma tell you first

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This guy, gets me everytime

Apparently Google stats showed an increase in searches for Jan Michael Vincent because people thought maybe it was just a made up character for the show

Ricky & Marty.

Two ordinary guys in an ordinary apartment.

Your average sitcom starts now

Morty you have some splaining to do!

Mort and Ricky: a parallel universe where crazy genius teenager Mort carts around his dim-witted Uncle Ricky on a series of dimension-hopping space-faring adventures.

The fucking garfield one absolutely kills me, especially when you hear the voice actors lose it at the end of the sketch.

I don't think I've ever seen so many comments by someone who literally has never used a comma or a period.

Shit on the floor.

He's not?

Can you believe most of the inter-dimensional cable shows were improvised? That's why you can hear that slight chuckle at the end

You'll know when Reddit implodes

Now give us a live action Jan Michael Vincent trailer!

After all, it is JAAAAANNNNuary.

In the actual show Rick and morty are watching this on tv and the cut out parts are the camera looking at then for their reaction