Revival is the biggest let down ever

Revival is the biggest let down ever

Seriously? A fucking album Em? Where's my fucking medication.

Bitch, he wrote Stan

Ask Dr. Dre

who's that? i must have forgot about them

I was hoping for a pill that would put you in a delirious state where all you hear is fack over and over and have hallucinations of em fucking Sarah Palin

Why do you motherfuckers act like you forgot about dre

Right. Some of us are literally dying of this made up disease, but I hope you fuckers enjoy the album.

I can guarantee that everyone who clicked on this was at least a little bit triggered.

9/10 OP, well done.

Wait that isn't normal? Shit.

Dr. Dre, I've got a question if I may?

To play... put put golf with a friend.

Is it gay?


Well Dr. Dre said..... nothing you idiot Dr. Dre’s dead.... he’s locked in my basement