Richard Spencer Postpones College Tour No One Was Attending Anyway, Blames Antifa

Richard Spencer Postpones College Tour No One Was Attending Anyway, Blames Antifa

“Antifa is winning,” Spencer told the Post.

So, mission accomplished?

Nazi can't find indecent people as audience, blames the Boogeyman

Good, this guy's college tours were a waste of tax dollars

Don't get complacent, comrade!

When do I get my Soros-bux bonus?

He’s the Yoko Ono of the far right. Can’t sell tickets, blames everyone but himself.

If he wants to keep throwing the credit at us, I'll take it.

Direct action gets satisfaction.

You have Congress, Senate, and the White House. How is ‘Antifa winning’??

Losers lose. Period.

Blame it on Antifa all you want, you great flapping douche-canoe, the primary difficulty you face is that you don't have anything interesting, compelling, or useful, to say. Antifa isn't winning, you are just losing.

You and the other members of your whiny Nazi circle-wank are the grubs in the cultural compost pile. You simply don't do very well when exposed to the light.

"B-b-but le both sides!"

Go back to 4-chan, dipshit!

And Richie is a waste of good carbon.

Goddamn it, now how the fuck are we supposed to punch him??

Abby Straße

Hey now. There's no need to be so accurate

This is one of greatest things I have ever seen

maybe he should blame the only 4 people that showed up to his last seminar.

I'm just imagining Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Dr Mengele crossing Abbey Road now!

I'm just imagining Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Dr Mengele crossing now!

Guys like RS call the dudes in the WH and congress "cucks" who don't go far enough

Maybe, but I only know one side seems to regularly have exclusionary asshats who wanna legislate what toilet I can use and what plant I can or can’t smoke while at the same time complaining that they’re the real victims being bullied by the “violent left”

Have you checked what Milo has to say on the matter?

Never gets old.

You have to go to your local pizza/pedo shop. Dont forget to bring your emails

Mhmm. Good job antifa.

Or that he has plenty of supporters on the internet, but they're largely loud-mouthed chickenshits that are only loud when given the chance to be terrible anonymously.

I mean, im seizing that silver lining that his movement isn’t anywhere near as big as the internet is making it out to be.

Think of all that biomass wasted! Instead of composing a nazi it could have been used for a more worthwhile creature.... like a swarm of mosquitos

Some are born great, and some have greatness slathered onto their crevices

Smack him and tell him that the free market of ideas DID win.

I'm so proud that my school was the one that made him stop <3

I made it after reading your comment. You made me giggle and I wanted to return the favor.

TFW Russian bots can’t show up in person.

I liked it when he got punched.

I still click every time.

We did it reddit!


He's have to go back to swabbing his anus with aftershave

Do I have to bring butter with my males?

If Spencer wants to get paid, he should buy one of those carnival dunk booths and charge $5 a pop. The line would wrap around the block.

Did you whip that up real fast or was it out there already?

My friend in Arkansas who believes the "free market of ideas" will easily beat out this kind of thinking. I'm fairly certain you know individuals who have similar thoughts.

Precisely. Shithead Bannon could at least talk through his bullshit and based it in erroneous interpretations but at least he did the work. Spencer on the other hand just used YouTube comments as his reference. He has literally nothing to say beyond “hur hur blacks are apes, amirite?”

No but you need to bring enough soy for the boys

That's a really funny image and all, but whaaaaa?

Did I miss something, or did you just pull the craziest thing you could think of off the top of your head?

That's the second time he's pulled this garbage. I'm willing to bet it's due to low turnout. Of course, he can't admit low attendance so it's those damn antifa loonies!!

And the liberals will proceed to feel terrible for poor little Rich.

BoTh SiDeS

One wants a white ethno state

The other.....doesnt


BRBR, gonna kill all white men

It's a troll.


Anyone have the horn from The Price is Right?

You know what, that works for me too.

Seriously most of his rhetoric is based on debunked myths, it grows stale after a while when people learn to just research things on their own... also when they get arrested for getting so heated they attack people at rallies and it gets on their record.

He [Spencer] gets to fall back on the hundreds of millions of dollars he will inherit from his family. But these people that are getting riled up probably joined white supremacist groups because they are being fed that minorities and Jewish ppl are taking all the good jobs and they’re tired of working at a hot dog stand.

Fuck you, we don’t like him either.

1/1 fat nazis agree: antifa works


You're my favourites this week.

None that would classify themselves as liberal.

Not just everyone gets to say they punched a nazi in the face.

Low turnout numbers? He needs to hire Spicer to tell us differently.