r/Formula1/new in a nutshell

r/Formula1/new in a nutshell

∞ ...............Kubica...........


Good to see I'm not the only one browsing /new on this subreddit!

You appreciate the mods more if you browse new for a couple of hours directly after a race.

"You just can't hate this guy"

You forgot the Ricciardo post with 500 comments and 5k upvotes.

mandatory choo choo

Ahhh yes! Kubica...

For a moment here, I though the driver line-up for 2018 would look like this:

Mercedes: Kubica/Kubica Ferrari: Kubica/Kubica Red Bull: Kubica/Kubica Force India: Kubica/Kubica Haas: Kubica/Kubica Sauber: Kubica/Kubica Williams: Kubica/Kubica Torro Rosso: Kubica/Kubica Renault: Kubica/Kubica McLaren: Kubica/Alonso

'Vettel won on his debut season too, in basically a Minardi'

'ah but did you know the 2008 Toro Rosso was quite good, Bourdais qualified 4th'

'Hamilton had the most testing of any rookie, though!'

[someone with stats]: 'actually if you look at the numbers that is a somewhat apocryphal story, and he had exactly as much testing as Alonso'

'Alonso makes the worst decisions about teams! SHould be 5 times champion by now'

'His own fault! He's poison'

'So is Hamilton! Was friends with Rosberg now he's not!!!'


Hamilton: 0 upvotes 214 comments. Lol. True.

Vettel only 208 comments, Hamilton>Vettel confirmed /s

“Hey guys did you know Senna died and his funeral was well attended?” - 300 comments

“Video of Kubica’s robot hand” - 400 comments

“Why [insert my fave driver] isn’t a sham!” - 500 comments

“Hey guys, I’m new and don’t have Wikipedia, what does the F in F1 stand for?” - 600 comments


You forgot to mention Sebastian's 2014 season and Lewis being beaten by Button on overall points.

The one with +84 upvotes is the Kubica post?

Hamilton has the psychological advantage confirmed

84 upvotes, 24 comments

That's the meta post complaining about the others.

'Button is such a class act'

Also Hamilton fans stating that Vettel's WDCs are worth less because he had a dominant car

Some days it feels like I've accidentally clicked on /sub/cultofkubica

Toro Rosso

He was a decent driver (Button, Rosberg level) got badly injured in a rallying crash, got overhyped afterwards like every driver whose career ended due to injury or death (Bellof, Senna)

I lurk enough to only have to browse new to keep up to date with all threads.

You forgot "Alonso makes cars go 0.5 seconds faster"

All aboard the pipe dream hype train

Alonso makes cars go 6 seconds faster


*Opens tab on /new