Reusable charcoal mound

Reusable charcoal mound

No intro, no outro, no begging for subs or likes. It's pure content. The man is a genius.

Has Primitive Tech guy ever done a IAMA? These videos are just so refreshing and perfect.

Helps that his content is actual content. If you take away all of that shit you mentioned from most youtube channels you'd have very little content.

A clear sign when Primitive Technology uploads.

A clear sign when Primitive Technology uploads.

at 0:40 you can see his hammer at work in the background

... because I like links.


The school of Life

Real Engineering

Khan academy

Wendover Productions

Real Life Lore




Learn Engineering


Tech Quickie

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Alternate History hub

Charisma on Command

Almazan Kitchen

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Guys, i think one day we should tell him that we found him and get him off his island.

There are so many good channels out there.


The school of Life

Real Engineering

Khan academy

Wendover Productions

Real Life Lore




Learn Engineering


Tech Quickie

Wireless Philosophy



Alternate History hub

Charisma on Command

Edit: Almazan Kitchen. They're the PrimitiveTechnology of Cooking channels. Just two dudes cooking delicious fucking food in the wild. No talking, no music nothing. It's therapeutic.

PSA: Turn on closed captions, they make watching his videos even more interesting.

I pulled out my pitchfork thinking he's a hack-fraud for using a modern hammer. Nope, just his water hammer.

I think I got all of them.

When he went into the mound at about 5:30 I couldn't help but imagine some voiceover saying "And now I will burn myself to make fuel for future generations".

Also he should put the fact that he uses closed captions more prominently as it adds a lot of information.

This guy never fails to make me sit in silence for ten minutes, even though he is saying absolutely nothing.

Edit - support him on patreon if you can

Charcoal is effectively wood that has been heated and had its water content evaporated out of it in a zero (or effectively zero) oxygen environment

When this happens, you get a substance with a higher carbon content per kg, and less water to cool down the fire (as evaporating water cools the air around it). Therefore, when you burn the charcoal, you have much more combustible material per kg, and it doesn't cool itself down by evaporation. So you can have hotter fires than wooden logs, or be able to carry much more combustible material in the same weighted container.

What he does is light a regular fire, then when it is completely down to the bottom of the mound, he cuts off all the oxygen supply. The fire then dies out due to no oxygen, and the heat remains for some time, allowing the water to boil out of the wood, leaving charcoal behind.

Every day is a fun day for the moderators of /sub/videos.

Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly. Jam. Jelly.

That was great, see you in a month guys!

It burns at much higher temperatures which is useful for smelting iron for example.

It must be a fun day for you mods when Youtuber Reddit likes uploads a new video.

But not today.

There's a reason I'm subscribed to like 2 channels. I don't have the time or the patience for all of that nonsense.

I thought this was a joke about how there's no talking. But the captions add so much more info. Thanks!

Sometimes I just want him to stub his toe on a tree root, hear him shout "OW FUCK!!!" and listen to it echo throughout the jungle.

That's whats so great about it. Everything today is filled with music, exaggerated narrations and cutaways; to the point where you can't go for 5 seconds without having something dubbed in (even in documentaries or educational programs).

If this was on Discovery, dramatic music would start playing when he starts to light a fire, the narrator comes on saying how he has to get this right the first shot, with a cutaway to guy explaining how if he doesn't get this fire started, he will freeze to death and be drug into the bush by a pack of savage marsupials who can get close because there is no fire to scare them away.

It's refreshing that there is none of that trite bullshit in his vids.

What is charcoal even used for?

Make sure to support him on patreon!

Making more charcoal...this gives me hope that he is going to have a bigger furnace and try to get a larger amount of iron so he can start working with it.


One of these times he should start with the "WHADDUP WORLD!?!?!? IT'S PRIMITIVE TECHNOLOGY COMIN' AT YA WITH ANOTHER VIDEO."

Jump to 00:40 @ Reusable charcoal mound

Channel Name: Primitive Technology, Video Popularity: 99.52%, Video Length: [10:06], Jump 5 secs earlier for context @00:35

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Ughh same. I love this guy. I had a serious say it ain't so buddy! moment.

well that's just because he hasn't advanced to the information age yet

That Almazan Kitchen "Theraputic" Effect could be ASMR for you.

If any of you want to find therapeutic or calm, not loud videos, check out /sub/asmr

Note, it could be very weird for those who actually don't experience ASMR

EDIT: Gold virginity taken away, thanks!

He could probably make a pitchfork for you. Or even a water pitchfork.

I mean, it does take him a bit of time to make a camera and wi-fi router of sticks and clay bricks so he can upload a video each time.

"Primitive Technology makes a spear"

next video

"Primitive Technology goes to war with the Hittites"

"And now I will burn myself to make fuel for future generations"

I think that's the plot of Dark Souls.

You're a good bot, bot.

Interesting. If you get charcoal by burning wood, how can you keep burning it? Why does the fire die out when wood turns into charcoal?

This is an actual question I just thought about. How much porn do you guys have to delete that people try to post?

He is constantly updating his blog. I believe he occasionally answers questions there. There's definitely an FAQ

1.Charcoal is basically pure carbon, which it's why you can keep burning it.

2.The fire doesn't die out when wood turns into charcoal, PrimitiveTechnology's guy closed the mound because that way air won't go in and since fire needs oxygen, that puts out the fire.

The description does say he used up his existing supply on "furnace experiments"

My name is Oliver Queen. For five years I was stranded one an island with only one goal: survive.

[The mound is small and cramped]


Congratulations on winning the karma race OP

He started doing this shit for fun, as a hobby. I doubt he ever expected to get paid for it, or for it to become popular the way it has.

My point is simple. He probably doesn't want to cheat. He enjoys doing these things the primitive way. I think in as blog post he mentioned that it's great exercise. I don't see any indicating that this guy is cashing in on his popularity. The video releases are certainly far enough apart that he has time to do it all by hand. So why cheat? He's getting paid to do what he loves. That's everyone's dream.

CGPgrey. Though he's more of a streamer these days

You should think about adding Smarter Every Day to that list. It's really good.

Video description also is pretty dope on all his vids

"Hey guys! I just wanted to make another video for you guys, and it's going to be a short one, but don't worry I'll have another video up for you guys soon."

fingers cross for bronze age

Karma race, no nonsense content, ambient noise, patreon.

That's another thing showing how genuine this guy is btw. $5k per video and he still only releases once a month or even less. He could churn these out like crazy. Apparently some of his projects have taken close to a year to complete but he only made a single video about them. Meanwhile we have people like Jessica Nigri who is just a cosplayer taking half-nude selfies making $40k+ a month from patreon alone.

I can't wait till he discovers the bronze working technology. This is the slowest game of Civilization ever.

I can't hold a candle to Primitive Technology.

reading through these comments always feels like dejavu

He hasn't discovered writing yet

He's getting close to ironworking so that's a real possibility! He built a forge blower for smelting, now he's got a power hammer and a stockpile of charcoal. He's so close to metal tools I can smell it

Even better: try watching it with the Age of Empires II soundtrack combined. It's absolutely fantastic.

That ruins the ambiance for me.

His helicopter will be similar.

I could honestly watch a live stream of him all day. Just mixing up mud in silence.

Books are a nice alternative if you're looking for quiet entertainment without a bunch of flashy visuals and distracting music.

It's not a terribly amazing-looking thing, but water is heavy and that hammer will just keep working 24 hours a day with almost no human work/calories required. He edits out a lot of the physical labor that goes into his projects, but think about how many times he swung that stone axe to chop the wood for that charcoal. What if the "hammer" was a precise/strong enough machine that he could just slide logs underneath it whenever he noticed one was cut in half?

Plus, using water to power machines is (sort of) only a step away from using steam. =D

In 50 years it will become "You're a good human, human."

I believe it was made more of a proof of concept as opposed to a refined idea.

This seems to be the same design for making charcoal that he made in a previous episode. However it seems that improved on it and made it resuable. He becoming more and more efficient guys...

Edit: found the previous video

I wouldn't really care if he cheated anyway. I watch for the shirtless guy and the nature sounds.

Yep. Here's a link for the lazy for the FAQ and a bunch of other random questions and answers.

He's really more of a beekeeper.

Holy shit. I have always had this sensation when people have helped me learn things. Not really teaching, but just taking the personal moment to help me understand something better. I'm 35 years old and have always struggled to explain this sensation and have never had a name for it.

Holy shit.

He answers a lot of questions in his patreon supporter community page too.

Turn on captions

He seems to need an awful lot of charcoal all of the sudden.

Aaand, you know, upload it all to youtube, the local tribe here does those shenanigans for me...

It'd probably be on more if the title mentioned that it was a primitive technology video.

"Hey it's Doobledoo94 here with another Youtube tutorial! Sorry I haven't been making many videos lately, I've been really busy with school. I promise you guys I'm going to have a new tutorial every Monday and Friday from now on. (Video is three months old and the second most recent video on the channel.)

So today we're going to learn how to bandage stab wounds. Bandaging wounds is really important to know about if you've been stabbed, since it stops the flow of blood. You'll want to know how to do this right away if you ever get stabbed, or else you could bleed to death. That'd be pretty bad, which is why you want to bandage immediately. It also works on cuts, scrapes, elephant attacks, and amputations if you need, but this video is just for stab wounds.

I don't have an actual stab wound here to show you, so I'm just going to bandage my arm. In a real life situation, there'd be a stab wound involved. Today I don't have one. So here's my arm... camera turns sideways and arm comes into frame. And we're going to use toilet paper to do this, because bandages are expensive. Now some people say you can use the cheap bandages, but in a real life stabbing situation you'll want the real thing.

So to bandage a wound you just sorta... like this and... like, really tightly, but not too tightly. Camera shakes with every movement, youtuber breathing loudly directly into the microphone. So you probably want to... around like this, yeah. Now you'll notice I'm not getting a good wrap here, that's because I'm using toilet paper. You should use real bandages and this probably won't happen. And if it does... uhhh, I don't know what to tell you, that's probably bad. Torn toilet paper falls off arm.

Thanks for watching, this has been Doobledoo94 with a helpful youtube tutorial. Don't forget to like, comment, rate, subscribe, share, comment a second time, and follow me on instagram, facebook, twitter, pornhub, myspace, and enter the code on screen to get a discount at Don't forget the link to my Patreon and Kickstarter tutorial funding project in the description. Thanks guys, see you all next time!"

I love the audio in these videos. And I'm always amazed that you hear zero grunting or hard breathing from him as he does all this hard manual labor

I'd like to see if women throw themselves at him. He must be drowning in them.

So you really want to fuck him.

"Decent" bod? How demoralizing...

Good eye, I saw something move, but I forgot about his water hammer.

To add to that at the bottom of the video description he says he has not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

this video

It's the water hammer from

i'm still holding out for bronze age shit. He is so close to smelting I can smell it!

Jacob is dead. He can leave the island any time he wants.

Whoa, that's a lot

He has yet to put any points in mining mastery though. Though one day he'll surprise us by mining bronze.

Man it's just so damn fascinating

The last video is just entitled "Sea Peoples"

5k per video

Probably the same in ad revenue

solo guy in the woods doing things for free, 0 overhead

He's great at creating entertaining stuff, but I think he's good at this point.

I totally do every time I see one of his vids. Skills be hot. Plus he has a decent bod.

turn on the captions

Don't forget to smash that 'like' button

There's gotta be someone who really does this all day to live and can't believe this guy is so popular

I wonder how much he does that we'll never see because it failed or wouldn't make a good video.

When is he going to reach [bronze/iron] age?

Something something Civilization IV.

This and AvE baby, best channels on YouTube

That is in fact an actual question but it's also a super boring one. You know what's not boring though? This playlist of a guy building a boat from start to finish!

My wife grew up with Destin from Smarter Every Day and she loves to tell people. Apparently now I do too...

He'll eventually build a boat and ride out the storm. The bow will collide with the containment wall painted as the horizon before he climbs the steps to the exit.

Char cloth.

That reminds me I want to stop by Jessica Nigri's page. Good looking out.

Every time I watch his video's I wonder if some people might have accidentally came across his little prehistoric village and wondered what the fuck was going on.

I clicked on the video and it had 15 views, went to /new and there were like 6 people who had already posted. Fucking robots the lot of you.

It's his water powered hammer in the stream from his last video. It's a long stick on a pivot with a hammer-shaped head on one end and a water trough on the other end. About every 20 seconds it collects enough water to lift up the hammer head and dump the water, then the hammer falls down on whatever is on the block.

It doesn't seem all that useful though.


He already smelted iron. But he couldn't get his hands on iron ore, he used some iron rich bacteria (orange sludge). While he did prove the concept he did not seem happy with the result, as the yield was tiny.

Edit: is the video in which he does the proof of concept and managed to smelt tiny ammounts of iron, if you don't want to watch the process of building the blower, skip to the 3minute mark.

You need to put out the fire t some point, otherwise the wood will turn to ash.

I feel like his videos would normally have way more points by now. 125 points after 33 minutes is good, but in the past this would be at like 500 or more.

Edit an hour and a half after upload: Seriously, what happened? Normally this would be on the front page by now. Has the primitive technology hype died down?

I give him a couple of years before he upgrades technology.

The captions are usually just abridged versions of the description, though they do occasionally differ.


Surely there has to be a way to set up automod to remove identical links posted within a couple of minutes automatically...?

So peaceful. I could watch this for hours.