Review Megathread: Phantom Thread

Review Megathread: Phantom Thread

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Metacritic: 94/100

Written Reviews:

Entertainment Weekly - Chris Nashawaty

The Guardian - Peter Bradshaw

The Hollywood Reporter - Todd McCarthy

IGN - William Bibbiani

Indiewire - Eric Kohn

The Playlist - Andrew Crump

ScreenCrush - Matt Singer

The Telegraph - Robbie Collin

USA Today - Brian Truitt

The Wrap - Robert Abele

Variety - Owen Gleiberman - [SPOILERS]


This just looks like a classy, and classical kind of movie. I feel like I need to find a licensed theatre with wine available to watch this under the best conditions. Wine and a bag of spaghetti.

Why wasn't this post called Phantom Megathread

What is your spaghetti policy?

Ben Affleck was the bomb in this film.

I think this will be end up with rating about the same as The Master's -- Loved by many, loathed by some.

The same thing happened for The Post.

who are they supposed to market to? The audience for this film is very very tiny and likely already knows about it.

I think movie fans who want some extremely similar to There Will Be Blood or Magnolia will be very bored by this film. It's not super intense or showy in any way.

I showed my fiance the trailer and she says to me:

You wouldn't see this shit if DDL were not in it

She is probably right. If this weren't a PTA/DDL collab it probably wouldn't be on my radar. And I would never expect anything like There Will Be Blood, that would be silly.

Well to be fair, Toy Story 3 is definitely not shit

That’s actually a very good sign

To be fair, you can say "If this great director and great actor weren't in this, I probably wouldn't see it" about basically any film.

Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?

PTA's pretty divisive so negative reviews are expected. Glowing reviews are good news though

It's not about fear. It's about the fact that those toys -- who have been with me since I was a child -- accepted death. Obviously we knew they would survive, but they didn't. I think you're underselling that movie significantly.

Anyone know the reason there's been so little marketing for this, especially for supposedly Daniel Day-Lewis' last film before full retirement?

I'll definitely have to watch this at some point, just as a fan of a lot of Paul Thomas Anderson's past movies since the general synopsis of this doesn't actually sound super interesting, but there's a pleasantly overwhelming amount of movies already coming out this month (Last Jedi, Shape of Water, Lady Bird, Disaster Artist, etc.) that my small local theater can't even keep up.

I'm just gonna throw it out there that this is, at least for me, truly the best film of 2017, and it's not even close (for a particularly strong year no less, Call Me By Your Name, The Florida Project, Lady Bird, A Ghost Story, Dunkirk, just to name a few). Other filmmakers make films that become talk of the hours, but PTA makes films that cinephiles will discuss 5 years, 10 years, or even 50 years down the road. He doesn’t always succeed (Inherent Vice… perhaps…), but when he does, we get There Will Be Blood/Master/Boogie Nights/Magnolia, and Phantom Thread belongs to the latter. I think it’ll live on in the history of film.

And it’s sad to see DDL go, but I can understand why he wanted to retire after such a devastatingly exhausting role… I had to take a breath myself after the viewing…


Its full of spoilers.

More like heart breaking.


who are they supposed to market to?

The entire point of marketing is to find the audience and get the word out. Personally, this is the first I've heard of this movie. Stepped into the thread just out of blind luck.

Coming from someone who thinks PTA is far and away the best modern filmmaker, Inherent Vice is his second best movie

Idk why people would expect PTA to start adhering to convention now.

I wonder if Kevin Smith has ever done a 2nd take

The Guardian review is good and not too too spoilerific.

Word bitch. Phantom Thread like a mah fucka!

It's in my opinion a film not meant to be rationalized or understood. PTA said in an interview that he never remembers the plots of films, only the feelings he felt. Inherent Vice mirrors that. It's full of confusion with moments of humour, sadness, lust and joy. The scene where Owen Wilson comes home is so happy it almost feels bittersweet in a way, as you remember how the mentality of people changed since the 70s. You could tell they were more innocent in a way. But the Manson murders changed everything. People became more paranoid. You didn't see as many hippies as in the 60s. The police started being more tough on citizens. Vice is a perfect visualization of that mentality. A picture of a time long gone.

Goddamn, the metacritic score is higher then the RT score by a whole 10 points. I've never seen that before.

The PTA thing is huge though. I probably wouldn't have been interested in literally any of his films if he weren't helming them and yet they're all some of my favorite films.