Reward if found.

Reward if found.

I don't get it. He's old as shit, has no remaining presidential ambitions and absolutely nothing to lose. Why not just be the moral compass and go nuts on trump?

This is the guy who chose Palin as a running mate. He was involved in the Savings and Loan scandal and left his wife to marry a rich girl 16 years younger. He has a lifetime of bad moral choices behind him. Just because he's old and arguably less morally impaired then others doesn't make him qualified to be anyone's compass.


He always pops up to recommend another war.

Sold out his country? I'm not even American but John McCain is a hero. He refused repatriation unless those captured before him were released and he experienced years of torture for refusing to be a tool of Northern Vietnamese propaganda. You're a dickhead for claiming he sold out his country.

Wow... It's pretty amazing seeing someone write that paragraph without appreciating the irony of the word *delusional."

Because he probably gets tired fast.

Fuuuccckkk how is the world so fucked up that we forgot about Palin?

I remember the exact moment that McCain lost his spine. After 9-11 he was being very vocally critical of the Bush administration and he was called into a meeting in the oval office. The man who walked into the White House that day was not the same man who walked out. I guarantee you Bush and Cheney basically told him that if he quit his bitching and towed the party line that they would make sure he got the Republican presidential nomination in 2008. So he shut his mouth, marched in step, got his shot at the big chair in 2008 and Palin'ed himself right out of the Oval office. Idiot!

McCain is a disgrace.

I'd rather have Palin than Trump.

Wow, never thought I'd ever be saying that.

He is 80 and isn't up for reelection until he is 86.

He doesn't have to care what anybody thinks about anything unfortunately.

He has no redeeming qualities.

Genuinely curious about a source on the sellout comment

His fever dreams

You must be one of those anarchists we keep hearing about.

I mean I'm turning 31 in April and afternoon naps sound amazing to me.

Source: Reagan had naps as President.

I agree. But... He didn't vote himself in.

This pussy. Letting DeVos squeak in was the last straw. He's just another politician.

Well i think he has something to lose.

Some sort of scandal that he has kept under wraps, and someone in the Trump/Putin regime has thr goods.

Just think... Had you been given a quality education, you might not need to work yourself stupid.

Fox News, Alex Jones. Take your pick.

I've always thought that this is rather odd that a POW is the biggest warmonger in DC.

Bbbbbbuuuut her emails!

This guys gotta GO.

I don't even know if I could even make that call. I think I would be paralyzed trying to decide between those two options. Guess I would be similar to those folks who just couldn't bring themselves to vote this past election.

There was a film he was forced to make while a POW and being tortured. Nobody believes McCain is a traitor for being forced into it other than the Donald trolls.

He also had dementia.

All talk. No action.

The alert has been extended to Florida

You know this sentence doesn't make sense, right? You must be the product of conservative home schooling.

Edit: nice edit, dude. Now it almost makes sense.

actions vs words

I do think that was the straw that broke the camels back, but he took a huge blow in the primary race against Bush. Before that race politicians generally would try to convince everyone (all demographics) that they were the best candidate. it was important to be charming, but it was equally important to understand policy.

Karl Rove changed that. He ran the numbers and determined that it was a better strategy to target certain demographics and win them completely, even if it meant other demos despise you. By targeting it meant pandering enough to get them to vote. He also amped up the concept of using bundlers to drive more fundraising by holding out meetings with Bush in exchange for dollars raised.

Using wedge issues to get people to vote wasn't new, but Rove put disciplined analytics behind the idea. Rove did not care what it cost to win.

McCain in 2000 was a much better candidate than Bush. Bush won because he had Rove. The loss hit McCain. I remember him looking visually defeated.

From 2000-2004 Rove led a team to build an even larger voter turnout operation. More pandering, politicizing the wars, and using fear to drive the polls. Before Bush the Republicans considered themselves the party of the intellectuals (I was one, so I did too). After 2000 the strategy for elections became more about pandering to the right, and backing voter ID laws to limit independent and poor votes.

McCain wasn't that kind of politician. He tried during the 2008 campaign, but it rang false. The Palin pick was pure pandering, and it was obvious that McCain didn't like it.

It's too bad. I was a republican in 1999. Hoped to return in 2008, but McCain wasn't the same person. I thought Hillary would drive me back, but the change in strategy in 2000 resulted in Trump.

More like, missing for 32 years, shows up bat shit crazy. Still is responsible for an entire state. Politics.

and yet he still supports everything the cheeto does

Only real issue is Palin.

Nothing wrong with leaving a no good bitch for some fine ass poon doe

Lol what a sad life. Either : 1. you believe what you just said... 2. you're a troll

Look at his dreamy eyes

At the risk of sounding like a broken cd player, how can people dismiss those e-mails? Sure it's all anyone's heard about, but I think it's for good reason. She wouldn't have deleted them if there was nothing to hide. I think her mistakes in Benghazi you can chalk up to a poor decision as SoS, and the private server at her home likely is because she's an older lady who doesn't understand the far reaches of technology, but conciously deleting the e-mails is where I get stuck.

Because it's par for the course. Other American governments have done the same thing.

And it's not a good thing, but her having done something somewhat wrong (deleting them) to maybe hide something really bad or maybe not that bad (maybe it's just some emails where she complained about how stupid the average American or some pointless shit like that, or just thinking it's easier to campaign without having every decision you've ever made in a difficult job under scrutiny) isn't as bad as some of Trump's business actions, or many of his proposals on the campaign trail, or some of the things he's done since he got into office.

But above all, it's not relevant to a conversation about Trump anymore. He's president, not her. His job isn't to be superior to Clinton, it's to be a good president. And her actions have absolutely zero bearing on what he's doing in office. People talking about it during conversations with Trump is a stupid deflection.

Source: Directly from my asshole.

he helped.

I might pick Palin, mostly cause she never articulated a specific plan to build massive desert prisons for people accused of Mexican. It's a tough call.

I see now the folly of asking you to think.

What? Where did you hear this?

Yes, exactly. McCain is a soldier really, always follows rank.

He says stuff you think you can get behind of, even as a liberal person. Then he deflates like a balloon when the Republican party tells him to shut up with the centrist nonsense.

When he was a presidential candidate, I thought he would have more freedom in his agenda but it was ridiculous, he was on a leach.

Are you doubting the opinion of a guy on the Internet?!

I don't really think you will get a real answer to that here.

This is /sub/arizona, but being on Reddit makes it /sub/arizonademocrats. Which happens to be the minority (see, Trump over Hilary in the general).

It is unlikely that many of the commenters in this thread voted for McCain. And due to his infamy on Reddit lately and this hitting the front page, it is likely most commenters in here are not even from Arizona.

Been talking the talk long enough. Time to walk the walk , Mr. McCain.

And supports Indefinite detention without trial

Says the person coming from the safest place of all where anyone with a remotely different opinion gets banned.

At the end yeah but the first 6-7 years i think were good

Sorry you never got a real education. The school system failed you.

Not my post, but it's a good rundown of why I support McCain sticking around despite my initial reaction to him being that he's spineless:

I’d like to pushback a little bit on the idea that McCain et. al are not really opposing Trump. It’s true that if you look at the vote tallies, almost all GOP Senators have supported Trump. People are using this as evidence that “anti-Trump” GOP types like McCain aren’t really doing anything, just talking.

This is a pretty myopic view of how party elected officials influence, constrain, or oppose a POTUS of their party. Yes, McCain could publicly announce he no longer supports the President, and vote against all his nominees. But party Senators have a LOT more fine-grained tools than that with which to influence the President or public opinion.

First, it is radically unusual that party Senators are opposing the President AT ALL. It’s basically unprecedented. That’s big. But bigger is the lack of surrogate support POTUS is getting from party Senators.

In a normal Presidency, party Senators would be on TV constantly, pushing the President’s message and defending his policies. Instead, you have Jeffrey Lord, WH staff, and lukewarm second-tier MCs doing the lifting. That’s huge.

The President has little formal power. He needs the entire party team lined up in order to be influential. They aren’t. If you think this isn’t part of the explanation for why POTUS approval numbers are in the trash, you’re nuts. A figure like McCain NOT out there defending you on FP and other items is terrible; actively opposing is even worse.

Second, a tremendous amount of party Senator influence on a President is not visible to the public. We have no idea what nominees have been blocked behind the scenes, or what policy concessions have been granted to bargaining Senators. The whole notion of “actions speak louder than words” is being taken way, way too far. For the POTUS who wants to be powerful, verbal public backing by party Senators IS an action, and the lack of it is a bigger one.

It sends a signal to all sorts of GOP actors that it’s ok to oppose the POTUS.

It drains public confidence that the party is fully united behind the President.

It forces, as discussed, the President to use less prestigious surrogates.

It generates news stories about why party Senators aren’t supporting POTUS, and questions to the WH about same, taking focus off policy.

So yes, GOP Senators are largely supporting Trump’s nominees. But relative to any other President in modern history, they are quite obviously withholding normal POTUS support. And this withholding is greatly damaging POTUS. By any measure, his administration is stillborn in terms of influence.

The WH is a mess. The bureaucracy isn’t functioning. POTUS is locked in battle against the IC and media. DC thinks he's incompetent. And the party Senators are not coming to the rescue. Sure, they have not decided to throw him overboard. But they are clearly content to let him drown on his own. And he is. FIN.

I gave money to McCain in 2000. By 2012 I wouldn't walk across the street to shake his hand.